2009 Ford Ranger Instrument cluster electrical problem

greasezerkgreasezerk Member Posts: 1
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Speedo and tach, guages, drop to zero and warning lights come on intermitently. Engine runs fine.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,482
    You might try the "jiggle test" by tugging gently on the wiring harness behind the dash--but sometimes these kinds of ghosts are only solved with removal of the dash panel and inspection of the various connectors or soldered circuits.
  • no111axleno111axle Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Ford Ranger 4x4 XLT and my electrical started to fry underneath Dash on driver side. After that my fog lights and interior lights will not shut off but truck is running fine. Any ideas on where to start looking for the issue and how to repair it?
  • DerekpetDerekpet Member Posts: 1
    edited March 2020
    Hey @greasezerk Did you figure out what was wrong with your truck. I’m having the same issues
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