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2013 and earlier BMW X3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tb0622tb0622 Posts: 6
    Im in CT - looking at an X3 2.5 (Prem. Pkg., Automatic, Heated front seats, Privacy Glass) for selling price of $35,600 - which is on the mark with the TMV. Trading in my 2000 323i for $12,500 - would like to get $13,000. If dealer gives me $13K for my trade - I'm inclined to do the deal.

    Any thoughts??? Thanks in advance...
  • tb0622tb0622 Posts: 6
    Seems a little high to in Fairfield County, CT - and here's the net on what I was presented:

    X3 2.5 (pretty basic - msrp @ $36,000)
    $2500 down + fees, etc.
    $425 per mo.
    12K miles per year

    Dealer tried to tweak the down payment (up, of course) to get the payment lower. Let me walk with the above deal offered. I didn't bite...likely to trade in and buy. Can't beat the value a BMW in the trade-in market.
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    Are you leasing or purchasing? I also live in CT and have spoke with a few dealers. Which dealer are you working with?
  • tb0622tb0622 Posts: 6
    Purchasing. Endurance in Mt. Kisco (20 mins from CT and close to my train station).
  • mytoymytoy Posts: 14

    Here is where I stand with my lease negotiations:

    MSRP $37,895 - stayed the same

    Monthly Lease is $385.00 - down from $399.21

    Due at signing, $2965.99 - down from $3644.70

    Thoughts on this?

    MyToy :)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,757
    That looks really good...


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  • mytoymytoy Posts: 14

    Thanks. When I went back to sign the papers, I actually negotiated a little more and got the monthly payment down to $365.00, tax included.

    Get the car on July 10th.

    Thanks again for everything.

    MyToy :)
  • adamwadeadamwade Posts: 4
    I'm in southern CA, just leased an X3 3.0i 6speed manual, premium, plus ?? whatever.
    MSRP $39,600
    $399 per month for 3 years (10k year)
    Down Payment = $1250 (first months+registration+refundable deposite)
    This is $0 cap reduction
    They leased the car for below invoice $33k or so.

    Irvine BMW, in CA (they have about 10 more with the same deal) This was a BMWFS lease.
    TOld me they over ordered 3.0i's during the California rain storms, but never sold them.
  • sharmabmwsharmabmw Posts: 45

    What was your Money Factor and Residual Value %? I might get in touch w/Irvine's internet manager today depending on what you tell me. (Do you mind if I use you as a reference?) Also, I haven't seen BMWFS July lease numbers yet, but BMW is advertising a $339/mo x 39 mos with a cap cost reduction of $2500. Clearly, that's not the best deal.

  • skihskih Posts: 1
    I looked at a Jet Black 2005 X3 2.5i @ Ridgefield BMW (CT) before they opened this morning. The sticker price was SCOTCH TAPED to the window - rather than sealed. Does this mean it's not new?
  • timmbojtimmboj Posts: 123 shows the lease deal with 36 months. Car_Man (from another forum) says the money factor is .00100 money factor and 60% residual. But there may be particulars I'm forgetting.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,757
    The adhesive they use for BMW stickers is terrible.. Most of the stickers will fall off on their own, and certainly will come lose if the window is rolled down..

    But, every BMW comes with an extra copy of the sticker in the glove box... Just because it is scotch-taped on, doesn't mean it isn't new.. If you go to my local dealer, half of the stickers have fallen off, and are laying on the seat.


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  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    Hello skih, I'd agree with the poster above. Most stickers fall off over time. It could also be a vehicle that has been taken on a test drive and the sticker removed for safety reasons.

