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2013 and earlier Nissan Pathfinder Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 10 Local dealers, that a lot for the local area, I only have 2 owned by the same person (Colorado Springs).

    One question, did you just ask for their best offers or did you suggest what you wanted to pay?

    I've heard dealers get so many of these "quote" requests that they ignore a lot of them, but maybe that's not true.

    $35, 000 is a great deal, I guess it depends on the competition that exists in the area.
  • damavrdamavr Posts: 15
    This is a follow up from my earlier message. It appears that the dealers are willing to deal in selling some of the new 05 Pathfinders. In the St. Louis area where I live there are literally 10 dealers within 75 miles so I am not sure if this is why but I have 2 firm offers for an LE 4x4 with navigation and dvd (which is the top of the line - fully loaded with all the extras) at $35,728 plus TT&L. This is about $500 below dealers invoice. I do have a trade in which may spoil the deal but I have asked the dealers what if I don't trade in and sales the trade on my own and they both stated that they will owner the price. On one of the dealers he has the car in stock so he may want to get rid if it and roll the money into something more profitable but the other dealer is willing to order so I am a bit skeptical. We will buying by the end of this week so I will give you an update when the deal goes through.
  • I just purchased a granite SE with comfort package as well. I got the cloth interior. Where are the seating controls located on your drivers seat? Do you find they get in the way when getting in and out of the vehicle? I am tall and my legs always hit the controls on driver side of the seat and I have to continue to adjust the seat when I get in and out. Also, in the comfort package description it read 'Dual illuminated visor vanity mirrors'. Are your mirrors illuminated and if so could you describe? I love the vehicle, I am a previous PF owner, but it seems the older models had a little more thought to them. Does the front passenger seat have a storage pocket on the back? The driver side does, but not the passenger? Why? The back window doesn't release from the inside anymore, and the lift gate doesn't release automatically from the outside. Also, did you get the dvd package? The dvd is in an awkward spot, it's between the driver and passenger. Those in the back can't load a dvd they can only control the player with the remote. I can't tell you about the quality of the picture because mine has not worked from the time I picked it up, and I've had the car for a month. I think Nissan should have given more thought to the little things.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • jager32 - I live in RI and we have 4 dealerships, then I included part of CT and SE MA, all within 75 miles. Good Luck with your purchase.

    Here's an insert of my fax:

    Nissan Dealers

    RE: Purchase of 2005 Nissan Pathfinder

    Attention Nissan Sales Managers:

    My wife and I currently own a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder and plan to purchase a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder this month. Like all perspective buyers, we are looking to obtain the best deal, as well as develop a dealer/client relationship for years to come.
    I have indicated what I am looking for below:

    · 2005 Nissan Pathfinder LE
    · Super Black, Granite, Storm Gray or Silver Lightning Exterior
    · Graphite Interior
    · Navigation Package
  • damavrdamavr Posts: 15
    We just bought a silver 2005 Pathfinder LE 4x4 with navigation. Great looking SUV, did a lot of research between the Pathfinder and the Pilot. Also looked at the Minivans (Odyssey versus Sienna) and finally decided minivan was not for us even thought they have a lot more room.

    The silver pathfinder looks great and the Navigation system is great. We debated in paying the extra $1,300 (invoice price) for the 7 inch dvd screen but decided it was not worth it. You can get an after market from your local electronics retailer for less than that with bigger screen and more features. Or you can buy 2 portable DVD players for $500 or less.

    Now for the actual transaction:

    The invoice price on the car:

    LE 4x4 $32,138

    Navi $ 1,735

    Floor M $ 168

    Splash G $ 108

    Body M $ 92

    cabin Fi $ 39

    Destin $ 560

    Invoice $34,840

    The dealer showed me his invoices and it matched edmunds at $34,840. I did have a trade in with KBB value at $10,000. I gave them an offer of buying the Pathfinder at invoice $34,840 and give them my 99 CRV at $9,500 giving them a profit of $500 plus what else they could sell the CRV for. After a lot of negotiating and the sale manager coming in and me getting up couple of times to leave they accepted the offer. So realisticly price paid was invoice plus $500 for $35,340. I believe if did not have the trade in I could have even gotten the Pathfinder at invoice plus $300 but I did not want to waste more time to save $200.

