Saturn Vue Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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  • compre7360compre7360 Member Posts: 2
    I don't think anyone will beat this deal.

    I got a 2004 FWD 4 Cyl Vue for $13885 after $5000 in rebates.
  • jruffjruff Member Posts: 8
    What kind of rebates are those? I've only seen the $2,500 and the $1,000. Are those regional rebates? Are they still available?
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    I am in the final stages of buying a V6 Vue in Houston with side curtains and need you guys and gals help quickly.

    1. Was told my GM credit card points were not accepted but dealer did give me extra $750 against my $1150 potential.

    2. They claimed they knew nothing of the 6 coupons worth $250 each. Noticed in the paper latter that day they are offering up to $1,500 bonus cash that I think is the same. Can someone confirm and is this a regional deal or nationwide?

    3. They offered me $3500 rebate + $750 off sticker with my financing or $1,000 +750 with 0% @60. I assume the $1000 is truckfest is that correct or should I be looking for more rebates?

    4. I may be able to get the GM supplier discount. What would that do for me?

    5. Has anyone purchased or seen the Safe and Sound Package for $880. Saturn website says it is reduced by $360 at this time.

    I need to speak to the dealer Monday to close deal and would really appreciate any advice you can offer.

  • winter55winter55 Member Posts: 11
    1. GM credit card earning is not accept by Saturn. You can save it for future GM purchase

    2. They give you $750 off: that equals to 3 vouchers. Push for 6 vouchers ($1.5 K) That is the maximum voucher a dealer can give out. This is a nationwide, not a regional.

    3. Yes, either one but not both

    4. cannot use GM Supply Discount with the voucher. Must choose either one but not both
  • mountainmommymountainmommy Member Posts: 5
    Can someone please tell me what the heck these flex vouchers are all about. I know about the 1000 truckfest and 0% or your own financing and 2500 (or is it 3500)

    we are most likely going to buy a new VUE tomorrow and with my upside down equity I need all the help I can get!!!!!

  • bdubbdub Member Posts: 3
  • bdubbdub Member Posts: 3
    I want a Vue FWD 3.5L 2004, with
    head curtain side airbags
    17"alloy wheels
    $150 am,fm cd stereo
    leather interior

    I have $3000 cash allowance, and GM employee purchase.

    What is the haggle free price? Thanks
  • bruisedawgbruisedawg Member Posts: 2
    Are these vouchers always available for the asking or just at certain times of the year. I'm looking at getting a 2004 VUE within the next month.
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    I took my '00 LS2 in for transmission work and got talked into considering a '04 VUE which we've been looking at for a few years. We're considering the purchase seriously with my sedan having 90K miles and coming up on a timing belt replacement.

    My hang up is how horribly Saturns depreciate. I know I will always be upside down on a note. I know there are loyal Saturn buyers, is their poor resale value a problem for anyone else?

  • mazzolmazzol Member Posts: 2
    I would also like to know what the deal is with the vouchers, and if there still is a deal with the vouchers. (I know they can't be combined with the GM discount, but it may work out better, who knows.) I know the $3000 bonus cash is different because the one dealership was trying to give me 2 vouchers ($500) telling me it worked out better than using my GM discount (which according to them was $750). After explaining that it wasn't working out better several times they FINALLY realized what I was talking about... too much frustration from them, so I am dealing with a different dealer now.

    Also, I have heard/found conflicting things about the GM discount and even the 800 number I have to call was useless. They keep telling me that they can't tell me anything and to talk to my dealer and look for GSU pricing (I get the GM Supplier discount). I just want to know what percentage off I should be expecting. I have heard that GSU gets you 1% below invoice, but I have also heard that GSU is equal to GMS (what employees pay?) plus 4.5%. That's fine... but what is the GMS percentage off?? Does anyone know who would be willing to share? Of course, that doesn't seem to agree with the $750 the one dealer was trying to give me... which makes it even more confusing for me.