    Just out of curiousity have you checked out an X3 with Mauro motors or BMW of Bridgeport? I found Ridgefield BMW to be the least likely to make a good deal for the consumer, especially an X3.
  • adamwadeadamwade Posts: 4
    I dont recall my money factor (i'd have to check the lease docs), but he converted it roughly to 3% interest. The car stickered at $39,600, but they leased it too me at about 36K, so my three years of payments are only 14k for a 40k car. Unfortunately, the residual is still based on the MSRP (about $24k). It's a no brainer with zero cap reduction at $399 mo. I raised my mileage to 12,000 miles per year for another $19 mo. This is better than the advertised special, because the dealer is letting them go below or at invoice (so she said)

    Just use BMW website and locate the dealer FOR IRVINE BMW. They had about 8 left.
  • tb0622tb0622 Posts: 6
    mvs1 - never heard back from you on post 897. Anyway, I decided to lease and trade in on my 2000 323i. Was originally going to buy, but decided leasing would offer greater flexibility. While I didn't drive to Bridgeport (too far from my home), I did the go to Darien, Greenwich, Ridgefield and Endurance (NY) to look at X3 3.0.

    Ridgefield BMW gave me the best deal for the lease and my trade in. The pre-owned manager went above and beyond on the trade in ($2000 better than all others), and at the end of 39 months I will have spent $200 less than any other deal offered. Normally you'd expect whatever they give on the trade, they make on the sale/lease - not the case. Ridgefield had the best deal, hands down. Darien offered a good lease deal, but came up short on the trade in. And just a quick plug - Ridgefield is the only BMW Center of Excellence in CT for Service and Sales.

    Ridgefield BMW gave this consumer a great deal - and I don't have to watch them peddling their cars Sunday morning on TV! :)
  • timmbojtimmboj Posts: 123
    When did you make your transaction? I've always read to make a transaction for a new vehicle at the end of the month. But I feel like I'm running out of time for a 2005 model. Did Ridgefield have what you wanted on the lot? Does anyone know when BMW stops taking orders for 2005 models?

    Looks like the BMWUSA site is offering 60% residuals and .0007 money factors. INSANE!
  • schmebischmebi Posts: 4

    In May I ordered a 2.5 X3 manual and thought I was getting a decent deal. The car is due to arrive to the VPC tomorrow. After reading reccent posts here and on bimmerfest, I am starting to believe I may not have gotten such a good deal after all. Here are the specifics of my deal (the info they gave me, at least):

    MSRP: 33,105
    Selling Price: 29151.91
    Add'l Cap Cost: 1095.00 (what is this?)
    total sales tax: 924.12
    Cash cap reduction: 1080.00
    adjusted cap cost: 30,091.03
    MF: .00215 (this can be better, right?)
    Residual: 19,531.95 (59%)
    Monthy pmt: 400.00
    Term: 36 mo
    12,000K miles
    Total due @ signing: 1480.00

    And here are my questions:

    Is this a decent deal? If not, what should I be shooting for. It seems that people are getting much better deals on much more expensive vehicles. What about the national ad. Could I get the monthly lower by doing the 39 mos? I actually wouldn't mind keeping the car longer and would like the payment under $400.

    Lastly, I haven't signed any financing paperwork, only gave a deposit. Is it still possible to renegotiate the terms? Yours or anyone's feedback would be much appreciated.

    There is nothing worse than feeling like you are getting hosed. :mad:
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    Sorry I did not reply I usually don't miss posts.

    LOL...I forgot about those ads on TV.

    Glad to hear you did well. My experience at Ridgefield was a little different. which shows it truly depends on who you speak with and timing also comes into play. The salesmen at Ridgefield struck me funny, it was the only dealer I haven't contacted initially by email in the past three years. I happen to be driving by and stopped in when I asked for a test drive the salesmen stated "there wasn't enough time today". There was about an hour before closing and the lot was dead. He made other comments to my wife about her Audi A4 along the lines of not being in a 3-series class. Not that I agree or disagree or care either way. I was more interested in test driving a car on the lot.

    Also, they did not stock any units with NAVI, although this is common for this vehicle.

    just out of curiousity did you ever go back to Darien with the best deal and ask them to beat it?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,757
    I replied to your thread in another forum.. I think you know the one..



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  • schmebischmebi Posts: 4
    Yes, thank you very much! :)
  • adonadon Posts: 2
    Hello everyone,

    Can I please get your feedback on this lease deal? It's for a 3.0 X3 in SoCal...

