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    What kind of luck are people having selling their xb's. I know the resale is high, suggesting demand is high. However, I am not getting any calls (upstate NY). My 2005 xb was about 18,500 with options (including 7 ye/100k toyota warranty) and I'm now asking 16,500, with warranty included, and have 19,000 miles on it. Based on what I'm seeing others advertised at, it seems to be a reasonable price I'm asking, but alas no calls. Anyone else out there sell one of these or know someone who has?
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    I saw a used AT xB on a dealer's lot with 1,500 miles indicated on the sticker. I asked a salesman for the price, and he said $21,000 but they might knock off a couple thou. Some people will apparently pay considerably more than MSRP + Fees, in order to avoid waiting for a month or two.

    Your asking price of $16,500 for a 2004 with 16,500 miles evidently not low enough to compete with a new car. Two weeks ago I paid MSRP + $500 Fees for a new MT xB. I did not want a warranty, and disregarding the tax, the cost was $15,000. I had a waiting period of four weeks.
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    I say go automatic - otherwise you won't get overdrive.
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    I can now answer my own question regarding KY area dealers. I live near Louisville, so I experienced Oxmoor Toyota, and have heard years of stories about their mode of doing business. I'm not surprised they add on, double up, and expect extra sales fees, etc. As for the pure price experience, don't expect it to happen there. On to good dealers . . . I got a good rundown from Greentree, who explained reputable dealers stick to pure price, and the destination of $540 is the only charge you'll see. However, he explained that all dealers will vary in their documentation fees, which are for going to the DMV and getting a temp tag and paying the taxes, transfer, registration, plates (the law requires dealers to do this rather than the customer so we can't save the money). Greentree reported a $299 fee, Toyota of Louisville a $498 fee, and Oxmoor . . . well, that was $599 before the rest of the shenanigans. So I went down the road to Glenn Scion in Frankfort, only 40 miles away, found the color I wanted, had a good experience with no pressure, sales gimmicks, or added secret charges that go against Scion philosophy. The doc fee was $229.50. Even when I said I would order my accessories online, there was no hassle. I had no wait since they had just gotten in an automatic, blue that was scheduled for trade to another dealership, but he sold it to me instead. There were about three other xB's in stock in other colors.

    Regarding CA inventories, I think what I meant was the dealer said he could look for his own inventory that was scheduled to arrive via truck from the west coast (actually Portland, OR as port city), reserve one, and pre-sell to me. Thus the confusion about searching common inventory.
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    Sounds like you found good ol' Oxmoor . . . see other postings re: them. Good for you to walk away! Who needs the BS!!
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    Where do you live? Your taxes must be a bit lower than in KY. Here, the same was 16555.96 with cargo mat + floor mats (120 added cost for options).
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    The unit used here at the local dealerships and installers is made by Rostra, and costs approximately 179 - 200 depending on the source. My local installer will do the job for $349 including parts. So that's about $150 for labor, entirely worth it. Don't pay the dealers because they generally farm out the work anyway. Ask a good dealer where they get the job done.
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    My husband and I just got back from the Manhattan showroom (Toyota/Scion of Manhattan on 11th Ave) having NOT bought a car! The posted hours are from 12-5pm on Sunday, and we came at 3:50pm. We walked around looking for a few moments and only saw Toyotas; salespeople generally avoided making eye contact with us. We were both reasonably well dressed; casual but not in any way bohemian or ragged. When we finally asked the man at the reception desk if there were any Scions to see, he answered by telling us that it was closing time and they were locking people out now and the sales staff was already gone. It wasn't even 4pm at that time, and we did see a lot of employees around, but just a few talking with customers. The rest were joking around about it being the end of the day. The receptionist finally admitted there were Scions to see on the 2nd floor and was going on about how they were closing up as we went to the elevator. We did manage to spend a few minutes with an xB, but when I was in the rest room, the receptionist came upstairs and told my husband it was time to go and he had to leave in spite of the fact that just before I went into the rest room, I saw a salesman usher a family into his office to discuss what they wanted in a car. When I came out, the receptionist followed us around as we visited the 2 xBs they had on that floor and remarked loudly to a colleague that he was waiting for "THESE people" to go so he could lock up (the salesman who was talking with the family in his office was clearly having a leisurely conversation with them; no fire on HIS desk). I finally asked him about the possibility of ordering the exact car I wanted with the exact options. He went on an exasperated soliloquy about how sometimes there is a waiting list for as long as 90 days (though somewhere in there he did admit that there wasn't presently a waiting list) and there are a limited number of cars that come in because the car is popular and so when they come in, customers just take them right away no matter what color or options it has. Since he was clearly not answering any question I'd asked, I asked again and with a grimace he continued until I interrupted him saying "what I heard in all of that was you telling me that I can't order a car because they're too popular and this dealer won't do it. Is that accurate?" He said it was (probably the first and only of my questions he answered directly). It was really too bad; they lost a sale. We came to buy a car TODAY. We have great credit and were considering financing with them, they could have sold us that $2500 panoramic moonroof, the fog lights, the security package and the 17" wheels. I came in knowing exactly what I wanted, they could probably have accomplished the sale in as long as it took them to write it up. I could even have waited 90 days for it; my Acura runs just fine and will keep going for as long as I need it.
    Having said all that, anyone know of a great dealership in the tri-state (NY) area? I'm willing to travel for it, but won't shop with a dealership that's going to spit on my hand as I'm writing them a check for $20,000.
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    Thank you very much for your offer, though I have my mind set on a new xB, blue with a manual transmission. How are the new car dealers in Albany? I think I'm spoiled: I had the best dealer ever in Curry Acura (from Scarsdale in Westchester).
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    Years ago I bought a Honda from Curry in Yorktown.

