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Saturn Vue Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jadubjadub Posts: 2
    I have two issue with y recent Saturn lease. The salesperson told me I needed one leve of insurance but GMAC later told me I needed more expensive insurance. 2nd, the dealer shut down a few weeks later leaving me to drive far away for Saturn service.

    Finally, and this has noting to do with the lease, my Vue has a significant vibration issue when rear window is opened.
  • Hi robertinohio. Traditionally, Saturn dealers have been no haggle. However, as time has passed I have heard that many Saturn dealers will indeed negotiate the selling prices of their vehicles. I am sure that a number of dealers out there still stick to the intended no-haggle pricing structure for Saturns, but if you shop around you may be able to find a dealer that is willing to lower the selling price of the VUE that you are interested in.

    Let's calculate a lease payment on the truck that you are interested in and see what we come up with. According to my calculations, if you were to lease a 2006 Saturn VUE FWD V6 with an MSRP and selling price of $24,000 through GMAC right now for 36 months with 12,000 miles per year, its zero down, pre-tax monthly payment should be around $363. This is a little less than the payment that you were quoted, but still considerably more than the other vehicles that you are interested in.

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  • I purchased a Blue 2006 4Cyl. Vue in Las Vegas last week.
    It has the Chrome Skid Plate Package, and Alloy Wheels.
    I received a $500. Auto Show Discount, AND will be mailed out the free $500. Target Gift Card. Plus a added Internet Discount for $400. We can use at the Parts/Service Center! We traded a 2003 SR5 2WD Toyota Sequoia that ate us alive in fuel/maint. costs. Saturn of West Sahara Gave Us A Even Up Trade With NO OUT OF POCKET Money for us at all! No other dealers we asked would do it; Toyota, Dodge, GM, PLUS all low balled the trade at only 16k to 17k.
    They claimed that's all they could get at auction for it!
    Internet Sales Mgr.Gave us $19,320 New Saturn is $19,820.
    My wife and I both love the way it looks/rides/handles, and are REALLY Happy With The Deal We Got. Saturn Rules!
  • I forgot we also got for free; front windows deep tinted (need that here in the desert) floormats and 1 Yr OnStar.
    We believe the deal was really good, especially with the market for huge SUV's not being that great right now. :D
  • martianmartian Posts: 220
    I just bought a used 2004 VUE (only 6400 miles!). It is a beautiful car-everything except A/T (it is a 5 speed 4 cylinder model). I am very happy-paid $9800. plus my 2001 L100 trade-in ($4100.00). The seats are the best I've ever sat in, and it handles like a car. A weekend ski trip yield 28.5 MPG (in mostly 70 MPH driving). Plus-I have alloy wheels and TC. The ECOTEC 4 is a good engine-my 2001 went 80K miles with no problems.
    Way to go, SATURN!
  • jewels3jewels3 Posts: 1
    Hi there

    I have a leased 2003 Saturn Vue that is due to be returned in November. I will be moving to the USA so I obviously don't want to buy it due to the kilometre/mile thing for resale purposes. The vehicle was purchased in Ottawa Canada.

    What needs to be done so that I don't have a huge bill to pay upon its return?
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi jewels3. The only lease-end charges that you will be liable for are excess wear and tear or excess mileage (do they call it kilometerage in Canada :shades:) As long as your truck is in decent shape and you have not exceeded your mileage allowance, you should be fine.

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  • scopusscopus Posts: 6
    We've just ordered a new 2007 Vue from Saturn of Dayton South (a very pleasant experience).

    We got V6, FWD, leather, Comfort & Chrome Packages, CD w/MP3, chrome roof rails, side curtain air bags, 17" wheels w/ white letter tires and floor mats.

