Screeching brakes

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The other week I took my Jeep in to have a sound I was hearing for the gear shift checked out. As always, they found something else that needed maintenance, my brakes allegedly. The guy told me my rotors and brakes needed to be changed so I declined because I'm not spending $400 for them to do what I can do. I change my brakes today and still had a considerable amount of break pads left on the rear. Why do I hear screeching however when I'm breaking slowly?

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  • stupidwrenchstupidwrench Member Posts: 6
    from my experience if the rotor's or drums are glazed they can squeak when braking slowly. You can try and use some rough sandpaper and sand the rotor or drum to help remove the glaze or take them to your local parts store have them turned to remove the glaze and make sure you have a even wear surface ( most parts store has this service).
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    cheap brake pads could squeal or if you changed the rotor it needs to be worn in, so hopefully the noise goes away. If not check to make sure nothing is rubbing against the rotor like the splash shield.
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