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2013 and earlier Nissan Pathfinder Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • If your still with'in 30days of your Lease when you signed the contract, is there a way to return it if you do not want it?? I mean just pay the miles that you put on it? Anythng???
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,023
    Not really - basically, it's not like a crockpot or a shirt; it's more like a house purchase. You sign a contract for the vehicle rather than just walking to the cash register, and the contract likely has no "grace period," just like a home purchase. For more info, please visit this forum:
    Lease Questions - Ask Here

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  • I am looking to buy a Pathfinder '05 SE 4X4. As extras I like to get the comfert pkg, splash grds, moldings. Will I be able to do for 30K OTD? :confuse: I am sick of bargaining with dealers. :sick:

    Also, can some one recomend a good dealer in the NJ area please.
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    it seems possible enough - what is your tax rate in NJ? i was calculating using 8% and i was around $30,200 using our dealer conveyance fee and $89 for reg.

    -thene :)
  • Thanks Thene,

    The rate in NJ is 6%. During my lunch break I went to a dealer in NY. They said if I buy from them they can do every thing as if the deal was done in NJ and I dont have to pay NY taxes (8.73%) and pay only NJ (6%). Can this be true? What other things do I have to keep in mind if I am buying from NY dealer.

    If you are a dealer and if you think you can do this deal please contact me. I am buying this withing the next couple of days. Thanks again

  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    the salesperson is right - you can buy in new york, and pay nj tax, not ny tax. ct has the same sales tax (where i am) and we work with mass. buyers, who have 5% tax all the time.

    -thene :)
  • Thanks Thene, I appreciate your help
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    send me an email when you get a chance - my email is in my user profile!

    -thene :)
  • Thene, I bought one for the Invoice price. 26,805/- I wanted the comfort pkg but they didnt have the color so this is SE with molding, splash guard, Micro filter, wheel lock and mats. OTD came to 29 and change. Blue n color.

  • I got my Pathfinder some good stuff on this board including info on Darcars Nissan in Rockville, MD. Their internet prices currently show $1300 under invoice - likely includes the $500 rebate. We had a trade and didn't necessarily want to drive up there though we'll be in that area next weekend visiting family. I got the package from that I found on It says to wait until the last week of the month to get the best prices because that's when dealership need to meet their goals for the number of cars sold but we'll be out of town. So I'm sharing my great deal that I got by being an informed consumer and doing my research. I used the fax attack and got numerous quotes ranging from invoice to $500 over invoice. It wasn't easy for dealers to find what I wanted since it's getting close to the new models coming out on top of the Pathfinder lease that many took advantage of. The dealers were basically quoting me what they would give me on the same vehicle that they all located up in Northern Virginia - the lowest was $100 over invoice. I called my local dealer who I test drove with a few months ago and they offered me what I wanted for invoice - which was less than everyone else's invoice. I got the Pathfinder from Victory Nissan of Chesapeake, VA. Here is my breakdown:
    -SE 4x4 Off Road (standard with SE Comfort Package)
    -SE Premium Package
    -Leather Package
    -DVD Entertainment System
    -Sunroof Wind Deflector
    -Splash Guards
    -Floor Mats
    -Body Side Molding
    -In-Cabin Microfilter
    Paid Invoice - $33,196 minus the $500 rebate and used the 4% financing for up to 60 months.
    We also traded in our 2002 Nissan Xterra SE 4x4 Supercharged. I wanted more than what was given on it but it did have 61K miles. We did not disclose a trade until after the price was negotiated and accepted.
    It was a very pleasant buying experience. I faxed 15 dealers and got a response from 8 with quotes. When I finally accepted the best price, it was confirmed via fax of the price including out the door. So all we did is show up, signed the papers and got the keys. I am very pleased and love the new Pathfinder.
  • socachilesocachile Posts: 1
    So, I've done plenty of research, and I'm ready to buy the Path LE 4x4 with Nav and DVD in the Gaithersburg, MD area. I've gotten a couple of quotes from dealers that are approx. 800-1200 below invoice incl. $500 cash back. I also plan on utilizing the $500 recent college grad cash. Is this available only through Nissan financing? How does the SE comfort package compare with the LE, can I get Nav with the SE also?
    Thanks for your input.
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    nav is not available on the SE, and you can only get the college rebate if you finance through nissan.

    the LE has leather standard, and heated seats, and auto mode 4WD versus switching in your own, standard sunroof, the SE comfort package has less, but its still a great value...

    sounds like you are getting great prices btw! good luck!