    I am looking at a V6 AWD with Comfort Package and H/C Air Bags. I would like the MP3 player but none of the existing ones seem to have it without several other options. The only one they found (in a 5 state search) that had it, also had a sunroof and that is the ONLY option I REFUSE to pay for.

    This is my first new car (I can use all the help I can get!!) and I am most likely purchasing next Saturday!

    If anyone is willing to shed some light, I'd appreciate it!!!
  • mazzolmazzol Member Posts: 2
    I posted the "vouchers & GSU/GMS pricing... confused" message 2 weeks ago. I bought the Vue on Saturday and it is sah-weet!

    I bought it from a dealership near my parents house in MD and then drove it up to PA yesterday because I am currently in the process of moving to PA. The main reason I bought it from the one in MD (as opposed to going elsewhere in PA) was because they are able to finance it for me through my bank, so I didn't have to get involved in any of the dirty work on the loan processing end.

    The GSU discount, at least for the Saturn is GMS+4.5%, which put me at about 3% below MSRP. Not a whole lot, but something, it took about $770 off. GMS is what employees pay and GSU is what suppliers pay. I saw the dealer invoice, which having the GSU discount allows you to do.

    I don't have the papers in front of me at the moment, but after the discount it came to a little over $24,900. I got the AWD V6, with the comfort package and h/c side air bags, in silver. My interest rate from my bank was 3.69%, so I took the $3000 cash back. I got the rubber floor mats for about $66.

    My buying experience was superb. Since we can say the dealership's name... it was Pohanka Saturn of Bowie, in Bowie, MD. I definitely did not have that much fun at the previous dealership! I was actually EXCITED to write out the check for the down payment, and up until I got there, the thought of writing that check was making me sick, regardless of the fact that I was getting a great car! But it was such a relaxed environment and they explained everything that was going on. I had my parents, sister, and boyfriend with me, so we gave them quite an audience. There was no haggling, but no one was rude about that fact. Granted, I had been talking to the guy on the phone for the past 2 weeks (since I work in PA, just haven't moved permanently yet), he processed my loan, and it was pretty much a given I was walking out of there with that car, but that is not the point. I never gave him a penny until Saturday. They did a 5-state search for the car, brought it to that dealership, and everything with only MY WORD saying I was coming on the 24th. This is compared to the other dealership in PA who wouldn't even look for a car meeting my specs until I gave them $500 and I actually visited that one to discuss and test drive the Vue. Since my parents still live in down there, I might even just get it serviced there when I come down to visit, which I do a lot anyway.

    As for driving it all the way back from MD to PA... the best drive ever!!! Words just cannot describe how smooth and comfortable this ride was, even on PA roads!

    My only "regret" is that I wish had been able to get the advanced audio system or at least the MP3 player. My boyfriend's Oldsmobile has a great sound system with Bose speakers, so compared to that the Vue was lacking. Of course if I didn't have that to compare it to, it sounds fine. But that's ok, a trip to Circuit City or Bryn Mawr stereo will solve that problem in a couple months for about the same price.

    Sorry this is super long, but I really hope this helps someone else out!!
  • SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
    A reporter wants to talk with Saturn Vue owners about any suspension problems they have experienced. Please respond to [email protected] asap no later than Thursday, August 5, 2004 with your daytime contact info.

    Jeannine Fallon
    PR Director
  • snowmansnowman Member Posts: 540
    the vue from my list. I was in Saturn dealer today, we had test drive, the vehicle, in terms of power, is nice. But it is not a hot shot to pay MSRP, so much el-cheapo plastic interior. And the dealership tried to screw us up on our trade-in, big time. They come up with rediculus number. Hmmm!, I pay MSRP and don't get fair price on my trade-in; no, thanks Saturn.
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    I am really surprised that they are asking MSRP for 2004 VUEs. I got mine back in April and paid a few thousand under MSRP after rebates, finance offers, and flex vouchers.

    They did low-ball me on my trade, so I elected to just keep the car (96 SL2) 'cause it is more valuable to me as transportation than for the $1500 they offered me in trade.

