Towing a camper with a 2015 RAV4 4 cylinder.

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I would like to tow a camper with my 2015 Rav4 4 cylinder. The tow capcity is 1500 lbs. Is it even possible to tow a small camper with this vehicle safely? If so, what type and style of camper?


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    Gee, that's a pretty low bar for a trailer---1500 lbs. There are a wide variety of campers available but I wonder if even the Ultra-Lites are light enough for you. You might have to settle for a pop-up or one of those tiny tear drop campers. The problem with those latter two are that the pop-up doesn't work well in extremes of hot or cold, and the tear drop sure doesn't have much room in it. I do think there are some roomier Ultra-Lites though, but they seem to run 1600 lbs on up. But again, there's such a wide variety---maybe you could find something that works for you.
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    I also have a 4 cylinder Rav 4. Interested in the Teardrop camper. Could I tow this? And, I pulled out the back seats on the Rav making it a bit lighter. Don't intend to load it up. Any ideas about how to lighten it up further? These are the number for the [email protected]
    205/75/14 Tire Size
    2900 Lbs. GAWR
    140 Lbs. Tongue Weight
    200 Lbs. Tongue Weight with LP & Battery
    1848 Lbs. Total Weight with LP & Battery
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