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2013 and earlier Nissan Pathfinder Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • brown3brown3 Posts: 26
    "Am struggling a bit trying to decide between mpg for Hybrid vs additional $4000-6000 upfront price. Also am a bit concerned about long term reliability of Hybrid."

    I'm not a real big fan of Consumer Reports (They seem more interested in telling you what you SHOULD like rather than what you WILL like) but they had a recent article on hybrid vs. conventional. Bottom line - if you want a hybrid's better mpg, it's going to cost you more than what you save on gas.
  • I'm looking to buy a
    2006 Pathfinder SE 4X2
    Comfort Pkg
    Premium Pkg
    Splash Guards
    Color Body Molding

    I live in South Florida (Pembroke Pines area to be exact) and I was looking for some advice on dealer experience in the area and if someone bought a Pathfinder the way I want mine if they can share their purchase price (out the door price).

  • hey guys ok have been reading alot about the PF and looking to buy an 06 Majestic blue with the charcoal interior with Comfort and premium in california. now the price i currently have is 27899 + fees. wondering if anyone else has purchase this car and what they have paid because im curious as to what are my chances of getting this out the door $27000 i know when my parents recenlty bought their sienna the stickers was around 25k and they got it for 24k out the door not sure as to what rebates but i know they got it for 1k under invoiec does that ever happen on nissans?
  • sausmafsausmaf Posts: 4
    Anybody had any dealings with Daland Nissan in Northern California? I live in So. Cal, but will be returning home to the Bay Area this weekend. Am looking at purchasing a Certified Pathfinder there, but have no idea what the dealership is like. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • gf2020gf2020 North of BostonPosts: 47
    Any ideas on a reasonable discount for a new, leftover 2005 Pathfinder SE Off-Road?

    What was the last rebate available for 2005s?

    I presume the 2007s will start showing up in August so a 2005 should be discounted pretty heavily.
  • Hi,

    From the past reviews I saw there are some salespeople or associates that responded to the board and was hoping someone could answer a couple of questions for me. I qualify for the VPP price and was wondering, about how much a 2006 Pathfinder 2WD SE with comfort and premium package would be through VPP? Is the VPP really any value or just an advertising ploy? Is there still room for negotiating with the VPP? If the price is not negotiable, is it possible to have them include some dealer add-ons? I think the 2005's didn't get an increase of the $500 rebate until late in the year, could I expect an increase in the next 2 months?

    Thanks for any help in advance!

    I'm in South Florida if that makes any difference.
  • bpwhitbybpwhitby Posts: 4
    I know it's now been 3 months, but did you make a decision yet? Chicago area is pretty vast. Can you ball-park the area? I'm hopefully on my way out to M'Lady Nissan tomorrow to pick up an SE 4x4. I found that when going through, I submitted an online request for a brochure, and I got a letter from them (M'Lady) stating that they'd give me the truck for "employee pricing" as well as free tires for the life of the vehicle. I don't know what they're calling employee pricing, but I already know (according to Nissan) what that "should" be.
  • bpwhitbybpwhitby Posts: 4
    Are you doing the VPP as a Nissan Employee, or as a supplier? I'm very hesitent to give out exact details for all to see. However, I can give you some generic comments.

    The Supplier's VPP will equate to just a bit under Dealer Invoice. Dealer-installed options are not a part of the program, so those will be at full price. There is no room for negotiation.

    The Nissan employee program takes more off of the Dealer Invoice, but everything else is the same.

    I've already bought 2 Nissan's using a Supplier VPP program, and will be buying your identical car later this week.
  • Thanks for the reply. I will be using the supplier VPP. After posting my last post I went down to the dealer and discussed some of the details and also found out there is no negotiation. I am going to see what happens to rebates after July 5th and will probably purchase then whether they change or not. I appreciated your response.
  • gmarga56gmarga56 Posts: 17
    Hello all - Re. the $1999 + tax and tags $339 per month lease. This deal ends on 7/5 - what is the best way (and when) to get the best deal on an SE w/ comfort and premium? Is this a bottom line price or will dealers move substantially from this price? I am a bit particular on color - Red Brawn..... Should I email a dozen dealers and see who can do better than this deal or should I pretend I have not heard of this deal at all? Thanks in advance for any reponses or advice. - George
  • bpwhitbybpwhitby Posts: 4
    I should be picking up my new Pathfinder this evening. Spent 2 hours at the dealership last night (M'Lady in Crystal Lake, IL). SE 4x4 with Comfort & Premium pkgs, splash guards, floor mats & sunroof wind deflector. The MSRP for all this is $33,005. I'm getting it for under $29k. This is actually lower than what it should have been, but they still accepted my offer. I never used my Supplier VPP option, but had that in my "back pocket" if I needed it. Going the VPP route, my price would have been just under $30,100.