    No, I would definitely not pay MSRP in today's depressed new car market.

    In fact, I would think it would be just the opposite for the VUE with the recent press about the suspension. Not that I am worried about my back wheel falling off or anything, but some people will completely write off a manufacturer or model due to bad press without doing their own investigation to see the validity of the press claims.

    If you are still interested in the VUE, I would look to other Saturn dealerships (via email, web or phone if necessary). By this point, you probably have a good idea of what VUE you want and what MSRP appears to be for the combo you desire.

    [Okay, this is getting long :)]

    One last thing. Different dealerships charge different amounts for pin striping, document fees, etc. In my research, I found the lowest doc fees to be $20 and the highest to be just under $200. That is a huge difference for basically the same pieces of paper. Also, pinstriping ranged from $89 to $119 depending on the dealer. Do your homework and check around for the best overall deal. And who knows, a different sales person at your local shop may work out better for you.
  • snowmansnowman Member Posts: 540
    They had the rebate, but rebate has nothing to do with delaership. They said they ran out of flex vauchers, no GM card matching either ( I know Saturn doesn't accept GM card earnings, but some dealers are giving partial credit to your earnings.)
    So they are making the same amount of profit as selling VUE @ MSRP. Rebate comes from factory.
    Oh well!, I'll focus on Escape/Tribute. I am a Ford guy anyway...:-)
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    I am happy to be able to post that my husband and I just purchased our 2004 VUE Redline on Oct. 5, 2004. After seeing the prices people are posting on here, I'm embarrassed to say how much we got ours for! (Not nearly as low, unfortunately!) However, they did offer me $1600 more for my trade-in than the Chevy dealer (we were considering an Equinox.) It was the last 2004 Redline they had on their lot. Is it true they only made 4,000 of them?

    Our experience at the Saturn dealership was wonderful. We did own a Saturn before, a 1997 can't remember the name: SL-1 or something? Anyhow, that experience was good, we never had problems with the car, but when we had a second child in 1999 and it proved to be too small, we got rid of it. They hadn't yet come out with an SUV, and so we got a different car. We are happy to be back in the Saturn family! No problems as of yet with it, but I am reading on some in this forum, and I'm glad to have found this so I can be prepared for potential problems.
  • chrisfromrichrisfromri Member Posts: 1
    Purchased new Saturn Vue AWD with new Honda 6 cyl and every 'extra' accept Onstar and roof rails, In late February 2004. Liked the idea of Honda reliability. Have purchased 7 general Motors vehicles in the last 14 years. We've been miserable since puchasing the Vue. The car has basically been falling down around the Honda engine. (The engine being practically the only thing to function as designed.) The all wheel drive has been a constant source of repairs: stripped out bolts in doors, causing window malfunctions and subsequent repairs. Broken radio/Cd player had to be replaced. I have a file filled with records of said repairs. The Saturn Headquarters will not buy the car back, or swap it. They feel that repeated visits for the same problems are O.K. because I still have a warranty. They would only give me an additional 1 year warranty. Which, if I keep the car, I'm sure I'll need. As yet, Saturn has still not addressed the voluntary recall on the left rear suspension failure identified by NHTSA. The general manager of the dealership admitted "Your car does seem to have quite a few problems." But he would only offer a new 2005 if I came up with several thousand dollars. My wife and I have been incredibly understanding and patient. Probably too much so. It's this sort of treatment, that pushes people to Toyota and Honda. In short, if the Honda engine appeals to you, buy the Honda
  • stevedebistevedebi LAMember Posts: 4,098
    If you have had the car in the shop for 30 days within the first year, or returned for the same thing 3 times, you may be covered by Lemon Laws. These are the rules for California; your state may vary. If they don't give you satisfaction, see a lawyer and make them buy it back.
  • timarietimarie Member Posts: 2
    We just leased a Vue yesterday in B.C., Canada. We were charged a total of C$900 dollars for the above mentioned fees: C$400 as lease fees, C$299 as document fees, and the rest as admin fees we suppose. These fees were added under the title of "Other" on the lease form. Even tho' the form has a blank for "description", they didn't enter the breakdown. The above breakdown was given verbally when we ask the Business Mgr. The fees were also not mentioned to us verbally until the agreement was presented to us to sign.


