Honda Civic Hybrid Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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    1002 of 1007 What is a good price for a 5-speed Civic Hybrid? by midnightcowboy Apr 28, 2004 (2:57 pm)
    Is this a good price?

    The msrp sticker on the 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid v4 sedan with 5 speed manual transmission is $20,140.00.
    The factory invoice cost on that model no.(ES956) is $18,444.73..
    The special end of the month purchase price will be - - - - - - - - - - - -
    $18,239.00 sales price
       $1139.94 sales tax .0625
         $181.05 lic, title
             $45.23 inventory tax
    $19,605.22 complete purchase price
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    Well, I’ve been reading this board, researching every site from Edmunds to Motor Trend to Consumer reports. Don’t know what sales are like elsewhere in the country for Hybrids, but a buddy was shopping for a Prius and was told he’d be on a waiting list for 9+ months and they would set the price the day they called him. Instead he decided to go for the Honda Civic Hybrid. According to Motor Trend the two get similar gas mileage in the real world. I don’t own a Prius so I really can’t say.

    It was funny because I had spent the week shopping around for a HCH and when I came into work there is was in our parking lot – right down to the color I wanted. I didn’t find out until today that it was his. I’ve spent a week going back and forth with several dealers. I thought I had the deal I wanted, but they couldn’t get the color right so I sent out a pile of emails asking for the lowest price I thought I could get.

    I gave my local dealer the first shot at my business. Unfortunately they would not deal on price. I finally found out why today. They’d sold the car I had driven earlier this week and were having no luck trying to swap a regular Civic to get one. Thing is, the HCH’s are flying off the car lots like hotcakes around here. Dealers that have them will dig in their heels and try to get at least full MSRP. Moreover I’d spent a couple of days waiting for the local guy to find the color I wanted in the 5sp and was led to believe that he could swap etc. When I told him the price I’d found he told me it was unlikely I had the price right and that no one could sell it for that etc etc and to give him a call if it didn’t pan out. Riiiiiight. You waste my time and BS me so I’m going to give you more than the view of my butt walking away.

    Next guy did a GREAT sales job. He just didn’t have the Mag. Metallic I wanted. He had a white auto and a white 5sp. I had him down to a price I was pretty happy with. Using the white car (second pick color) as a backup I shopped the local dealers via internet. To make it interesting I dropped a couple of hundred off my offer…then I went to lunch. One guy left a message saying he doubted I understood that that price was NOT the out the door price and to give him a call if that was the case. If on the other hand it WAS the case I’d better buy it because it wouldn’t get any sweeter.

    A couple of “that price can’t be right” emails later a HUGE local dealer said “Yep”. He had that exact color in stock and could do the price. I called him up. Reviewed that he was talking outthedoorthattswhatIwritethecheckfor price. “Yep” he said. I went by after work and bought the car on the spot – without even seeing it. Honda has quality control knocked and every car I’d driven so far could have been interchanged.

    I got it for $19111.65.
    That’s taxes, DMV, “Doc Fee” yadda yadda yadda – and what I wrote the check for. Calculating in the Dealers Delivery fee, less the Holdback, add taxes and the rest and the dealer comes up with $700 on a car that they are having problems keeping on the lot. I’m sure someone somewhere did better, but – from what I’ve seen happening on the lots this week - it was the best deal going in this neck of the woods. My target is usually $500 over true dealer cost and I’ve never failed to hit it until now.

    Keeping in mind I have relatives and friends that are in the business of selling new cars (not a Honda dealer in the bunch) I'm here to tell you that with gas at $2.00+ a gallon anything lower than MSRP is a pretty good deal. Maybe that'll change if the prices go down. Maybe not.