    MSRP - $25,100
    Employee pricing - $22,840 (basically 9% off)
    Other Discounts - $1,200
    Final = $21,640 + tax (7%) + title/fees ($100)
  • gasa765gasa765 Posts: 6
    Sounds like people are getting a pretty good deal on their Saturns. We live in southern Ca and they're offering 10% off the 06's, but nothing on the 07's. We're interested in the Saturn Vue because it's towable behind our motorhome. Was a little disappointed with the interior of the Saturn Vue especially the shortness of the seat bottoms. Didn't seem to give as much support as I would've liked. But I did like the roomy feel of the Saturn Vue and the peppiness of the V6 engine. Didn't appreciate the salesman saying they had a couple of similar models with the features I wanted at other Saturn dealerships in the area, but then neglecting to call us when he received the invoices for those vehicles.
    Found out a few days later from the internet manager those had already been sold! A courtesy call would've been nice, but maybe they're selling so fast they don't have time for future prospective customers. We'll still consider a Saturn Vue, but it's going to have to be a heck of a deal.
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    I am considering a 2007 Vue 4 cylinder. Can anyone give me a supplier price to use as a reference point? Let's say a completely stripped model with just ABS brakes perhaps?? Or any amount of options really, as long as I know what's on it I will get a good ballpark figure. Thanks! Brian
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    Mind telling us how you got the $1,200 in other discounts?? Thanks.
  • It actually ended up being $2350 in discounts. My father is a GM retiree and gets a yearly $1000 rebate (transferable). And then they offered the additional $1000 Summer bonus cash (we just lucked into this one, the Vue came in during the promotion 8/28-9/5). And the other $350 was GM Extended Family Card earnings. Final price was right around $20,500.

    My wife loves her new vehicle, and I liked the price, everyone's happy.
  • Just an FYI to those buying from Saturn of Pleasanton, CA. I think they've been under new management and got folded into a couple of other car dealers. You end up calling their number and they say, "Hello Pleasanton Saturn, Subaru, etc. etc. how may I help you?"

    Anyway, we had our 3rd problem with the Transmission. Yes, I'm now aware that the '03's always had a problem with the transmission. What you didn't know was that there was a couple that forced Saturn to offer...for the '03's, an extended warranty upon initial purchase. That couple was us and our griping to Saturn Corp back in '02 when we bought the '03. It turns out, when we bought the car, that the first transmission was bad at 8,000 miles ( they replaced it...under warranty). Turns out the second transmission was also bad after another 8,000 miles (turns out it was from the same batch...hello!...statistical batch sampling). So we ended up cordially voicing our discontent to Saturn Corp aka GM and they flat out treated us lower than crap at the bottom of a pig pond.

    3rd transmission and 69,000 miles later and a hose on the tranmission corrodes and my driveway and garage are pools of transmission fluid. I have the thing towed to the tune of 125 smacks and Saturn of Pleasanton has the audacity to tell me that it's 650 to get the thing fixed and they can't assure me that the transmission is busted or not.

    So I tell them that I want to trade it in or just one-way trade in. The guy that I've been conversing with tells me 7,000 for my trade in. I say deal. I ask repeatedly, "is this firm, is this firm." Turns out when we come in to trade it, the person I've been talking to has never spoken to anybody. So...let me get this straight...there's a salesman I'm talking with ad nausea about the car and what to do about it. He talks to the mechanic, he talks to me, he talks to his boss, and then the next day, when we come in to collect the 7000 with a snowballs chance on the edge (not in) but on the edge of hell of buying another Saturn...everyone that works there hasn't heard about the 7000 "promise" that was bandied about for at least a good conversational hour on the phone.

    The rest is history....a tirade of bad he said she said stuff and arguing over the true value of the thing (they lowballed me 2500...which is salvage value) and complained that I wasn't a loyal customer. Excuse me!!! I brought my car in for all major services to that oil changes. Furthermore, I bore the brunt of all the risk with buying my first Saturn...they had their shot. Buyer beware? I am now.

    At the end of it all, I ended up paying a reduced 500 to get the hose fixed. They assessed the tranny and blessed it good. I ended up trading it in for 6000 and getting a 2007 CRV EX. I've had 4-5 Hondas in my lifetime and all have run 100+ miles before I traded them or sold them at ridiculous resale. That CRV car will run 200,000+ and I'll still have a resale value on it. Saturn, you had high hopes and I was rooting for you as an American car company. But you can't succeed when you make chincy cars and reneg on your no hassle policy by letting dealerships like Saturn of Pleasanton be out there as your face to the public. I'm going to give that experience a 3/10.

