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Scion xB Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • First of all,
    I'm 6'2" also and after 3 months of research and test drives, I bought the '05 XB. The ride , handling, and visibility are fantastic. I avg. 33-35 mpg and drive 110 miles daily in my commute. I took delivery on April 2 and now have 16000 miles. No vibrations on mine--maybe tires need balancing. The XB comes std. with traction control and skid control though. The strut tie bar for the front does inprove handling and it's $225 installed at the dealer. I have one and am glad I bought it.
    No, the XB does not come with torsion and sway bars, but you can by these as aftermarket items. No cruise is standard on the XB--all are aftermarket items and the dealers will rape you on the cost of those($350-$600). You can buy the same unit for $79 on the web and have a garage install or do it yourself. Roof racks are also a dealer ordered item and they will overcharge you for those also. Thule makes a rack for the XB and it's cheaper on the web or your local rack dealer.
    I've never pulled my rear seat out, but you can take them out. I have read about removal on several message boards. Good luck with your shopping
  • Has anyone purchased a 2006 xB in the Bay Area recently? I'd like to find out how long I would have to wait for delivery if I wanted to purchase one in the next month or so. Thanks!
  • yb5yb5 Posts: 13
    We, that is my wife, purchased #1643 in April 05 Automatic, had sunroof installed (it is SoCal after all) $20,177 out the door. 30+ mpg all day long, you cant beat it. Only problem is everytime she see's another one, got to go ask what number it is! By the way, we are both in our late 40's.
  • have read the standard features on Edmunds, but want to know a couple of things. Is keyless entry standard for the xB? I doubt if floor mats are standard, but did anyone get them tossed in for free. Is the upgraded security system worth getting or is Lojack a better avenue or nothing at all? Did anyone get a deal on tint through their Scion dealer or did anyone get tinting for free?

    Finally, I have a '98 A4 that I want to trade in. It is in excellent shape with low mile except for a short in the gauge cliuster ($1K to fix according to the Audi dealership) and a cracked gas tank ($2K to replace). I've never traded a car it better to sell to a private party as is or to sell to a dealership and are the dealerships anal when giving you a trade in value? Thank you
  • have read the standard features on Edmunds, but want to know a couple of things. Is keyless entry standard for the xB? I doubt if floor mats are standard, but did anyone get them tossed in for free. Is the upgraded security system worth getting or is Lojack a better avenue or nothing at all? Did anyone get a deal on tint through their Scion dealer or did anyone get tinting for free?

    Keyless Entry is free. Floor mats are not. Make sure you also get the cargo mat. No security on mine. The xB is tinted like a minivan meaning the back windows are more tinted than the front ones from the factory.

    Finally, I have a '98 A4 that I want to trade in. It is in excellent shape with low mile except for a short in the gauge cliuster ($1K to fix according to the Audi dealership) and a cracked gas tank ($2K to replace). I've never traded a car it better to sell to a private party as is or to sell to a dealership and are the dealerships anal when giving you a trade in value? Thank you

    If you need $3000 worth of work, it may be more beneficial to trade it in. You just have to do your HW and compute what its worth with repairs, without repairs, and what the dealership will give you for it. Choose what is better for you. However, its going to be hard to sell it private with a cracked gas tank.
  • Thanks tundradude-

    I appreciate your feedback. I am interested in the tC, xB and '06 Civic Coupe and am doing my homework. Yeah-who'd have believed that their gas tank would crack. I have never heard of a plastic one cracking...bad luck I guess, but no more European cars-EVER!!
  • I bought my 2006 xB at the beginning of August; the dealer included mats, including the cargo mat. I only paid extra for the upgrade Pioneer radio that accepts iPod (about $225 extra, but definitely worth it).
  • is the window sticker the final price like on saturns or can one haggle like on toyotas. shows msrp and invoice for scions. if the cars are only sold at msrp, whats the point of knowing the invoice price?

  • mourfmourf Posts: 1
    In North Texas the sticker price is the price you pay. Of course, here there are no cars on any lots. You order it all and you pay the price listed. Period. I've been given wait times from 3-10 weeks. I found a dealer who said they could get it to me in 3-4 so thats who I went with.