    I'd like to thank the folks at Edmunds for all their great information. Could not have done as well without it. And now I pass the official buying baton on to the next HCH shopper. Good luck.
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    I decided last month to trade in my truck, after sending a bucket load of e-mails, asking for prices, I got a reply quoting me 17,650, "GOOD FOR THREE DAYS" We have come to a new price of 18,094 plus ttl, fees, ext. but I seem to have gotten good on it, I should pick it up today! I had to compromise on the color but with gas at 2.16/gal, it's not that big. Dealership has told me they are selling them for MSRP now and it's at least a month till delivery.
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    Congrats on your new ride. Fically, I don't think it is wise to trade in only to save on gas. Whatever you lose on trade and paying premium for the hybrid will most likely not be recovered from gas savings, unless you keep the car for 10 years, and gas prices go up to $3-4/gallon.
    The main reason to buy a hybrid is to save the environment. I wonder what effect "day after tomorrow" had on SUV and Hybrid sales?
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    Just got a sweet magnesium 2004 automatic HCH for $19,300. Wondering if I got it low enough, given the end of the season. It was the last 2004 hybrid of any color on the local lots.

    Also-- I was told there is no difference between 2004s and 2005s. Do you think that's true?
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    I live in Pasadena/Los Angeles, CA area. I do need a new car and looking into Honday Hybrid because Prius is way too expensive quoted for 28K w/o tax license and such...For people who bought the Hybrid with the price range within my area of 19.8K out the door...anyone who lives in my area can recommend me to a dealer that would sell it for around that price? Thanks....
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    Just bought one for 18950 + TTL
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    I live in Pasadena/Los Angeles, CA area. I do need a new car and looking into Honday Hybrid because Prius is way too expensive quoted for 28K w/o tax license and such...For people who bought the Hybrid with the price range within my area of 19.8K out the door...anyone who lives in my area can recommend me to a dealer that would sell it for around that price? Thanks....


    I don't know if it were a freudian slip, Honday Hybrid , lol. If you are looking for a hybrid, and from your post it seemed like you just want A hybrid, on a budget. Check out the Insight. Cheaper alternative to the Civic Hybrid.
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    Nimbus -- what was the price not including TTL? And this was a 2004 or 2005 5-spd? Thanks!
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    Omaha, NE:



    $925 (extended warranty...7yr 100k mi $0 deductable)

    Out The door for $20,365+tax.


    This was my first color choice and the best deal that I could possibly finagle...Great dealer, O'daniel Honda in Omaha.
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    It had 20K on it and I got it for $14,500. With TTL it came to $15,700. Good deal?
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    I just recently bought my 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid CVT in February 2005 for exactly $20,814.39 OTD and I am 100% satisfied with that price and had no problem finding it in the new Eternal Blue Pearl color. HOTT! I live in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, IL and bought it from the nicest salesperson in Community Honda in Orland Park, IL. I could not find the PZEV version of the car in Illinois, which sucked because that's what really lowered emissions on the Hybrid, but I rationalized the the lack of greenhouse emission being perfect that I would just go ahead and buy it. Hope I helped.
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    I'm excited! First new car ever, first two were used (4 year olds), from GM, and expensive to maintain.

    I dreaded doing the car buying thing, so much so, that I put off buying a new one for over two years. Tired of throwing good money after bad, so I traded in my tired and busted Saturn for a shiny 2005 Civic Hybrid.

    After researching Prius vs Civic Hybrid, options, prices, etc, I bought it from a dealership here on the peninsula with 14 miles on it, and at 19050$, pre-TTL and trade-in. I got quotes via email, called around some more, asked dealers if they could beat the previous lowest quote.

    All in all, not such a bad experience after all; I think I even enjoyed it.

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    good experience driving it. The buying experience was not so good. The car was bought at list, but when I asked the dealer to try and finance it through my credit union he set it up through an inhouse "friend" of the dealership. Maybe I should have complained but I was caught up in the buying experience and it was close to closing time, and my wife wanted to go home, ... Anyway I own the car and am happy with it.
    However, I just received a letter from Honda to bring it in for a reprograming on the ECM and after that the car now gets better milage and the battery seems to charge better. :surprise:
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    Thanks to Edmunds I have done a lot of research over the past month and have gone from wanting to buy a used luxury to now wanting a HCH. I also live in the Bay area and have been quoted $21,660 OTD, no trade-in, cash down. The dealerships telling me these are flying out the door. Also, when I am telling them Edmunds Invoice, they are telling me they go off of Kelley's Blue Book. Any ideas on how to counter this? I want to buy this weekend.
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    Any ideas on how to counter this? I want to buy this weekend.