    Our Toyota dealers are okay. I got mine from Northway Toyota in Latham because they were the nicest, least intrusive and most willing to address my interests. I really had no problems.

    Good luck.
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    i first visited kerry scion in north ky in march. they didn't have any xB models and said they sell too fast to keep in stock. a coworker went past two dealers in ohio on his way home and both had several xB's. all dealers had the same delivery fee and of course the same "pure price" so i went to joseph in cincinnati and test drove a base model manual. unfortunately they would not pay off my truck loan for a trade so i didn't get the little thundercloud i wanted. :mad:
    i went back to kerry two weeks later and they suddenly had like 6 of them! but they all had the upgraded wheels and spoilers. the salesman told me i would have to order one from japan to get the base model. at one and a half weeks they told me it was "in freight" meaning crossing from japan. at 4 weeks they said it was still in freight but no on could tell me whether it was on a ship or train and when i would get it :sick:

    my salesman told me "they aren't concerned about your car" since "they know they can sell it" when i enquired about how much longer before they would know when it would arrive. my husband made a phone call the the GM about the salesman's comment and then the GM called me and said they would have 2 base models in next week and would sell me one of those. in the meantime, they offered a loaner (has the fancy wheels and spoiler of course). ;)
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    update to the kerry dealership saga: i picked up a automatic xB as a loaner until a substitute for the one i actually ordered came in. this was tues morning and by sat afternoon i got a call from a sales mgr that the substitute was here! since it was the weekend, a holiday weedkend at that, i explained that i would not be able to reach my bank for the financing. NO PROBLEM. they gave me a curtesy waiver good for so many days and off i drove IN MY VERY OWN xB. :)

    there was some quibbling over price. i wanted no extras including the floor mats. hence why i was told i had to order from japan. all i wanted was a manual tranny, no additions, no low profile tires just plain jane. and because it was special order i had to choose a color and picked thundercloud. the substitues were white and blue.they didn't want to remove the floormats from the substitute but eventually did after i told them i would wait out the arrival of the thundercloud from japan. of course they wanted to sell a car so they took the mats out. ;)