    This is the best month to buy if the dealer has it on the lot you ca buy it at least in my area at invoice plus a few hundred bucks which is $2000 less of what edmunds shows as TMV what other are paying.


    Good luck.
  • rgncrgnc Posts: 2
    We started our buying experience last spring. We were originally interested in the Honda Pilot because of the great reviews. My wife insisted on having a moonroof though, so we decided to wait and check out the 05's. While waiting we discovered the 05 Pathfinder and were instantly drawn to it's great looks!

    A couple of weeks ago we began e-mailing dealerships in the region to get quotes on a PF LE w/o Nav and w/o DVD. Here are the quotes we received:

    Ben Mynatt Nissan 34105

    Modern Nissan 34105

    Asheboro Nissan 35350

    High Point Nissan 35573

    Some dealers didn't reply, others wanted to play games. Even if we could have gotten it at invoice we decided we really didn't want to spend that much money. So we looked at the SE model again to see if we could be happy with it and found the SE Off Road. The interior is not leather but it's different than the regular cloth interior of the SE. The next day we called and offered the dealer $31,000 and he countered with $31,500. We explained that we would shop around and he said wait... the manager said you can have it for $31,000. So here's what we got: SE Off Road, SE Premium Pkg, Body Side Molding, In-Cabin Filter, Splash Guards, & Floor Mats.

    I'd like to thank Edmunds and all the people that have submitted e-mails describing their experience. All the information was invaluable in negotiating a satisfactory deal.
  • davmcdavmc Posts: 2
    We just leased an 05 pathfinder SE with premium pkg, comfort pkg, and dvd player. We did the whole deal over the internet and the salesman drove it 4 hours to my house to complete the paper work. The MSRP was 31500 and the purchase price was 29250 or about 500 over invoice. I paid 1999 at lease signing and my total note with all fees is 367 per month. The dealership is Leblanc Nissan in south La. I highley recomend them. I also got 15k miles per year with my lease. This is my 3rd pathfinder lease and nissan has been great. They even waived my last 4 notes on my 02 pathfinder.
  • Got a 05 LE 4x4 w/ Nav for $35052 and then got them to throw in a DVD for $500. Drive off with tax and title was $38600. I feel like I got a decent deal. Let me know what you all think.
  • Looks like I got a nice deal ~= to davmc. Since this website was helpful, I'm just passing along my experience. Like davmc, had a lease due 5/05, got the postcard allowing early trade in, so decided to take a peek. Went xmas eve -- prob a good day to do this as i found out -- got '05 Path SE SuperBlack/Tan interior w/premium & custom packages + DVD (didnt need, but only one on the lot that fit other specs). 39 mos & 15k/yr for $750 down all in ($350 +400 1st payment) + $400/mo at Sloane Nissan in Devon, PA. 2nd Path lease from these guys -- solid shop!
  • Sounds like you got a good deal. I test drove the one and only Pathfinder they have at Mossy in o'side today. I'm trying to find one that best matches the lease program they have on the SE, either 4x2 or 4x4 (the 4x4s are hard to find in SoCal). Looking to get the SE in Canteen w/ Leather (another challenge). Has anyone else had a difficult time locating Pathfinders that fit into the lease offer they have till 1/3/05?

    MSRPs are $29,900 (4x2) and $31,900 (4x4).
  • from the 3 dealers i talked to (following my fax), SE's with Prem & Custom packages & base LE's were in very short supply. One dealer mentioned an alloy wheel shortage (?), but another just said demand for those 2 were high. Also seemed like the deals on the LE's through 1/3/05 werent as compelling due to higher or lower residual values -- i forget -- just remembered that the theoretical thought of getting a base LE at a price similar to a multi-option SE (prem/ CSUT, DVD, Airbags, etc) was out of the question
  • davmcdavmc Posts: 2
    I used nissan's web site (search dealer inventory). This helped me find the dealers that had the model I was looking for. I would then e-mail the dealers through the wed site and paste the lease special to the e-mail and wait for their reply. It took a while but 2 dealers came back with good offers. They even drove it 4 hours to my house and I met them one my lunch hour to complete the paper work on my kitchen table. ps I had to change my search zone several times as the web site only allows you to search 100 miles from a zip code. hope this helps
  • gutsguts Posts: 2
    Does anyone have any actual Canadian purchase prices on any of the 05 Paths? I'm leaning towards the SE + premium package.
  • Well I made the jump and bought a first year production vehicle. After my first week I'm experiencing a rattle noise in the engine upon acceleration around 2000 rpms. It'll be going in the shop this Thursday. I bought an silver SE for $500 over invoice. I really like it but can't believe it's already going in the shop. I'll update later. I've noticed a few very faint noises inside, we'll see how they develop . I just hope Nissan's service dept. treats me right.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    If you could post your problem & the fix in our Nissan Pathfinder Owners: Problems & Solutions discussion, that would help other members who may be experiencing the same rattle.



