Would a classic car be a good first car?

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I might want to get a 1975 Nissan 260 or something else as long as it's stick shift so I can learn it. Would it even be worth getting a car like that or would I have to dump thousands of dollars more into it.


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    It's one of those questions that can only be answered with "it depends".

    What it depends on is how well the car was cared for to begin with. There's no reason why a well-maintained 1975 Nissan couldn't be a daily driver, but it's also possible that a neglected one could be a real nightmare. With such "classics" you always have the challenge of quick access to parts (so that you don't have a lot of downtime) and of finding a repair shop that knows this type of car and doesn't mind working on older models. Fortunately, with a 1975 car, you can DIY quite a few things, and parts are generally available on the Internet if you don't mind waiting a few days.

    The 260 was not the best of the Z cars so you might want to consider a somewhat newer 280--yeah, they are heavier and not as nice-looking, but they have fewer mechanical issues as well. There's a reason why the 260 wasn't made for very long.

    I think the most manageable old "classics" from the 70s would be Japanese or domestic cars.
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    If you considered a small car but ended up buying something larger, a reporter wants to talk with you. Please email [email protected] by Friday, 2/5/16 with a few words about your decision including the make and model that you chose.
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