Just noticed pink fluid leaking near muffler. Heat stopped working. Help!

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Noticed some pinkish water yesterday, but thought it was water from some puddles on the tires. Today noticed no heat in the car this am. Got home and noticed more pink fluid on the floor. Looked under car, no other area other than near muffler. Pretty evident leak. Same color as both inverter and engine coolant. It has 94k miles. Cant find leaks of any kind anywhere else. What do you all think?


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    Your engine coolant is pink. Losing heat suggests the coolant level has fallen low enough that there is no coolant circulating through the heater core. You need to locate and have that leak repaired or risk damaging the engine.
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    See the coolant reservoir in the hood. Low level means coolant leak. But not near the muffler. Coolant does not go in the muffler. Could be transmission fluid.
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    Or with a possible leak between radiator coolant tank and transmission coolant tank. That would be bad, pumping coolant into the transmission under pressure.
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    Sounds like a coolant leak, maybe it runs back along exhaust pipe to muffler, then drips off. Worse possibility, you have a blown head gasket and it's leaking into the exhaust system, then dripping out the weep hole on the muffler. Either way, get it towed to a dealer, or to a mechanic that knows about hybrids (few and far between). I'd bite the bullet and tow (on a flatbed truck) it to the dealer.
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    Yeah, whatever this is, it's time to NOT be driving this vehicle anymore.
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