!!Help!! On Buying Used Mazda Tribute

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I am looking at a local car dealer near me and my dad knows all the guys that work there and he has done work for him. (he is a contractor). I am looking to see if the engine would have good life or the tranny. I have been doing some research b/c I am in love with this car and it would be my first car. It looks clean and really nice and I could afford it after i sell my dirtbike and working more. My dad is going to cosign a loan.




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    Its 2006*
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    Well the car was in an accident with "moderate damage" but that was back in 2008. Car spent much of its life in Wisconsin, so not always local. Also someone put 80,000 miles on it in the last 3 years. Last of all, given the mileage, I'd say it's about $1000 over priced.

    By all means, have the car thoroughly inspected by an independent shop before you buy it. Might be a good car if the price was right, but keep in mind that 150K miles on a 4 cylinder engine is a lot.

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