Front bumper fitting problem

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i know this may sound a little on the dumb side but will a bumper from a 2013 2500hd silverado fit on a 2008 1500 silverado??


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    Interesting question---they don't look all that different, at least not in photos. I rather doubt it would be a simple bolt-on, but it's possible it could be made to fit. You'd almost have to have the two side by side before you could answer the question. With skill, a drill and a welding torch you can get almost anything to fit. :)

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    I see some different ways to do research here.

    Then look at various parts offered on reconditioned bumper sites and their part numbers for the two years. You'll find a bunch offering replacements. Search reconditioned bumpers or refurbished bumpers

    I got a part number for OEM from that bumper site which MAY be the front bumper you're talking about.
    I then searched that number and came up with a GM supplier page
    And on that page at the bottom it lists all the vehicles that upper bumper fits. Some 3500's were in the list after I expanded it, but none go back to 2008.

    Or go to the parts department at Chevy store and see what the parts guy will tell you. Most try to be helpful unless they are busy with internal parts for their techs or external orders to go to other stores at a large parts counter.

    Or go to a junk yard and ask them to check their interchange listings.

    Best would be a body shop that does a lot of pickup repair business and just ask the writer. A Chevy store that sells a lot of pickups will llikely do a lot of truck repairs.

    Or an independent body shop might help you even if you're not a paying customer for them to do the replacement.

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