    It's the first time that we lease a car instead of purchasing one. C$900 seems a bit outrageous to us. What do you guys think??
  • turksteritisturksteritis Member Posts: 95
    You got hosed...sorry. They must explain all the charges to you up front. The DOC fee is a ploy dealerships use to help pay for the business manager. I buy a new car every year & refuse to pay it...never had to. The lease fee was BS too.
  • stukstuk Member Posts: 2
    We just purchased a silver 2005 Saturn Vue V6 AWD. Our Vue was configured with Safe & Sound and Leather. It's got great power and a comfortable ride. We traded in our 2005 Chevy Equinox LT AWD (we bought in June 04). We couldn't live with the hard uncomfortable leather seats. We found the Vue's leather seats to be much more comfortable (the dealer confirmed Saturn uses a different seat supplier than Chevy). Our dealer gave us a low trade-in offer on our Equinox and wouldn't negotiate off MSRP on the Vue. They said Saturn doesn't negotiate! We were entitled to the GM Supplier Discount but still wasn't satisfied with the cost gap between my trade and the Vue. We told the dealer to forget it. Not more than 20 minutes later, the dealer called and came up with money in the form of more for our trade-in and flex vouchers. In the end we did better without the GM Supplier Discount. Between flex vouchers, more money on the trade and the QVC coupon, we saved over $3000 off MSRP. The 5yr/60000 mile warranty is nice too. The dealer didn't charge us for any dealer add-ons (protective coatings, etc) Every dealer will negotiate especially for end of quarter/year sales.
  • fsvfsv Member Posts: 196
    flex vouchers, more money on the trade and the QVC - how do I find any of them?
  • sbenyiksbenyik Member Posts: 1
    The power and the look of the Vue was what I gravitated to first. How come it seems that a lot of people who bought Vues also looked at buying an Equinox? Is it because it is built on the same frame? Did Honda's engine lure us all?
    Well, as probably a few other people can attest, there are a few niggles and minor annoyances with the truck, the fuel mileage is nowhere near where the sticker's and websites put it at, and biggest of all....the transmission seems like its slipping. I bought it new on the last day of September, '04, and whenever the second and third gear upshift comes, I find myself leaning forward.
    This is for those of you that won't buy a Saturn because of their pricing policies...I know they don't haggle on price, but I told the sales guy if he gave me $2500 for my trade in....$1000 more than anyone else - including the chevy dealer, that the deal would be done, and sure enough it was accepted.
    The fact that it was a demo helped too...they threw in the leather. Unfortunately they aren't heated, and we need to use seat covers in the winter...they are soooo cold!!!
    Is anybody finding that the paint is kinda thin? Of my biggest complaints about the truck (besides the fact it gets so dirty so fast - mostly due to the extra wide tires on the RedLine that kick up everything :) ), is the seethrough paintjob. Although I don't have any chips off the hood in six months of driving, I do have missing paint off the driver's door and on the side of the car...right down to the body. Good thing that they're plastic, or the rust would be showing through already. :cry:
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    I have a 2003 Vue, purchased new, which I loathe. Latest problem: after repairs done thru the recall, the ride is rough, steering wheel visibly vibrates, and car feels shaky. Dealer says they didn't do anything to cause problems, blamed the added air recommended for tires. Then they told me to let some air out of the tires and added, "Of course, they wouldn't be safe then."

    I just got a buy-back letter from the local dealer. Is this just a marketing tool or a way to avoid admitting that this vehicle is a disaster?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,126
    Marketing tool. Let me guess - something about the dealership needs quality used vehicles, and is offering to buy back your Vue? They are, of course, anxious to sell you another vehicle. They may be counting on your dissatisfaction with your current vehicle to get you in, but yeah, it's marketing.

