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Engine Shuts Down, Avalanche 2500

ShawnRedmanShawnRedman Columbus, OHIOPosts: 2
edited February 2016 in Chevrolet
I have a 2002 Avalanche 2500. I can be going down the freeway and it shuts down...I also can be mostly between 100-2000 rpms in traffic same thing, or when I let off gas in slow traffic , rolling to a stop, and sitting at a light it justs chokes out...I have had fuel system worked on..crank sensor...eveything...I am wondering if it's the throttle body...It is very dangerous driving...Does this sound familiar..I've hac\d it to three dealers looking at electrical and two GM machanics...Running out of ideas and patience...It started more than 2 years ago and has progressively gotten worse.Help...


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