Chevy Blazer Crazy Problems

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Okay, I have a 2000 blazer. I was going to replace the hazard switch, because I didn't have brake/blinker lights. While taking the old one out, it started smoking (didn't turn it off or pull the fuse because I was in a hurry) and after I got the new one in, the blinkers and brake lights went haywire. So I got aggravated and pulled it and went to leave. I drive about 200 yards and stopped at a stop light. Went to give it gas and it wouldn't go anywhere, like it was in neutral. So I had to push it to a side road and turned it off, pulled the key and put it back in and cranked it. It will drive for about 50 yards then randomly goes into neutral. And sometimes when I hold the brake and turn it off, it stays on. I need help ASAP, its my only vehicle and I don't know what to do.


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    Gee that's too bad. You must have damaged the wiring harness somewhere in there. Any way you can look under there? You might also check all your fuses and inline fuses and at the same time inspect for damage at the fuse box.
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