    -thene :)
  • urodaveurodave Posts: 1
    I am new to this forum and a novice at negotiating a good deal for cars. I read a thread about faxing dealers. What is the best way to do that? Do you fax them the exact SUV you want and what you are willing to pay? What is the best starting price (? under invoice). I am in VA.
  • I've been perusing this board and followed some of the advice from other posters. It's the end of the month and almost the end of the model year. Trying to figure out the best price for the LE w/NAV. So far, the best price I've received for an Oregon purchase is $34,100 (this includes the $500 rebate). Do you think this is a good offer or should I hold out until the end of August. They say there's only one left with this option in the color I want in our region.
  • tony22rtony22r Posts: 45
    We bought our New '05 Pathfinder SE 4x2 about 2 weeks ago. We Love this vehicle!
    Price before tax, license, registration was $26,300. Out-the-door was $28,600.
    Ours came with SE Comfort Pkg, splash guards, floor mats, body side molding, cabin microfilter (um.. i think they ALL come with those last 4 items!)

    This 4.0L V6 seems to really be put together well. First things I noticed at the dealership were the: oil filter right in front (easy to service), the Engine Oil Cooler and Transmission Oil Cooler in front of the radiator, the BIG airbox, standard hitch in the rear, the nice Throaty Exhaust note, and those Big Fat 265/70-16 tires!
    Too many standard features to list, but my favorites are: dual zone AC (should be called tri-zone, it's got rear controls too), low tire pressure warning, full analog gauges,

    My favorite thing.. one word: VQ40DE! This engine flat out Hauls!
    I ran across some performance #s the other day (forgot which automotive website) that quoted... 0-60 mph in 7.38s, 1/4 mile in 15.86s @ 89.2mph. Sounds plausible just from seat-of-the-pants. There's a Ton of Low-end Torque! Throttle response is shear pleasure. When you stand on it, this Smooth-revving V6 Pulls Strong all the way up to 6000rpm!

    I've owned a LOT of cars from just about Every maker.. I'm a bit jaded and not easy to impress, but this '05 Pathfinder was definitely Worth it for the Grins the Engine alone gives! This is a 270hp, 7-passenger Muscle SUV that'll eat some sports cars in the 1/4 mile, while comfortably pulling family-hauling duties on a rugged, yet easy-to-drive, truck frame. We really Dig this vehicle!

    Hey some questions for you other '05 Pathfinder owners...:

    1. What octane gas do you all use? I understand Premium is recommended... My neighbor runs 87 octane in his '05 Honda Odyssey all the time, (iirc) that's 10:1 compression compared to 9.7:1 for our VQ40DE.

    2. What's that little round black dome in middle of the dashboard? I tried lookin in manual but got bored (that's one Thick manual !)

    3. Oh hey.. is it just Me, or are these '05 Pathfinders really Rare?? I usually notice a lot more of a vehicle after buying one, but after Lots of freeway driving in SoCal I haven't seen ONE! I kid you not, in fact I've seen more brand-new Hummers, every new Euro SUV, even a Rolls Royce! ..but I haven't seen a Single '05 Pathfinder! And like I said, I live in SoCal, got 20/20 and can spot trim levels from a mile away.

    Happy pathfinding & ride safe,
  • dmonizdmoniz Posts: 15
    Hello Tony,

    I'm considering an '05 Pathfinder and from what I've read in Consumer Reports, the fuel to use is regular, not premium. With gas prices around $2.50/gallon for regular, that's an important consideration. I was thinking of a Maxima but that engine requires premium and I cannot justify the price each week. It's good to hear the new Pathfinder has great low-end torque. I'm used to that in my front-drive Quest. Also, I live west of Boston and haven't seen any new Pathfinders around here either. Maybe I'll be the first.

    Good luck with yours

  • txburgstxburgs Posts: 1
    I've been searching and negotiating with dealerships for the last two weeks. I wanted a 2005 SE with comfort pkg, leather pkg, airbag pkg, premium package. After much haggling, I found a dealership on the other side of Houston TX that gave me an OTD price of $31,400. Considering this is the end of the year, it this a good price? I our tax rate is 6%. I would think they would give better deals since we are approaching the end of the year.
  • thenebeanthenebean Posts: 1,124
    you are approaching the end of the year, but not there yet...its still the beginning of august, and chances are, the 06 pathy wont be out til your leverage on "end of the year discounts" is pretty weak as of right now. if you arent in a rush, wait, otherwise, sounds like a good price to me!