    Please visit our regular Saturn VUE discussion to talk to other owners about problems they may be experiencing. You aren't likely to get that kind of feedback here in the pricing discussion.

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  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H EdmundsAdministrator Posts: 11,126
    A reporter is hoping to speak with anyone who recently discussed a trade-in at a Chevrolet, Buick, Pontiac, GMC, Saturn, Saab, Hummer, or Cadillac dealership. Please respond to [email protected] by Tuesday, April 26, 2005 with your daytime contact info and any brief comments you care to share about your experience.


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  • natocmdrnatocmdr Member Posts: 2
    Apr 29, 2005 purchased a Silver VUE 250 hp V6 AWD. ABS, Front & Side Air bags, Cd/Mp3 player, DvD (aftermarket), Side step bar, front bumber guard (wrap around lights), rear light protectors, 5 yr 60k mile BtB warrenty.

    1250 dealer and 1000 Onstar rebates
    Supplier program 2% off Invoice.
    25.6k total financed.
  • hiedihiedi Member Posts: 1
    Good afternoon all! I've been reading the posts and just have to ask!

    I bought a 2005 Saturn Vue V6 (not AWD) on March 31st of this year, so I have had it about 6 weeks or so. So far, I LOVE IT!

    I traded in my 2001 Chevy Malibu LS (loaded, 45,000 miles) and the Saturn dealer gave me $7900.00 for it! Boy was I surprised, seeing how the Volkswagen dealer said $4900.00 and the Chevy dealer was a measly $5500.00!

    Anyway, I leased the Saturn for $290.00 per month, no money down, 15,000 miles per year for 48 months. The Saturn has V6, power, moonroof, leather, heated seats (comfort package with power) and the Care Plan for 48 months, no deductible... I think that's it. The paperwork said something close to $26,500. According to the lease agreement, I will owe $400.00 at the end of the lease to just turn it in; that's assuming that I don't have excess wear. I can't imagine what excess wear I could get, the Malibu was in mint condition!

    Did I get a deal? The deal is done, so there is no going back now... maybe I can learn something for next time?

    Thanks all!

    P.S. If anyone was interested, this was in Indianapolis, Indiana. ;)
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    Hi everyone. Please use the following discussion to post any questions that you have about leasing a Saturn VUE. Thanks.

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  • robertinohiorobertinohio Member Posts: 21
    I was told by my salesman that I cannot negoiate the sales price for a Saturn. I am looking at the FWD V6 36 mo lease. They are quoting me $389 for a $24000 MSRP. I can get a Rendezvous for $295/mo $28000MSRP or a Toyota Highlander 4cyl for $290/mo. zero down. I would prefer the Saturn, but the prices are much better with others. Is it true that you cannot negotiate a lower purchase price? They also told me that the salesmen are on a salary, so they dont try to compete on the price.
  • jadubjadub Member Posts: 2
    I have two issue with y recent Saturn lease. The salesperson told me I needed one leve of insurance but GMAC later told me I needed more expensive insurance. 2nd, the dealer shut down a few weeks later leaving me to drive far away for Saturn service.

    Finally, and this has noting to do with the lease, my Vue has a significant vibration issue when rear window is opened.
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi robertinohio. Traditionally, Saturn dealers have been no haggle. However, as time has passed I have heard that many Saturn dealers will indeed negotiate the selling prices of their vehicles. I am sure that a number of dealers out there still stick to the intended no-haggle pricing structure for Saturns, but if you shop around you may be able to find a dealer that is willing to lower the selling price of the VUE that you are interested in.

    Let's calculate a lease payment on the truck that you are interested in and see what we come up with. According to my calculations, if you were to lease a 2006 Saturn VUE FWD V6 with an MSRP and selling price of $24,000 through GMAC right now for 36 months with 12,000 miles per year, its zero down, pre-tax monthly payment should be around $363. This is a little less than the payment that you were quoted, but still considerably more than the other vehicles that you are interested in.