    Now, as they cannot negotiate with these prices, watch out if you're trading something in (they gotta make $$$ somehow). I recommend going in with a printout from both Kelley Blue Book ( and one from They only wanted to give me $4k for my 2000 Xterra, but my documentation showed that the trade-in value was between 5,600 and 6,100. Just to get out of there in a timely manner, I let it go for $5k. They're locating my vehicle right now, so that should be waiting for me by the time I get off work.
  • bpwhitbybpwhitby Posts: 4
    A correction to this...

    I got a brochure from the website, not through
  • asalieriasalieri Posts: 3
    My wife just leased a 2006 PF LE 4x4 w/ comfort pak,mats,premium package, wind deflector, leather package.

    934 dwn(1st mos ,about 400 capcost reduction lisc fees)and 420.00 per mos12 k 39 mos. This included the tax.

    Seemed like the best deal we could manage here in NYC..
    what do you think?
  • Took delivery yesterday (last day of the month)...
    - LE loaded with all options except NAV.
    - Sell price at $32,010 (over $900 below dealer invoice)
    - No Cap reduction
    - payed all taxes and fees up front ($2,500)
    - Standard Nissan 39 months.
    - .00050 money factor
    - 15,000 miles per year.
    - Residual @ 50% $18272 (50% LE's 52% SE's)
    - $399 per month lease.
    - Very happy.

    BEST part is leasing dealer pulled truck out of another dealer's inventory who said I was crazy to think anyone would let that truck go for almost zero profit.


    Great "no thrills" dealer... does this all the time... said he goes deep into hold back money if he has to to move one more unit before the month is over.
  • FYI: I just bought an 06 SE 4WD . In the search for it I looked at an '05 that the dealer was asking just under $25k and the car had 24K miles. Should be able to buy this for about $22K or so but you remember that it probably didn't sell for the MSRP to begin with. This doesn't really sync with your comments on loss. Actually the nissan holds value well. I bought it on a 72 Mo loan and well expect that the vehicle will maintain its value as I pay it off. In other words it will always be worth what I owe on it (or more). Thats pretty good when paying on a 72 mo loan.
  • I just bought pathfinder. I paid approximately $27,500 plus ttl. this price includes a trade of my 1997 Suburban SLT 4WD. The trade offer was $6000. Now you can check edmonds trade value on a 1997 suburban I get $2800 to $3819 considering that my suburban was somewhat dirty inside although no fraying or tearing. It had the check engine light on for a problem with the transmission, the air did not work and some rust was showing at the bottoms of the doors. I figure it would be worth $2500 at auction (or less) given its 10mpg city. So I'd say I got a discount of $4000 off the sticker price of $33,500 for $29,500. I think invoice is $29.7k plus destination of $605 for total invoice pricing of $30.3K. I'd then argue that I bought this car at about $800 below invoice. We can argue all day about the true value of my trade in but after paying about $15k for the suburban and driving it for 57 months, I think it owes me nothing. (had to install radiator/2 sets tires/intake gasket/4 complete brakes -drums rotors pads/replacement headlights).
    I figure that was a smoking deal.
    Depends how you rate it too I get 1 year of free service including 3 oil changes plus tire rotations and next years inspection. All tolled probably a $100 value but the best thing is the treatment with a ride home and possibly a loaner car if needed.

  • Hello

    Would you please advise me on how far low can I go with dealer negotiation for SE or Offroad version ?

    Please I would grateful if you can share your buying and negotiation experience.
  • Bought this Aug 31st around 11:30 at night.

    Got a Silverton Blue 2006 Pathfinder for $23K. After all said and done, the lease came out to be 39months, 15K miles per year, $512 down (which included first months payment), $289 a month, they threw in the pinstriping as well.

    This car is going to work out great for my family. Just to add for those who done know, Nissan does not charge any drop-off charges when you return the vehicle.

    I am very happy with Nissan so far with the safety features they include standard and small things like no drop-off charges at the end of the lease (besides tires, damage, etc.)