    MSRP: 38870
    Selling Price: 37000
    Cap Reduction: 2500
    Acq. Fee: 625
    MF: 0.0012
    Residual: 62%
    Term: 39 mo. 12k/yr

    Due at signing: 3450
    Monthly Payment: 381 incl. tax

    I noticed almost all other 3.0 leases listed on the forum have a lower MF, should I ask for a 0.001 MF?

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,757
    Yes.. definitely insist on the .0010 money factor.. Your selling price is just average, in relation to others reported lately, so you should definitely not pay anything extra in the money factor...

    With the base money factor, the payment will drop about $13/mo tax inclusive..

    I would encourage you to not make a cap cost reduction.. The base money factor is comparable to a 2.4% interest rate.. No point in making a down payment..

    With no cap cost reduction, and the base money factor of .0010, the payment would be about $442/mo, tax inclusive.... And, the due at signing would only be around $1000-$1100..



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  • tb0622tb0622 Posts: 6
    Completed the transaction yesterday. They had a couple of X3 3.0s with what I wanted, so the selection is there.
  • tb0622tb0622 Posts: 6
    I'm very satisfied. I did speak to the guy from Darien and he held firm - granted I called him on a cell phone from the Ridgefield showroom. Considering I had a trade in - Darien would have had to drop his monthly payment by $50 as well as drop the upfront fees by $1000 just to match! Plus, I'd rather bring my car to Ridgefield for service - closer to home.

    I had a good experience with two salesmen there. My salesman wasn't in when I finalized my deal so the Pre-Owned Sales Manager helped. He was great to deal with - very aggressive on the trade-in and the lease.
  • adonadon Posts: 2
    thanks kyfdx! I will go back and renegotiate. When I tried to bring down the MF initially they insisted that they can't because their discount off MSRP was "huge". But I researched online and while the sale price is a little under TMV, it's comparable to what others have been getting recently. So i guess I'll have to go back and be a bit more aggressive with the negotiations.
  • wise5wise5 Posts: 1
    Can someone please tell me if this is a good deal or if I am overlooking anything obvious. Thanks so much for your help, I reallly appreciate it.

    BMW 2.5x3 auto, black with black leartherette. In stock ready for delivery.
    Premium package, heated seats and side mirrors, floor mats, private back glass; $.20 cent overage (renegotiable to $.16 during the first year).
    I also need a cargo/pet net and vinyl floor mat for the rear (we’re still working on this net and vinyl back mat).

    Selling Price: $35,120
    Add’l Cap Cost: $2000
    Total sales tax: $1306.74
    Bank fee: $900
    Security: $400
    2year registration: $225
    MF: .0016
    Cash cap reduction:
    Adjusted cap cost:
    Residual: (59%)
    Monthly pmt: $379.96
    Term: 39 months
    12K Miles
    Total Due at signing: $5211.70
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Right off the top of my head I'd say that the amount due at signing is at least $4000 too high.
  • mmaurommauro Posts: 2
    Hello All,
    I'm leasing a x3 3.0 in NJ. The sticker price says $39,600.
    $3000 out-of-pocket (had to pay extra tax 'cause car is registered in PA)
    $413.89 per month (12K miles per year).

    We took the car last week and they called today to say we took the wrong car...basically we took a car that was $1400 more because we weren't suppose to get the real leather. I think this is an amazing deal AND they took our 325 which had 4 more months of lease payments. Good deal???

    Also - they want us to come in and signed new paper work because the originals were based on the other 'leatherette' car. They said nothing will change - it was their mistake. No way they can change something on me - right??? The onus is on the sales person and his manager - right???
  • djocksdjocks Posts: 124
    just had to chime in.....

    LMAO @ the peddling their cars on sunday morning comment. I live around the corner from Mauro Motors and my 03 300i was leased from BMW of Watertown. Mauro is laughable. I did hear good things about Ridgefield also but in 2 1/2 years I could not be happier with Countyline. Will be getting into a new one in a few...

    Heart wants the new 330i
    Head is telling me I need an X3..

    decisions decisions decisions..........
  • mmaurommauro Posts: 2
    Uhhhh, though my username is 'mmauro' I'm not 'Mauro Motors'. Maybe I should hit them up for a discount???

    Please disregard if your post 'mauro is laughable' was not in response to mine djocks.
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