    Take the lowest quote you've received, and e-mail it to all the dealerships within 100 miles (it may take quite a bit of time). Ask them to beat that quote if they want your business. Good luck!
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    Your advice has been invaluable. I am in the midst of negotiating with three dealers all fighting to give me the lowest price! One dealer is now committing in writing to beat any price I am quoted by at least by $100.00! Thank you!
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    Today I purchased a 2005 HCH for $19,400 (includes destination). On top of that I paid fees (taxes and license) and also opted for the extended warranty (5 years, 100K - because I drive a lot). OTD was $22, 189. I was very pleased with the dealership and would recommend them to anyone, Manly Honda in Santa Rosa, CA. They bent over backwards for me and were very flexible, not pushy. I understand that with the extended warranty, if it is not used, (including the Roadside Assistance), you get your money back at the end of 5 years. Sounded good to me. Thanks civicex05! This was fun!
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    Today, I overpaid for a 2005 HCH CVT. It would have been $22,169 out the door but they convinced me to get a 6 yr, 75K warrantee and the alarm for $24K out the door. Sunnyvale Honda, Sunnyvale, CA. Sigh.
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    The alarm was probably unnecessary, but I bought a 5-year warranty on '02, figuring that the tech was so new I wanted to be covered. It came in handy earlier this summer when the EGR valve had to be replaced, and I wasn't charged a penny.
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    I bought a used 2004 HCH, 16K miles, for $17,000, plus tax, title, $295 dealer fee. It seems like an good price to me, it was at Mitsubishi dealership and they were having a hard time moving it, very odd. There were very few used HCHs around here to choose from, all of the others available in this area had 30K+ miles and higher priced. But now reading this, it's not that much less than what some people are getting the new ones for--- I still really couldn't afford a penny more than $17K, so I guess I had no choice. My payment did not go up (from a 99 Toy. 4Runner), so I can't complain. I didn't think I could get into a Hybrid, I had practically given up.
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    Proud owner of 2005 Eternal Blue Pearl HCH cvt. Submitted a price quote from local dealers. Picked the lowest quote, walked in and out in less than 3 hours.
    $19757 out the door price
    $17995 + $515 (destination fee) + $250 (Appearance Pkg) + 997 (TTL)

    Appearance Pkg includes (Wheel locks + Pin Stripes +color door edge guard + front and rear mud guards)
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    Thought I would post my buying price on Edmunds since it helped me out so much! I paid invoice plus dest fee for my '05 manual light blue HCH a few weeks ago up in Beaverton Oregon. The price was 18695 (invoice plus dest). Plus I got the extended warranty....just cause it's a hybrid and has so many electrical parts, although I'm not sure if I would do that again) so that added some $$ but the price for the car was 18695.
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    Just put a deposit down on a new 2006 civic hybrid for late October delivery. Bought it for 3% over invoice - roughly $650-700 over invoice or about $1100-1300 under sticker. Deposit was a refundable $200.

    FYI. I spoke with the 'internet sales manager' at Baeirl Honda in Wexford. They are not buyer friendly! They wanted a non-refundable $1,000 deposit on an 06 at sticker. I can almost understand the msrp part, but a non-refundable depost. Can you say GOUGE? Call around and you will find a much better deal. I found numerous dealers willing to offer $800 off of sticker. Do a little more work & you'll get the addl. $300-500 on top of that. As for Baierl I won't even take my car there for servicing now even though they are closest. By the way Baierl - the irony is my father is now buying a civic LX sedan. Given your dealings with me he will not be buying from you either. Continue likewise and you will not have much of a reputation.
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    So where did you put down you deposit and order, obviously not Baier ?
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    Perhaps I did not make such a good move. About a month ago I agreed to pay MSRP, and put $500, refundable down on the new 06 HCH w/NAVI. How should I wiggle my way out of this one when they come out in mid-late October? Anyone? My dilemma is I need to buy soon, so waiting 6 months is out.

