Options when you don't want to fix the car, or buy one.

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We have a second car that we've put a lot of money into but now is looking like it's going to need some more costly repairs. I'm about to have it towed in since it doesnt run well, and if the cost is over $1000 I'm not going to get the car fixed. Seeing as I've never been in this situation of having a car that doesn't run but I do not want to keep, I'm curious what the options would be? Do dealers ever buy cars that aren't running well? Should I look up junkyards in the area to have it towed to?

I'm not sure the car's fix will be cost prohibitive but would like to be prepared if it is. Thank you for any replies.


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    Are you going to replace the car with something else or shrink back to the one car?
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    Occasionally shops/techs will adopt cars that still have serviceable life but are in need of a repair that the owner isn't interested in performing. Find out what it needs and then decide what you want to do.
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    I have a rough rule of thumb.

    Add up your last 12 months of repair and maintenance bills

    If the monthly average is more than 50% of a new car payment for an equivalent vehicle, then bail out.

    So in your case, around $250 month in repair/maintenance is the break-point on an Explorer.

    On the other hand, a $1000 repair bill doesn't sound too bad if the alternative is shopping for a "cheap" replacement vehicle. You can't buy much in a used car these days for under $6000.

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    Im probably not going to have the car fixed, or buy a new/used one...just wanted to see what generally the options are in this situation between the dealer buying a semi running car and me having it towed to a junkyard. Thank you for the replies.
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    In that case, unless it's a real hassle for you to deal with, I'd put in on craigslist as a "mechanic's special". That could make you a few bucks and someone else would have to pay for tow.
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