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  • jeep1988jeep1988 Member Posts: 40
    Here is a web link that rated the Saturn Vue (2002-2004) on resale value. adtest/
  • myvuesbluemyvuesblue Member Posts: 2
    I purchased a Blue 2006 4Cyl. Vue in Las Vegas last week.
    It has the Chrome Skid Plate Package, and Alloy Wheels.
    I received a $500. Auto Show Discount, AND will be mailed out the free $500. Target Gift Card. Plus a added Internet Discount for $400. We can use at the Parts/Service Center! We traded a 2003 SR5 2WD Toyota Sequoia that ate us alive in fuel/maint. costs. Saturn of West Sahara Gave Us A Even Up Trade With NO OUT OF POCKET Money for us at all! No other dealers we asked would do it; Toyota, Dodge, GM, PLUS all low balled the trade at only 16k to 17k.
    They claimed that's all they could get at auction for it!
    Internet Sales Mgr.Gave us $19,320 New Saturn is $19,820.
    My wife and I both love the way it looks/rides/handles, and are REALLY Happy With The Deal We Got. Saturn Rules!
  • myvuesbluemyvuesblue Member Posts: 2
    I forgot we also got for free; front windows deep tinted (need that here in the desert) floormats and 1 Yr OnStar.
    We believe the deal was really good, especially with the market for huge SUV's not being that great right now. :D
  • martianmartian Member Posts: 220
    I just bought a used 2004 VUE (only 6400 miles!). It is a beautiful car-everything except A/T (it is a 5 speed 4 cylinder model). I am very happy-paid $9800. plus my 2001 L100 trade-in ($4100.00). The seats are the best I've ever sat in, and it handles like a car. A weekend ski trip yield 28.5 MPG (in mostly 70 MPH driving). Plus-I have alloy wheels and TC. The ECOTEC 4 is a good engine-my 2001 went 80K miles with no problems.
    Way to go, SATURN!
  • jewels3jewels3 Member Posts: 1
    Hi there

    I have a leased 2003 Saturn Vue that is due to be returned in November. I will be moving to the USA so I obviously don't want to buy it due to the kilometre/mile thing for resale purposes. The vehicle was purchased in Ottawa Canada.

    What needs to be done so that I don't have a huge bill to pay upon its return?
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi jewels3. The only lease-end charges that you will be liable for are excess wear and tear or excess mileage (do they call it kilometerage in Canada :shades:) As long as your truck is in decent shape and you have not exceeded your mileage allowance, you should be fine.

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  • scopusscopus Member Posts: 6
    We've just ordered a new 2007 Vue from Saturn of Dayton South (a very pleasant experience).

    We got V6, FWD, leather, Comfort & Chrome Packages, CD w/MP3, chrome roof rails, side curtain air bags, 17" wheels w/ white letter tires and floor mats.

    MSRP - $25,100
    Employee pricing - $22,840 (basically 9% off)
    Other Discounts - $1,200
    Final = $21,640 + tax (7%) + title/fees ($100)
  • gasa765gasa765 Member Posts: 6
    Sounds like people are getting a pretty good deal on their Saturns. We live in southern Ca and they're offering 10% off the 06's, but nothing on the 07's. We're interested in the Saturn Vue because it's towable behind our motorhome. Was a little disappointed with the interior of the Saturn Vue especially the shortness of the seat bottoms. Didn't seem to give as much support as I would've liked. But I did like the roomy feel of the Saturn Vue and the peppiness of the V6 engine. Didn't appreciate the salesman saying they had a couple of similar models with the features I wanted at other Saturn dealerships in the area, but then neglecting to call us when he received the invoices for those vehicles.
    Found out a few days later from the internet manager those had already been sold! A courtesy call would've been nice, but maybe they're selling so fast they don't have time for future prospective customers. We'll still consider a Saturn Vue, but it's going to have to be a heck of a deal.
  • bxdbxd Member Posts: 186
    I am considering a 2007 Vue 4 cylinder. Can anyone give me a supplier price to use as a reference point? Let's say a completely stripped model with just ABS brakes perhaps?? Or any amount of options really, as long as I know what's on it I will get a good ballpark figure. Thanks! Brian
  • bxdbxd Member Posts: 186
    Mind telling us how you got the $1,200 in other discounts?? Thanks.
  • scopusscopus Member Posts: 6
    It actually ended up being $2350 in discounts. My father is a GM retiree and gets a yearly $1000 rebate (transferable). And then they offered the additional $1000 Summer bonus cash (we just lucked into this one, the Vue came in during the promotion 8/28-9/5). And the other $350 was GM Extended Family Card earnings. Final price was right around $20,500.

