Repair or abandon?

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We have a 2006 Outback Ltd 2.5 that we are fond of. It has 135,00 miles.The defroster stopped working and the car started overheating. The Subaru mechanic told us it has a leaking head gasket, the radiator is leaking from the seams, the radiator hoses are brittle, one of the radiator fans is not working, and the oil pan is rotted. In addition, the checkup found the following:
• Front and rear brakes are at 2mm, recommend new pads and rotors
• Both rear wheel bearings are very noisy/ worn
• Tail gate harness has many broken wires recommend new harness
• Donut gasket for exhaust very rotted recommend new flange kit
• Front and rear struts and mounts very rusted
• Front sway bar links and bushings worn
• Rear sway bar links and bushings worn
• Rear trailing arm bushings worn
• Due for major “ Level D “ service- ( all fluid changes, spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, pcv valve, battery service, fuel additive, e-brake adjustment, lubricate suspension locks and hinges )
• Cabin air filter is dirty
• All wiper blades worn
• Heat shields rattling due to rusted heat shield clamps, recommend new clamps
• Recommend fuel injection service to remove carbon build up from intake valves and throttle body ( helps with gas mileage and engine performance.)
These repairs would come to around $9500, nearly the book value. Our question is, is it worth it to restore this car? We'd like to keep it going and would spend the money but don't want to face another huge repair in a few years. What else can go wrong down the line? The interior and body are all good. Thanks.


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    Hard to say without examining it, but if this is a "rust belt" car I wouldn't put any more money into it. Once you open up an old car like this, you have no idea what you'll find. The 2.5 engine is notorious for head gasket failure, and who knows what damage might have already been done internally. And if the catalytic converter is rusted out, which seems likely, that's a big $$$ item. In fact, everything for a Subaru is expensive.

    I'd say this one is too risky. If it were a clean, west coast car with no rust and not so many other issues, then head gaskets and brakes would be worth doing. But all this....? I'm gonna vote thumbs down, at least from this distance.

    In California you can buy nice clean 2006s for under $10K, and some as low as $6500 for decent cars. Of course, I'm not sure that any high mileage 2.5 engine is a good idea.
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