    My wife bore the brunt of it as she was the one actually at the dealership. She'll give it a 1/10. Bless you other Saturn dealers who believe/practice the original Saturn philosophy. It's a really good business model and once it's's not really Saturn's just another car company that's haggling.
  • If you are looking to purchase a Saturn in Tampa, FL., I recommend Saturn of Tampa. I just purchased a 2007 VUE and the sales person and finance manager were absolutley easy to do business with!
  • wadelwadel Posts: 5
    My wife just purchased a 2007 Vue from Worcester Ma. Just the standards Saturn incentives. The 0% was a big one for us. No buying pressure. We went back twice. I'm a little disappointed though, we found a checklist that the salesperson is supposed to go over with you. My wife picked the vehicle up and basically was handed the keys. I still have the checklist. When I bought a Toyota last year, they spent 20 minutes showing me the place and going thru the car with me. Hmmmmmm..... I have to go back because of a flaw in the side plastic trim. I'm gonna ask about the checklist...
  • I bought a V6 AWD Vue this past week at Saturn of Monroeville in Pittsburgh. The 0 percent financing for 60 months was what made me decide to get one (the Vue was probably my third choice of cars). And on top of that, I got $1500 total off because of a President's Day sale discount, an auto show discount, and a non-GM discount (I did not own a GM). I think if you don't like to haggle, then Saturn is the way to go to avoid that. But I cannot imagine paying MSRP for a car if you are not getting the 0 percent and some incentives. You would probably be better off going elsewhere. Since the car had more features than I wanted, I let the salesperson know. I would think with another company, you might get something knocked off in $(since you would probably not be paying MSRP). My actual buying experience was fair; because the place was crowded, I ended up being there for five hours (about 3 hours from the time I said yes)! I think someone (manager or salesperson) should have offered me a drink, snack from the vending machine, or something. Don't make me spend $1.50 for a pop when I just spent a lot of money.
  • I purchased my Vue in March of '04 (2004 model of course)
    I have to say tht we are a Saturn Family! My Vue makes the fifth one we have had and the second brand new one. When I purchased it they gave me a great trade in deal on the saturn '99 SW2 and a great deal on the Vue itself ($17,000 all together) Unfortunately with saturn it is the dealerships responsibility to carry on the Saturn concepts and I have to say that most don't. I refuse to take mine in and have anything done to it except the suspension recall. I change my own oil and rotate my own tires. The "loyal customers" they are looking for are the ones who never put them at fault. To be an American made product speaks volumes to me, but over the years I too have noticed that the quality of the interiors, carpet, and paint are on a decline. Still not bad for the average joes SUV though. Still gets great gas mileage and has required only the routine maintenance of oil changes, plugs, and tires so far.
    If you have a dealership that ticks you off, please try another one. The VUE I have has been worth it! :D :shades:
    I had
  • Tried for a VUE last night - got below average trade-in offer for my two year old car. They didnt even try to go higher. We were all ready to go if they had given us better on the trade-in but that was a deal killer for us. Everywhere I have been showed that Saturn offered above average trade-in value to offset lack of haggling. And we have been taking our 96 Saturn there for years. Shame but thats just the way it is I guess.
  • j_ingj_ing Posts: 10
    I am coming out of a Smartbuy 5 months early with 2 months paid by lease pull ahead. I owe 3 months less the interest, $933. I had a huge residual from my previous Smartbuy or a Buick Rainier so I would only have to pay 8% taxes on $3376.73 (the dealer keeps pushing this). For a 2008 Saturn Vue XR AWD I am getting supplier price on the vehicle which is $27,601.73. My first question is, should I Smartbuy or Lease through GMAC? Does anyone know GMAC's money factor and residual for a 36/15K Smartbuy or Lease? Should I pay off my $933 owed on previous vehicle and not roll it in? I have been reading a lot of these forums lately and they keep saying to put nothing down on a lease. Should I pay all of those registration, inspection, etc fees upfront on a smartbuy or a lease? Also I read on the GM lease loyalty website about $1000 down payment bonus only good on a lease, not smartbuy. Would it be better to lease then and is that offer good on a 2008 Saturn Vue? Sorry about all of the questions I just want the best deal. Thanks.
  • jojomajojoma Posts: 2

    I'm just curious how you came up with these lease figures for a 24K car. Are you saying the residual is only 45% of the car price?