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  • uafly1uafly1 Posts: 25
    I am now looking a 05 Pathfinder, SE with all options. Right now I have 1 dealer offering $100 under invoice. I am finding when I try to get over the internet pricing many dealers are hesitate to give me a quote. I am in the Chicagoland area. Any one have a good experience with the local dealers?
  • I need to know if this is a deal i should go through with.The dealer wants to sell us an 04 se for $600 below invoice. Then we would also qualify for the cash rebate of $3250 and $500 graduate discount. In addition, they are throwing in a tow hitch as well. Let me know if anyone has gotten anything better. The total sales price would be $21377 without the dealer fee. WE are going to see the vehicle tonight and possibly move on it so I need responses as quick as possible.
  • I am very close to purchasing the new '05 Path LE Rwd with navigation, mats, side molding, and SRoof wind deflector. Edmunds invoice is $32,705 and True Marlet $34,853. Has anyone made a deal recently below TMV and closer to invoice? Thanks.
  • uafly1uafly1 Posts: 25
    I was able to get a deal $100 under invoice. Now they just need to find the car. The other dealer's did not believe the price and were not willing to match. I would suggest contacting all the local dealers and see who comes back with the best price.
  • Thanks uafly1. Sounds like a great deal. Can you tell me which dealership?
  • uafly1uafly1 Posts: 25
    I guess I should have mentioned I am in Chicago. But checking with all the other dealers should be able to tell you if you are getting a good deal.
  • Thanks uafly1. I made my decsion and faxed offers to a few dealers in my area this morning.
  • exoman1exoman1 Posts: 12
    I am shopping for an 05 Pathfinder XE. Most (if not all) of the above posts are re: LE and SE trim levels. Can anyone share their XE pricing?
  • Need help. I dropped my guard and gave my phone number while I visited a used car dealership. I expressed my disinterest and walked away. A day later, the same salesman has been calling me at least 4 times a day. Luckily, I have caller ID and voice mail and so I haven't actually talked to the guy.


    So, what action should I take to have him stop calling me? If I pick up phone, that means he got the right phone number. If I don't, he'll probably keep calling and leave stupid sales messages. Also, isn't this called stalking?


    I need Advice please.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Answer the phone and tell him you aren't interested and to not call again.


    If he doesn't stop calling, call the dealership and speak with the manager. Tell him/her to call off the salesperson ASAP.
  • exoman1exoman1 Posts: 12
    What, nobody is buying the XE? Need feedback on price paid quickly as I'm ready to go..... Thanks....
  • Local ad has a 2004 SE 2WD with Popular Package, molding, mats, microfilter, and cargo tray for $21,999. That comes out to $1261 below invoice plus the $3250 rebate (26,510-1261-3250=$21,999). I saw an early posting on here that had a similar situation but the price was $21,400 + the tow pkg at no add'l cost. In a perfect world I'd pay $21K with no add'l charge for the tow this remotely doable?
  • I just purchased a 05 LE 4x4 with everything(except navigation) at Rosen Nissan in Milwaukee, WI. Got it for $600 under invoice (destination charge included) and no "funny business". I think I got a very good deal.


    I highly recommend going to them - send me a message if you'd like the name of my salesperson.
  • Just bought the '05 Pathfinder tonight. I had done a great deal of research and faxed in offers. Bill Ray Nissan met my offer. They have been great to work with. If anyone wants to the know the name of my salesman, just let me know and I will email you!

    2WD, Navigation, Body Side Molding, Sunroof Wind Deflector, In-Cabin Microfilter, Floor Mats and Carpeted Cargo Mat, Wheel Locks, Bug Deflector, Rubber Cargo Protector and Net = $33,201 plus state/county fee and Tax, Tag and Title.
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