    -thene :)
  • I just got my Pathfinder LE in the D.C. area with minor extras (sunroof deflector, body side molding, mud flaps, microfilter and floor mats) for $1300 under invoice plus no dealer prep fee ($300) and no dealer add ons for an "appearance package". That's $32.2K (not counting taxes only and trade in) for an LE without the Nav System or Video system. :P
  • I just purchased one of these with:

    comfort package
    premium package
    floor mats
    splash guards
    sunroof wind deflector
    body color side moldings
    in-cabin micro filter

    29,827 pre rebate. MSRP is 32,270

    The dealer was Lou Fusz in St Louis. Got a good price without haggeling. Used the internet to negotiate. They did try to stick me with a higher interest rate but I pulled out my credit report and got the 4%. Overall good experience and I love the vehicle so far.
  • schlickschlick Posts: 2
    I am negotiating a deal on a Pathfinder LE 4x2 in South Carolina

    Dealer offered $31,250 (not incl tax)

    MSRP is $34,040 with mats, mud flaps, side moldings, micro filter, etc.

    Is this a good deal, or can I negotiate lower?
  • flava1flava1 Posts: 4
    Hi may purchase before end of week, but really concerned about all the rattles people been mentioning and the discomfort 2nd row seats...

    In any case... still considering..

    Quoted 4x4 LE w/o NAV & w/o DVD for $33,690 before TTL and $36,075 out the door....

    Another place is trying to get me out the door at $33,000, but I haven't got the final word on it yet. If I did get it at $33k out the door, then that would be good?

    After reading all the messages, also considering going completely loaded w/Nav & DVD...I'm thinkin' that $35k before TTL and out the door $36750 would be a good buy????

    Sorry for the multiple questions... input greatly appreciated!
  • Blue, tan leather, mats,splash guards, side moldings,wind defl, micro filter. Vehicle at Edmunds invoice of $32,369; options invoice of $477; Dest $560; Total $33,406 +TT, junk fees,-$500 rebate, OTD: $34,977. And 3% Nissan financing, 36 mo. All $$$$ agreed via internet sales mgr. 8/13/05. Inspected and signed by 5 pm that day at Gettel Nissan of Sarasota. Other than the 180 mi. round trip, as pleasant auto purchase experience as I've ever had! Edmunds info was the basis for my offer; no dispute-no haggle by dealer. Thanks to contributors and Edmunds :) !
  • BTW, Just what is the no charge Patrol Package option incuded on my vehicle?
  • prayerforprayerfor Posts: 161
    I'd love some feedback on this situation I ran into yesterday.

    I'm sitting in the finance manager's office closing on a new 2005 Pathfinder 4x4.

    Both Edmunds and indicate that on this particular vehicle, the manufacturer-to-buyer incentive in effect right now is $500 cash AND low APR financing (3% up to 36 months).

    Now the folks at the dealership get "program sheets" sent to them by the regional office every month or whatever, detailing the incentive programs available through Nissan. Their sheet indicates it's $500 cash OR low APR financing!!!

    The two websites are clear as day that it's AND -- the two can be combined (in fact *must* be combined, according to Edmunds).

    The dealer program sheet unambiguously states OR.

    The deal hangs in the balance here. We scratched and clawed over the last few hundred already, so I'm not inclined to take it in the shorts for an extra $500 on this one.

    The finance guy said he'd get things sorted out today with the regional and/or NMAC HQ folks, but still no word.

    Advice please!!!
  • Stand fast. It's both for the 4x4. I got it Aug 13.
  • Thanks. I love this thing. Good on the Highway. Good Off Road.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,023
    Are you currently shopping for a vehicle? If so, a reporter would like to talk with you to learn how important fuel efficiency is to you as you make your decision.
    Please respond to no later than Wednesday, September 14, 2005 with a few thoughts on the subject.


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  • Hey prospective2, I'm about to do the same in the DC are, but probably with the Nav system. Any hints on what dealers to visit and which to avoid?
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