  • Hi jojoma. You are referring to a post that I made several years ago. I would be happy to discuss this truck's current lease program with you. Vehicles' residual values are based upon a percentage of their full MSRPs plus the MSRPs of any options that can be residualized. Residuals vary by trim level, term, and mileage allowance. GMAC's current residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 Saturn VUE 4-cylinder with 15,000 miles per year is 50%.

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  • gowickgowick Posts: 3
    Hey all....

    Can you help me with lease rates and residuals, and perhaps leasing cash, on 2008 Vue.

    Looking at 36-39 months I would guess and 12,000 per year.
  • Hey Car_Man,

    Do you have any lease info on the '08 Vue XR V6 FWD, such as residual and money factor? I would be interested in 15K miles per year, 36 months.

  • Hey ChiGirl. Here's the information that you're looking for. GMAC's current base lease rate and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2008 Saturn VUE XR V6 FWD with 15,000 miles per year are 2.25% and 51%, respectively. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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  • Car_man,

    Do you the money factor and residual on a 48 month lease? And is it a horribly bad idea to let them roll in neg equity in the 2-3 range.

  • Greetings,
    I am in the process of obtaining an 08 XR with leather and nav. I was lowballed on my trade, but they came up with some sort of vouchers they threw into the pot to keep me from bolting. Basically, there was 2k for the red tag deal and another 2k for some sort of corporate voucher that this dealership tossed in. I am getting 6K total off the deal because I am lucky enough to get a suppliers discount also.

    I was told that certain dealerships get these 1K vouchers to use at will. The dealership is in a questionable part of town with limited traffic. Supposedly those in nicer areas did get as many if at all.

    If you are in the market or shopping, it might be worth raising the question if they do not mention it. It helped me get past the low trade.
    Good luck.
  • I bought the 07 Vue in August 2007. Sticker was $23,651. V-6, Onstar, 6 disc CD changer, cloth seats. No roof rails. Had dealer added pinstripe and mudflaps which I talked them into giving me at 1/2 what they were asking for it. I got the employee price (9%off) and $3000 in rebates. I did not trade anything. Also got 2 years of scheduled maintenance included. I live in Orlando but since they were out of cars, I went about 100 miles to Lakeland FL. The dealership was very courteous. I was out the door at $19600 including taxes, title etc. Had my own financing already arranged through my credit union.

    It now has 4000 miles on it and no problems.
  • I am very frustrated with my parent's 2005 Saturn Vue. My parents are seniors and make frequent trips out of state. The Vue's gas mileage was attractive and perfect for their lifestyle. Everything was fine for the first couple of months with the new vue.
    Besides the many technical problems they have had with this vehicle, the most frustrating thing is the paint defects on the driver's side door.
    Their Vue is bright yellow. (my parents are pretty hip) A black bubble appeared on the driver's side door and by the time my dad took it to the dealership the next week, a half-dollar sized peel had started, showing the blackness of the door beneath.
    The dealership said that the paint wasn't covered under their warranty and that they would have to pay to have it fixed. :mad: Everytime the dealership has his vue, something else happens, so he has chosen not to take the vue back to the dealership. The peeling paint is now out of control and it looks like a yellow vue with a black drivers side door. The ironic part of the story is that my father is a GM retiree from the Columbus Ohio plant. He is very disappointed in the overall quality of this vehicle, especially the paint.
    Does anyone here have any history with this problem? Any suggestions on how to get this fixed?
  • I have been investigating a paint problem on my 2006 Saturn Vue. It has paint bubbles on the back door where the silver ornament (w/Saturn logo) is. It's bubbled on both sides of this as well as directly above this. Someone I know that painted cars for 30+ years at a dealership said it is cause by the ornament vibrating and it needs to be supported better. Go to this website....very interesting stuff.
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