2016 MDX Transmission Failure

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I have a 2016 MDX Tech /Watch AWD with 13k miles. Within last 2 weeks, I was experiencing jerkiness and skipping when accelerating. Took it to the dealership for check up and they diagnosed as a transmission issue. They are looking to put a new transmission. Anyone went through this on the 2015/2016 and what are my options other than going ahead with the new transmission at this point ?

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  • vipulvipul Member Posts: 4
    Its been more than 2 weeks now and still waiting to get it repaired. Also I haven't received a clear answer whether they putting a brand new transmission or refurbished or trying to repair the transmission. Frustrating experience...
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,482
    You may need to go down there and see what's going on. It may be a parts delay or it may be they are waiting for warranty approval. Did they at least give you a loaner or a break on a rental car? Two weeks is a long time to resolve this.
  • Hugo_StiglitzHugo_Stiglitz Member Posts: 167
    I am curious as to the outcome. Our 15 MDX Adv Ent has been making a shuttering at about 38 - 42 mph. 22K on it. Dealer did a drain and fill 4qts DW-1 and 're-programmed' the computer. Did nothing to help. Now says they are ordering a new Torque Converter.
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    Know this is MDX forum but this may help.
    My 13 pilot shuttered at 40-50 mph after slowing down or similar driving. Honda attempted to fix with transmission sw updates, checked/tested, was about to get rid of it due to the unsettling effect and then luckily, another dealer, when replacing brake rotors due to warping (another honda quality issue) found leaking bushing's(quality issue0. They replaced and the shuttering drastically was reduced.
    Sold the pilot a year later, not wanting to experience the next failure in design/quality Honda is offering with their SUV's...
  • matindoy2matindoy2 Member Posts: 1
    I have 2016 mdx, it's jerking and has squicking sound when you are at 3rd gear...dealersship said waiting for the advice from Acura... it's seems like a delaying tactic .... they haven't solve my concern on the brake yet... and now here's another one
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