Truck lost power while driving down the highway

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I have a 2004 Ford Ranger Edge with +/- 127,000 miles on it. It shut down while driving home from work and will not restart. You can hear the engine grinding when you turn the key but it will not start. Any ideas. Would the fuel pump go out while driving? I don't know when the spark plugs were changed last, would that cause it to shut down?
Any help appreciated.


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    You'll have to determine whether you've lost fuel or spark. This may require that you buy a simple spark tester.

    As for fuel, one test to start with is to listen for the fuel pump to turn on briefly when you turn the key just to "ON" (not start it, just "on"). The pump should cycle for a few seconds.

    If you are careful you can test for fuel in the fuel rail by depressing the schrader valve in the fuel rail. Some fuel will spray out. DON'T do this with the engine running.

    Once you've determined whether you've lost spark or fuel we can suggest where to go from there.

    Oh also notice if the tachometer is moving while you are cranking the engine. If it is, then the crankshaft sensor is probably okay. If not, therein might lie the problem.
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