  • Took me 3 days to send, responde, negotiate with 9 dealers. Come down to:

    2006 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4x4
    Comfort/Convenience Pkg
    Premium Package
    Leather Package
    Splash Guards
    Floor Mats
    All-Season Rubber Floor Mats
    Cargo Area Protectiong
    Cargo Net
    Red Brawn Pearl
    Graphite Leather
    OTD: $32,100 (INCLUDED 6%PA Tax, $141 DMV fees)
    Not sure if this is a good deal, since the Dealer included the $500 Rebate in the price because I told them I would go with my Credit Union @ 5.9% instead of going with Nissan's 5% for 60 months.

    Should I take delivery?

    Any advice?

  • Going with my experience in just buying my car I think you may have done well if your rax is included. I figure the tax to be around $1800 or so depending on a trade or clean deal. With The invoice at about $33 k for your LE Model getting it for about $30,000 is a very good deal to me. Again that is if all you say it all there is. No trade??

    I was happy with my SE-sunroof & bose for about 800 under invoice after the trade and discounts were adjusted into the mix.



    Good luck.
  • Hi Cris,

    Thank you so much for your response. Just want to confirm, that this is a clean deal. and this is around $30,041 plus tax and tag. This is a SE, not a LE btw.
    2006 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4x4 - Red Brawn Pearl
    -Premium pkg.
    -Comfort pkg.
    -Leather pkg.
    -Carpeted floor mats
    -All-season rubber mats
    -Cargo Area Protector
    -Cargo Net
    @ $32,100 OTD

    If you don't mind to share, what did you pay OTD for the SE Comf and Premium pkg?

  • You can look back in this thread to see what I paid. My dealer basically started at the sticker price and just kept increasing my trade-in. I had a trade in that comes back at aroud $3000 or less as the engine light was on and the ABS light too. He ended at about $6500 trade. I had a SE like yours but no leather. No rubber mats. No cargo protector. I did get running boards. body side moulding and the other stuff you got like bose CD and power driver seat. I paid about $27k with the trade in. I figure that if I can get at least $500 to $1000 under invoice on a nissan it is good. Remember this is not a Chevy with the hugh markups. Also remember that some of the added items like the cargo net and floormats are really cheap for them but have steep prices.

    Good Luck. :blush:
  • Just went back and reread my earlier post. I forgot how much I had paid. It sounds like you essentially got yours for what I paid (within $500) and you got the leather too. (I voted for leather my wife wanted cloth-guess who drives the car and won!) So I think you did well. I felt that when we left the dealer he was just a bit too happy.


    Cris ;) ;)
  • Hi Cris,

    Thank you for seaching up the old post. I am going to visit the dealer tomorrow for one last time and if thing works out... maybe i will take delivery.


  • jimesqjimesq Posts: 7
    I leased my 2005 Pathfinder LE 4x4 in December 2005. I dont know what the vehcile price is off hand but my payments are $382/month 39 month lease 12K miles per year(including 6% sales tax) with $2500 down. My LE is loaded with everything except Navi. It was a total impulse buy, they got me to the price I wanted on the vehicle I wanted and I walked out with the car. I did no shopping around at all. I possibly could have gotten a better price with a little shopping, but I am happy with my deal.
  • I made the deal with Ardmore Nissan in PA on a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder LE 4x4 Red Brawn with Leather/Comfort/Convenience/Premium Package. OTD @ $32,100.00 included All-weather-Rubber floor mat and cargo area protector.

    LOVE the truck. Got 15mpg at this point. I heard somewhere people claim the mileage will improve once you get 2-3 oil changes. True?

    Good luck!
  • I think you made a great deal. You basically paid the same thing I did except you get nearly all options of an LE. Whats missing? the memory on the power seat?? I do hope the mileage increases as ours is a tad low now. We are scheduled for an oil change in a few weeks. Our dealer does have a service plan that is free for one year. Once that is up, it is back to crawling on the ground and changing (synthetic) oil myself.
  • I think LE has:

    Memory seats 1+2
    Wood trim panel
    Side Airbag

    Anything else? Do not want Nav and DVD (already have that in my Lexus GS300)
  • Hi all -

    What have you paid on your Pathfinder Warranty Plans?

    I was quoted $1095 for 5yrs/100,000 - $0 deductible.

    please let me know what dealership you got it from...
  • $1095 for 5 years / 100,000 miles: in reality, you're paying for 2 years / 64,000 miles @ $1095. For the first 3 years, your Pathy is covered by Nissan Warranty.

    I would seriously consider purchasing one after the 3yrs/36K is up, via AAA Warranty program. I got burned pretty BAD last time when I went with a non-manufacture warranty who later took the money and ran.

    Either way, think about it before buying the warranty, there are so many exclusion which could make your "peace of mind" become a POS!
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