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Hello. I have problem for Land Rover Freelander 2002 v6. It only works with reverse gear. If i remove all gearbox electricity then it works with only 4th gear doesn't matter if i turn it in 1st or 2nd gear still it is moving with 4th gear. when i turn gear to D electricity disappear at Reduction time solenoid in 2-3 seconds. Look up solenoid has very little electricity. Diagnostic shows only P0102, P174 and P177 code. Can you explain what's reason or how do i start searching the problem or whom do i contact for these problems? thanks in advance.


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    Those are generic codes that I suspect were picked up with a very basic scanner. You'd need a more professional scanner capable of reading the transmission module codes--those, if present, might give you something to start with.

    Of course, you could start with examining the wiring harness to the transmission for any obvious breaks, damage or corrosion.

    Also check fluid levels

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    I live in country Georgia where we don't have professional scanners. I've checked with this video and everything was fine.
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    Republic of Georgia?

    I located techs in three cities there. One of them might be able to help you.
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    on other forum they've told me that it should be transmission ECU problem and whats your opinion?
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    That it needs to be diagnosed.
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