    For $18,075 (No TTL) I orderd a black automatic and have the following addons:
    fog lights
    rear spoiler
    rear bumper appplique
    stainless steel exhaust tip
    cruise control
    alarm system
    floort/cargo mats
    blue LED internal lights
    8' Bazoka subwoofer
    Upgraded Pioneer 6CD/iPod Compatible Stereo
  • How much of that was taxes?
  • i am going to go buy an xb in the next two weeks. i too was thinking of purchasing from Toyota of the desert. does anyone know if they are friendly, what is their dimeanor in regards to pricing and do they throw in anything to make you happy about spending your money with them. i'm hoping to get a good deal since i will be paying with cash. if anyone has any info about an xb purchase from them please let me know....
    thanks :)
  • mnikosmnikos Posts: 31
    Mine came with floor mats and cargo mat; I think maybe they include those for everyone. Toyota of the Desert was good to buy from, I'd go back. I don't know how I-10 Toyota is, they might be good too. I financed mine, but the impression I've gotten is the Scion pricing is truly firm regardless of financing terms. They do a 2-week thing where you set up to finance it through them but they don't submit the loan for two weeks; if you find other financing, they void the loan. They actually called me after two weeks to confirm I wanted them to proceed. It gives you an opportunity to be an 'impulse buyer' for the car and then shop for financing later.
  • that's good to know......
    i am not considering I-10 toyota due to the fact that their lot is so tiny. i have been at Toyota of desert before (their lot is huge), i bought a toyota there in 1991. however i seem to be having trouble getting them to respond to my emails. i'm suppose to go and buy in about 9 days, it will be the first (and possibly the last) time that i can pay in cash. i hope they have some dark blue ones with auto and i'll have to spring for a armrest too. by the way, Americas Tire co has some really nice alloy wheels for @ $80 each= $320+tax. way cheaper than scions alloys which are $665!
    thanks, any further info would be appreciated. oh, and there's several distributors on ebay who have billet grilles for @ $70 (shipping included) i think i'll order one! :shades:
  • I have one of those dark blue ones. Its pretty when its clean, but it scratches easily.
  • i have a blue nissan work truck....same problem. i guess they go cheap on paint these days. mine gets scratched just by the rivets on my jeans touching it when i get in or out. one day i even grabbed the door with the keys in my hand and that scratched too. i'm thinking that you might have to go white these days to coverup or hide those stupid scratches! :confuse:
  • mnikosmnikos Posts: 31
    Don't get the Scion armrest, it's very cheap looking and has no storage. There's one called Zeta (made especially for Scions) that has a leather-look flip-up top with enough storage for a cell phone, iPod etc. (not CDs). It's adjustable height-wise, and the whole thing ratchets up out of the way if you need it to. It doesn't get in the way of anything, it's really easy to install, and it's not much more than the Scion model (I think it was about $180). Just type 'zeta armrest' into your browser. I learned about it on this forum from one of the other great members (sorry, can't remember but I think it was tundradude).
  • that's good to know
  • mnikosmnikos Posts: 31
    They have a couple of salesmen who are 'authorized' to sell Scions. I'm very happy with my salesman's service and followup. I'm surprised they aren't responding to you. When I first went to look at an xB, they had about six 2005s on the lot. I bought the first 2006 they got; when I went back a few weeks later to get my radio installed, they had sold out, and only had a 2004 for sale (which was priced at about the same as a new one).

    Give careful thought to your color choice. All the darker ones show dirt very badly, and I see a lot of posts that the paint scratches easily. Mine is black cherry, which I thought was discontinued for 06 but obviously isn't. It's gorgeous when it's washed, but any dirt really shows up.

    Thanks for the tip about the wheels, that's a great price if they look good. The ones that come standard on the car (you choose from three styles, which all look about the same) are cheap PLASTIC; don't know how long they'll hold up.

    I also recommend getting the decal that goes across the top of the rear bumper. My dogs jumped into the back the first time I opened the rear door, and they scratched the bumper with their nails. The bumper decal Scion sells is about $65 I think, and looks pretty cheap, but it's better than nothing. Has anyone found anything better for the top of the rear bumper?

    P.S. What is a 'billet grille'?
  • i have seen a couple of those rear bumper pads on ebay for @ $45 to $50, check it out even if it is the same cheap quality you can save a few bucks. the "billet" grille is a custom made polished aluminum grille that replaces the plastic one that on your front end. gives it a cool custom look and removes the front emblem which leaves people wondering........what is it?
    there are about three different styles on there right now. stainless steel mesh, black powder coat mesh, and finally billet polished aluminum. billet is usually the most popular( it kind of looks like chrome). "billet" usually stands for "polished aluminum".
    just go to ebay and do a search for "xb grille" and you will see all of them under vehicle accessories. i also saw a guy on there who sales a custom chrome (bezel) ring for your speedometer, though i am not sure if it is worth $50 or not (do search for "xb speedometer" to find that)
    oh...and since the paint colors are such an issue, i think i will buy a white one! hope this info is helpful:shades:
  • also, my daughter (a teenager) thinks this is a cool little car!
    these days it is hard to keep kids interested in mom or dads activities.if buying a car that looks like a "hotwheel" or a toy will help keep her interested in what i'm doing and want to ride in it with me............well i see that as a big bonus! :)
    at least it will help to bridge the gap of our age difference and give us something in common to both enjoy and be able to talk about.........
    with all the mods coming out, i think it does look like a cool little toy. it's different and that's what i want no more (as others have said) dull cookie cutter mobiles!
    also, i beleive it is one of the very few cars left that still offers a real ashtray..........can be a positive or negative, your choice ....but a detail that i noticed :shades:
  • Ashtrays are good are coins.