    My wife loves her new vehicle, and I liked the price, everyone's happy.
  • shamanshaman Member Posts: 1
    Just an FYI to those buying from Saturn of Pleasanton, CA. I think they've been under new management and got folded into a couple of other car dealers. You end up calling their number and they say, "Hello Pleasanton Saturn, Subaru, etc. etc. how may I help you?"

    Anyway, we had our 3rd problem with the Transmission. Yes, I'm now aware that the '03's always had a problem with the transmission. What you didn't know was that there was a couple that forced Saturn to offer...for the '03's, an extended warranty upon initial purchase. That couple was us and our griping to Saturn Corp back in '02 when we bought the '03. It turns out, when we bought the car, that the first transmission was bad at 8,000 miles ( they replaced it...under warranty). Turns out the second transmission was also bad after another 8,000 miles (turns out it was from the same batch...hello!...statistical batch sampling). So we ended up cordially voicing our discontent to Saturn Corp aka GM and they flat out treated us lower than crap at the bottom of a pig pond.

    3rd transmission and 69,000 miles later and a hose on the tranmission corrodes and my driveway and garage are pools of transmission fluid. I have the thing towed to the tune of 125 smacks and Saturn of Pleasanton has the audacity to tell me that it's 650 to get the thing fixed and they can't assure me that the transmission is busted or not.

    So I tell them that I want to trade it in or just one-way trade in. The guy that I've been conversing with tells me 7,000 for my trade in. I say deal. I ask repeatedly, "is this firm, is this firm." Turns out when we come in to trade it, the person I've been talking to has never spoken to anybody. So...let me get this straight...there's a salesman I'm talking with ad nausea about the car and what to do about it. He talks to the mechanic, he talks to me, he talks to his boss, and then the next day, when we come in to collect the 7000 with a snowballs chance on the edge (not in) but on the edge of hell of buying another Saturn...everyone that works there hasn't heard about the 7000 "promise" that was bandied about for at least a good conversational hour on the phone.

    The rest is history....a tirade of bad he said she said stuff and arguing over the true value of the thing (they lowballed me 2500...which is salvage value) and complained that I wasn't a loyal customer. Excuse me!!! I brought my car in for all major services to that oil changes. Furthermore, I bore the brunt of all the risk with buying my first Saturn...they had their shot. Buyer beware? I am now.

    At the end of it all, I ended up paying a reduced 500 to get the hose fixed. They assessed the tranny and blessed it good. I ended up trading it in for 6000 and getting a 2007 CRV EX. I've had 4-5 Hondas in my lifetime and all have run 100+ miles before I traded them or sold them at ridiculous resale. That CRV car will run 200,000+ and I'll still have a resale value on it. Saturn, you had high hopes and I was rooting for you as an American car company. But you can't succeed when you make chincy cars and reneg on your no hassle policy by letting dealerships like Saturn of Pleasanton be out there as your face to the public. I'm going to give that experience a 3/10.

