Undesired startup noise

carryovercarryover Member Posts: 3
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My neighbor has a CR-V back in 2012, every time when they start up the engine during the morning time, it makes a series of noise, like something going to crack down or break, it could be 3 seconds to 5 seconds, very annoyed. Their car is still drivable. What could be the problem?


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,482
    Hard to say without hearing it, but one rather obnoxious noise that occurs on start up is when the starter hangs up in the flywheel, causing a mashing of gears between the starter motor pinion and the teeth on the engine's flywheel. You may remember this sound from when you might have tried to start an engine that was already running?

  • carryovercarryover Member Posts: 3
    I will help them to record the noise tomorrow so you may have better idea. Thank you so much! Shiftright!
  • fibber2fibber2 Member Posts: 3,786
    I don't hear it with ours, but some report a dry sound from the oil controlled variable valve timing camshaft sprocket.
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