CV axle with or without ABS brakes - Does it make a difference?

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Already did the axel on my 94 accord EX with ABS. I need another one for my 95 lx without ABS. Will it work since I can get the ABS version for $0 but will that be a prob? Any input is appreciated.


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    Should be okay to put an ABS axle on a non-ABS car. I've read about people doing it on Honda, no problem...but of course, don't try doing the reverse! I've never done this on a Honda, so logically it should be fine but don't take me to court---no guarantees B)

    On the other hand....ahem...the part is only $35 from

  • slm1nslm2slm1nslm2 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the opinion. Really do appreciate that. Never heard of Rockauto. The thing is about 60 bucks round here and since It's got a lifetime warranty, if it does work my cost on the part will be zero(I have a 94 and 95 accord). I'll post back with results
  • slm1nslm2slm1nslm2 Member Posts: 3
    Not a problem!! Both driver side and passenger side of my 95 accord lx with no ABS have the ABS version of the CV axle installed. No problem. Instal and ride are no different. Great since warranty will cover my 94 accord ex with ABS. Price with or without ABS is the same too.
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