    I was thinking of putting out price quote requests online as soon as I know they're on the lots anywhere, then see if I can get better? I'm surprised in the current marketplace, with this new model, that they'll let this new re-design go for less than MSRP for a while. People are even having difficulty getting the non-hybrids for less than sticker at this point in time. From just about any perspective, it is much better than the 05 HCH, and is now a reasonable cross-shop competitor w/the Prius, which is selling for better than sticker.
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    Well, if you aren't serious, at least do the right thing and ask for your deposit back now so they can reserve that car for someone else.

    I've had people do this to me and it's unethical. Put a deposit on a car to insure it's tied up and then go shopping for a better deal?

    Think about it.
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    How did you get a price for the 06? :confuse: I have put down a 100 bucks for the 06 ,but dealers don't have the msrp for the 06 hybrid or even the SI. I was given a quote on the 05 with the understanding that I would agree to pay for the increase on the 06 model, with no obligation on my part. I could back out if I wanted to and get my $100 back. My guess and it's a guess only, the increase will be around $300 to $350. Anyway I was lucky enough to get first on the list for the november delivery. All five HCH of their october and november quotas are already spoken for.
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    According to, the MSRP on a manual tranny 2006 HCH is $19,900 and for an automatic it's $20,900. Try and just follow the links.
  • pojamanpojaman Member Posts: 25
    That's for the 05 models.The 2006 models don't have manual tranny. Auto only, the only mention of 2006 models are in the "News link". And still no prices. Thanks anyway.Just have to be patient :)
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    I agree that the buyer has some responsibility in terms of business ethics, as well as the dealer (my biggest fear is that I get there and they try to jam me for more than sticker, at which point I certainly have the right to walk). So, I am going to wait for it to come in, and if I like it, ask them to give me a (better) price, citing that other dealers are selling, for example, $500 to $1000 off MSRP. We have not signed a contract yet, but have a verbal agreement. If they will not compromise, I will still consider purchasing at MSRP given what's going on in the market at that time (e.g., estimations that damage from Rita may elevate gas prices to $5/gallon, what I read here, etc.). Am I still in line, ethically speaking, with that way of approaching it?
    To clarify, I never put the deposit on with the intention of going elsewhere. I certainly believe in supporting the person/dealership that's put time in to your deal - I think it's silly and angering when people write in about how they played a dealer along, taking many hours of their time, only to switch at the last moment to save $50! But, given what I've read here, it seems that I may have held the false assumption that all the Hybrids would be going out for sticker price only, for quite some time, i.e., like the Prius's. I think that the dealerships currently contracting for much less than sticker, or % above invoice, may be letting them go a bit too easily, given expected demand, but if they're out there, I feel compelled to investigate. What's your dealership doing?

    Go Canada! Love your country, may move there someday.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonMember Posts: 20,338
    I'm in the Seattle area.

    Well, good luck with buying your Hybrid. The market will determine pricing. Hopefully the 5.00 gas prices won't happen.
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    The 06 are about to come out, I'm in line for an november model, if I buy then I miss out on the big tax break signed by G w in August giving a bigger tax break on the purchase of a hybrid starting 1/1/06.Buy now save around $300 or wait til january and save $2100. It should be an easy choice. Like I said earlier I'm not bound by any contract with the dealer, I ,just want them to delay the purchase for me, I wonder if they'll take part of the money to keep the car on the lot til january.2100 bucks are a lot of money. Anybody out there in the same predicament? :confuse:
  • robrwa123robrwa123 Member Posts: 46
    I was in the same predicament, but since I'm leasing (maybe you should consider?) it won't affect me - the current tax break doesn't apply to leasing, and the new tax credit does, but an article I read said you'd need to lease a car for 5 years to get the credit.

    Otherwise, with current laws the way they are and no attempts to fix this snafu, you are, I believe, genuinely stuck with that decision. I don't think a dealership would make you pay extra for waiting. Beware, they will know of the credit in January, and may price accordingly anyway! For now, if you want to buy, try to get them to lower the price more, which will give them incentive to sell now rather than wait for later ("one in the hand is worth 2 in the bush!").

    Good Luck!
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    I've spent the past couple of weeks looking for either a new HCH '05, or a used HCH of any vintage. Used Hybrids of any vintage are going for very close to the cost of the new '05, and new '05s are simply not available (except for two at Honda Berkeley: they have leather seats and the dealer wants over $25k each). My credit union is in cahoots with an auto broker, and he can't find anything either. I do have a dealer list for CA listing available Hybrids, but when I call, it is to discover that they are all gone.