    I got the rear bumper applique on mind, and its worth the $58.

    I already lost one of my wheel covers since I got it, but I bought an extra set for $30. Now I have spares. Someday I'm going to discount tire and get some wheels. I agree thats the cheaper way.

    The interesting thing is the tires, its a weird size and not many people make it. I hope before time replacement comes up, more tire companies will make the size.

    7600 miles and going
  • mnikosmnikos Posts: 31
    Thanks for the info on the grilles, sounds like that's a nice way to customize mine without going for the paint decals or other options.
    Re color, there seem to be very few white xBs out there, and the few I've seen look really sharp. Plus you can touch up white paint really easily (even use WhiteOut in a pinch)
    The xB does come with an ashtray, but it's too small to even store the car lighter in. If you smoke, you're probably better off getting one of those mug-looking things that fits in your cup holder and has a funnel-shaped hole in the top (get it at any car wash). They're easy to hit with ashes and butts, and they actually seem to contain a lot of the odor.
    I went ahead and bought the bumper protector today. Toyota of the Desert had one in stock and discounted it to $38 plus tax. It comes with four pages of directions, but it went on really easily...just clean the bumper, spray soapy water on it (so you can slide the decal around before you finalize it), peel off the backing and stick it on. They say to use a squeegie, but I just used a clean dry cloth.
    As far as your daughter liking to ride in it with you, kudos! It might be that the damn thing is so much fun to drive that you just exude happiness, and she feels it too.
    3000 miles on mine, but driving to SF Friday so will be just about due for my FIRST FREE OIL CHANGE when I get back!
  • i ordered that custom grille like two days ago and it came UPS today, it is VERY nice!
    well worth every penny. also ordered a custom velour dash cover last night for $43.70 shipping included. now i just need to go get the xb middle of next week (just waiting for my deposit to clear the bank). i'll buy it, then off to tire shop for those cool wheels for @ $80 each (silver alloys by Konig), then home to apply new grille and dash cover. within one day it will already look a lot different and custom
    within a week of that i will order the bumper mat, armrest, and pick up a windshield tint strip for Pep boys.;)
    p.s. there appears to only be like two very accessible mounting tabs on top of grille which makes it simple to install (no mods needed) even comes with the hardware!
  • i got an email today from an ebay member who had bought one of those chrome bezel rings for the xb speedometer. he says that it really looks good and quality is fine but he thought that it wasn't worth $50......
    that was my concern.
    just thought you might like to know.........
  • bought my new 2006 xb tonight at toyota of the desert. it was the only one they had on the lot. all dealers in my area were sold out. i got real lucky!
    got a silver one with auto, remote locks,side spoilers, and xb carpet mats.
    it had just come off the truck and was still waiting for them to put on the rear bumper and stereo. it only had two miles on it...........
    i drove it, looked at it, then bought it on the spot!
    $15,300 before tax and license.
    sales guy made it a very smooth transaction.
    they have to finish it and will deliver it to me tomorrow so they gave a camry as a loaner for the night. ;)
  • Welcome to the club!
  • this thing is wierd, it's kind of like driving a big "hotwheel"!
    it just reminds me of a big toy.
    oh, dealership also threw in a full tank of gas and a scion keychain with chrome license plate frame :shades:
  • Im located in central Florida and was wondering if anyone could tell me the best dealer to do business with.
  • tomb3tomb3 Posts: 2
    I "ordered" my Scion Xb about 4 weeks ago (Continental Scion, Countryside, Illinois). I ordered a few options worth about 1.5K.

    I knew about the "no haggle" price... but yesterday I asked the dealer if they could at least do first 3-4 oil changes for free (I know it's important to use the right oil especially when the car is new). They said "no" -- so I didn't buy the car.

    It seems I wasted 4 weeks for nothing... I think I"m going to go to another dealer tomorrow.

    Is it normal that the dealer doesn't give you anything "for free"? Maybe someone could recommend a better dealer in the Chicago area? Thanks,

  • volvodan1volvodan1 Posts: 196
    Why would you let 3-4 oil changes keep you from buying a $15,000 car? Why would they give you something for free when they have somebody right behind you that will be happy to buy it? IIRC, even selling it for MSRP they make about $700.

    Don't sweat the small stuff.
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