Freezing to Death

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I have a 2015 CR V that I bought last July and in all respects it exceeded my expectations. That is until the prairies winter set in and the temperature dropped. It was purchased with a remote start for the very purpose of warming up the vehicle, but after 20 minutes the temp guage doesn’t move one iota. Even after driving 8 km, it only reached ½ way to normal operating. Took it to the dealership to fix what I assumed was a faulty thermostat but was informed that this condition is normal for newer Hondas. I took my complaint to Honda Corporate and was told that there is nothing there to fix.
Did Honda forget that winters on the prairies reach -40?
I was told that it is necessary to drive it for warm up. So does anybody want to buy my remote start? What does a young family do with young ones that need to be strapped in? Drive around for ½ an hour and then get them?
Not only did Honda miss the mark on cabin comfort in the winter, but also didn’t consider that an engine not at normal operating has not reached peak performance. After 8 in km, I was still at only way to normal temperature.
The representative at Honda Corp didn’t feel that I had a concern worth addressing. I disagree. Join me in letting Honda know that they are letting down their loyal customers and find a fix. Post your story on facebook or follow my post. Joe Zador


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    Dealer should change out the thermostat and also check to see that the cooling fan is not running continuously.
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