    My wife bore the brunt of it as she was the one actually at the dealership. She'll give it a 1/10. Bless you other Saturn dealers who believe/practice the original Saturn philosophy. It's a really good business model and once it's's not really Saturn's just another car company that's haggling.
  • texashornsfantexashornsfan Member Posts: 1
    If you are looking to purchase a Saturn in Tampa, FL., I recommend Saturn of Tampa. I just purchased a 2007 VUE and the sales person and finance manager were absolutley easy to do business with!
  • wadelwadel Member Posts: 5
    My wife just purchased a 2007 Vue from Worcester Ma. Just the standards Saturn incentives. The 0% was a big one for us. No buying pressure. We went back twice. I'm a little disappointed though, we found a checklist that the salesperson is supposed to go over with you. My wife picked the vehicle up and basically was handed the keys. I still have the checklist. When I bought a Toyota last year, they spent 20 minutes showing me the place and going thru the car with me. Hmmmmmm..... I have to go back because of a flaw in the side plastic trim. I'm gonna ask about the checklist...
  • trraffictrraffic Member Posts: 6
    I bought a V6 AWD Vue this past week at Saturn of Monroeville in Pittsburgh. The 0 percent financing for 60 months was what made me decide to get one (the Vue was probably my third choice of cars). And on top of that, I got $1500 total off because of a President's Day sale discount, an auto show discount, and a non-GM discount (I did not own a GM). I think if you don't like to haggle, then Saturn is the way to go to avoid that. But I cannot imagine paying MSRP for a car if you are not getting the 0 percent and some incentives. You would probably be better off going elsewhere. Since the car had more features than I wanted, I let the salesperson know. I would think with another company, you might get something knocked off in $(since you would probably not be paying MSRP). My actual buying experience was fair; because the place was crowded, I ended up being there for five hours (about 3 hours from the time I said yes)! I think someone (manager or salesperson) should have offered me a drink, snack from the vending machine, or something. Don't make me spend $1.50 for a pop when I just spent a lot of money.
  • oitsuboboitsubob Member Posts: 5
    I purchased my Vue in March of '04 (2004 model of course)
    I have to say tht we are a Saturn Family! My Vue makes the fifth one we have had and the second brand new one. When I purchased it they gave me a great trade in deal on the saturn '99 SW2 and a great deal on the Vue itself ($17,000 all together) Unfortunately with saturn it is the dealerships responsibility to carry on the Saturn concepts and I have to say that most don't. I refuse to take mine in and have anything done to it except the suspension recall. I change my own oil and rotate my own tires. The "loyal customers" they are looking for are the ones who never put them at fault. To be an American made product speaks volumes to me, but over the years I too have noticed that the quality of the interiors, carpet, and paint are on a decline. Still not bad for the average joes SUV though. Still gets great gas mileage and has required only the routine maintenance of oil changes, plugs, and tires so far.
    If you have a dealership that ticks you off, please try another one. The VUE I have has been worth it! :D :shades:
    I had
  • LDegrelleLDegrelle Member Posts: 74
    Tried for a VUE last night - got below average trade-in offer for my two year old car. They didnt even try to go higher. We were all ready to go if they had given us better on the trade-in but that was a deal killer for us. Everywhere I have been showed that Saturn offered above average trade-in value to offset lack of haggling. And we have been taking our 96 Saturn there for years. Shame but thats just the way it is I guess.
  • j_ingj_ing Member Posts: 10
    I am coming out of a Smartbuy 5 months early with 2 months paid by lease pull ahead. I owe 3 months less the interest, $933. I had a huge residual from my previous Smartbuy or a Buick Rainier so I would only have to pay 8% taxes on $3376.73 (the dealer keeps pushing this). For a 2008 Saturn Vue XR AWD I am getting supplier price on the vehicle which is $27,601.73. My first question is, should I Smartbuy or Lease through GMAC? Does anyone know GMAC's money factor and residual for a 36/15K Smartbuy or Lease? Should I pay off my $933 owed on previous vehicle and not roll it in? I have been reading a lot of these forums lately and they keep saying to put nothing down on a lease. Should I pay all of those registration, inspection, etc fees upfront on a smartbuy or a lease? Also I read on the GM lease loyalty website about $1000 down payment bonus only good on a lease, not smartbuy. Would it be better to lease then and is that offer good on a 2008 Saturn Vue? Sorry about all of the questions I just want the best deal. Thanks.
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