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Anyone have experience with AAA Vehicle Protection Plan (warranty)?

mkarias72mkarias72 Posts: 29
edited January 2016 in General
Does anyone have experience with AAA Vechile Protection Plan (warranty)? It seems good and I "assume" the AAA means this is not scam that will refuse to pay for repairs. I have not read much about people's experience with them. My question is has anyone purchased this? Have they had any problems? Would they recommend it? Thanks


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    AAA might be better than some of the fly by night companies but that doesn't mean it's a good deal. The best way to approach this is to a) READ THE FINE PRINT, every single word of it, before you sign anything and b) consider this:

    A "vehicle protection plan" is actually a bet....what's the bet and who's betting? Well the bet is that you are betting your car will break and the warranty provider is betting it isn't.

    Since these plans are very profitable for the warranty providers, this means that they have figured out the odds on the "bet", and the odds are in their favor.

    Added to that, these plans have "exclusions" (the fine print) which further improve the odds of the bet for the warranty provider.

    All in all, unless your car has a reputation for being a notoriously unreliable vehicle, buying these plans don't pay off for most people. After all, most new cars come with a pretty good warranty up front anyway.
  • Thank you. I am looking to buy a pre-owned car which is why I was thinking about the AAA extended warranty.
  • jiebewjiebew Posts: 1
    Well I purchase the platinum warranty from AAA for my car in October 2018. Had to get a A/C united repaired and they only covered just shy of 60% of the cost. The wanted to buy a cheap part and send it to the dealer in which dealers don't install aftermarket parts and they are totally aware of this, but they advertise that you can take your car to the dealer and its covered. They will not pay the dealer price for the parts. They also will not pay the dealer labor cost. They used a watered down standard for the labor cost. Even if you take your car to an approved AAA shop you will be subject to this same result and will most likely have to pay an amount that you didn't expect because you purchased a warranty that you thought would cover reasonable and customary cost of vehicle repairs. I give them an F rating due to their advertising suggesting that their warranty coverage will re-leave you of costly repairs. I do plan to file a complaint with the state attorney general based on their advertising for dealer coverage is misleading because they know the dealer will not install parts the warranty company wants to send them if they are not original dealer parts. One way or the other dealer or their shop. you mostly likely have to pay unexpected charges. they was to send.

    I say steer clear of AAA warranty. It's not the same as their AAA towing service.
  • berriberri Posts: 9,870
    My experience with AAA was that it was difficult to even get someone to jump a battery in the cold. Took forever.
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