    The '06 should be out very soon, is far more expensive than the '05, and looks funny -- Honda says that they redesign the Civic every five years or so and this is the result. Like everything else, I suppose we'll get used to it -- but the jump in price is discouraging.

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    Honda has not released the price of the 06 Civic hybrid. Everything you hear is just guesses or speculations. I'm waiting for the price to come out of the dealerships.The car will be coming out on the 5th of october then we will know the cost,expect a small increase.
    the cost should be around $21600.00 to 21900.00 before taxes etc(just a guess remember).
    Remember if you buy in january 2006 you will be able to knock off $2100 in real dollars off your fed taxes,not before. Bush signed the bill in august regarding hybrid cars tax exemptions. The price of the 06 should be close to a 05 with auto trans . Shop around
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    Last Monday, Honda Oakland quoted me close to $26,000 for an '06. I suspect that in the San Francisco Bay Area, dealerships can pretty much charge whatever the want -- the Hybrids fly off the lots anyway.
  • pojamanpojaman Member Posts: 25
    That's pretty stiff.Shop around .Get quotes online for the model
    I'll let you know what I pay in a few days. I'm from Connecticut
    .Good luck. ;)
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    I am interested in a manual transmission 2004 HCH with 42,318 miles at my local honda dealership -- but they are asking $18,942 !?!? Doesn't this seem out of line? Or are they that HOT?

    KBB says the suggested retail is $16,465 in my 54601 ZIP code.

    Any advice from those out there in the know? I have to make the decision tomorrow!! =(

    Thanks in advance!

    The dealer lists the vehicle as:
    2004 Honda Civic Hybrid, $18942, 42318 mi., manual, 1.3L-I4, AC, PS, PB, PW, tilt, FWD, air bags, CD, 4-dr. Dksilver, sedan, Stk.#505178.
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    End of the month - they WILL PROBABLY accept your offer to get the car into the Sept sales figures !!
  • robrwa123robrwa123 Member Posts: 46
    Found listed at - w/a lot of other useful information.

    There are only 2 options: $21,850 1.3L AT, or $23,350 1.3L AT w/NAV

    About what we expected, I guess. Not much more than the EX, but you can get an EX AT w/NAV for less than a HCH without. Hmmmmmm....
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    I just talked to my dealer. The invoice on a Civic Hybrid 2006 is: $20,516 and some change. The DVD model is $2400 more. I Have been told I can buy at $900 over invoice, what is your experence? Thanks!
  • sr45sr45 Member Posts: 144
    just talked to my dealer. The invoice on a Civic Hybrid 2006 is: $20,516 and some change. The DVD model is $2400 more. I Have been told I can buy at $900 over invoice, what is your experience? Thanks!

    Ya, right....Good luck to that one...Was told almost the same with the EX Coupe with NAV on the internet, and when I arrived at the dealership, they wanted over MSRP, not a little over Invoice....Wait until you get it in writing
  • blaneblane Member Posts: 2,017

    I'm on the East coast, but I'm wondering what "+ Fees" actually means. Can you be more specific, dollarwise?
  • sandibeachsandibeach Member Posts: 5
  • clark4clark4 Member Posts: 9
    I spoke w/ my dealer and they have their allotment sold out until Feb. I tried to reserve mine now for Jan delivery with no luck. They are charging MSRP.
  • coffmlucoffmlu Member Posts: 20
    Anderson Honda in Baltimore gave me a quote of MSRP - $700.
  • jep1988jep1988 Member Posts: 1
    I am in search of pricing information for the 2006 honda civic w/nav. I am unclear of the true invoice price and how about to get the best deal for my buck. I am a college student in need to direction.
  • motherwearymotherweary Member Posts: 38
    I know what the MSRP is for the '06 HCH -- can somebody tell me what the invoice price is or where I can look it up myself? Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 207,739
    All of that info is here on

    2006 Honda Civic Hybrid

    Be sure to click on the TMV button to get the price including destination.

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    Edmunds Price Checker
    Edmunds Lease Calculator
    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

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