    overall experience: could have been better, i'm sure the concept of "pure price" is not supposed to transpire as it did for me.
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    I just bought my xB in Long Island, NY, the only fee from the dealer is a 45 bucks processing fee or something. Check with all the dealerships around you before you buy!
  • nikita58467nikita58467 Member Posts: 3
    Just saw your post, hope that you didn't buy the xB from that dealership! I just bought my xB in Smithtown, Long Island's Scion. Decent service, very little dealership's fees. Should check it out if you were still looking for a box :D
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    I needed a new car coz I'm sick of my old car's problems. I wanted a car that has all standard stuff that a car should have. AND I love the cute looking, roomy Box. So I went to test drive an automatic one a few weeks ago in Smithtown Scion, Long Island. To be honest, it was strange and way too big for me (I'm a petite gal) but I'm very good at adapting, so whatever. I've been doing tons of research on the car, talked to the salesman in the dealership and pretty sure that was what I wanted. So I applied for financing myself thru Capitalone Auto Blank check so I don't need to worry about they push me into anything high interest. The interest rate was 5.69%, pretty decent. Got the check in the mail, went to the dealership the next day to look at the colors of the car. The salesman wrote the whole deal up and took my old car for appraisal (my old car has strange, strange mechanical problems but they didn't figure that out, hehe) got 1500 on it and save another 200 something tax on that, came out around 1700. The only dealer's fee I saw was a processing fee for 45 bucks. I didn't bother to argue with the guy since it's not much and bet other places probably charge more. After the trade-in, the price came out as $15134 with tax and all state fees (around 30 bucks or less). Went to the financing people. They offer me a slightly lower interest rate, 5.65%, and I just took it (Be very, very careful with the interest rate, coz the salesman told me their lowest interest rate is 6.5%! So better go with your financing and see if they could beat your rate!) Then the lady told me that the car doesnt come with an alarm. I was a bit freaked out but then I called my insurance guy and asked if I needed one and the price was $450 and $650 with remote starter. He said it's a decent price since the after market one would probably cost around $400 and void the warranty. So I had that added on since the price was still a few thousands under my budget. So the final total price came out around $15854. The whole process took less than an hour. The dealership people were not too pushy. If you tell them no, they will stop selling you. It's quite a nice experience! Now I can't wait til I pick the Box up on Sat!!! :P
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    I just purchased an 06 xB on Ebay. I bought it from the original owner. It had 3200 miles on it.

    Shadow Mica
    17" Alloys
    Lowered 2" on Tanabe springs
    Injen air intake
    Greddy style exhaust
    Alpine speaker system
    Professionally installed Security System with Engine Immobilizer
    Tinted Windows

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    Oh Yeah, and how much will that Hyundai Elantra be worth in 3 years? LOL. The only Hyundais ever worth considering were the 03 and up Tiburon GTs. And once again, that is a different class of vehicle.

    The Elantra is number 8 on the top ten WORST residual values of 2006:

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    Well, at worst that member is a year from finding out, but probably has a pretty good idea right about now, since you responded to a post made in 2004 ;)

    Let's try to focus on xB pricing in this particular discussion.

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    I know I havent bought yet. But Im almost there.
    Is a 2006 new XB, thundercloud automatic, with nothing added for $16,995 out the door price sounds right?


    A 2005 used XB, Yellow sides and Black top (customized color), automatic with 21,000 miles on it for $13,125 sounds right?

    I need help to decide.
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    Go to and build an 06 xB with automatic. The MSRP is $14,830, Del, Proc & Handling is $540, for a subtotal of $15,370. Add your state tax, a license fee (usually around $30), and a $100 fee for the dealer's paperwork. The total would be considered a very good price. If the total is less than the $16,995 you were quoted, then the dealer has used a higher fee (or even several fees). The three dealers around here charge $400, $500 and $950 in fees.

    Going into the 2007 model year, an oddly-painted 2005 with 21,000 possibly hard miles for $13,125 does not sound like a good deal. The Kelley Blue Book trade-in value on that car is $10,500, using a vehicle condition of "Fair" due to the odd cosmetics.

    Compare the $13,125 to the new figure of $15,370 above. For about $2,000 more, you could have a perfect new car with 0 miles, factory warranty, a factory paint color, and high resale value.
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    I moved these posts to a new discussion, since we're focused on pricing in this one.
    Scion xB: Condenser Problems


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    I picked up my xB two days ago, gotta say I didnt have a single prob with pricing, delivery, or anything else. I paid $15,808 for my Box which has, all the standard equip + 5 spd, floor and cargo mats, spoiler, graphics, 6 disc c/d, and center armrest. I am also getting an $84.00 check cut back to me because I got rid of the security system and opted for the 6 disc and armrest. I live in Upstate NY picked it up from Empire Toy/Sci Oneonta. A great Dealer, gotta say most people hate dealerships but I can honestly say that this one does right by its customers.
  • leganza2000seleganza2000se Member Posts: 5
    All I can say is you got a very good deal.
    I will pickup mine tomorrow. Out the door price is 17,000 XB automatics with cargo cover and rear bumper applique. Location is 98058. Since there is no haggling on this price so this is the lowest I can do. 9% tax, 35 doc, and 100+ licensing.

    Let me know if this can be better.
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    I am in the market for an xB, but all the dealers here have a $500 doc fee. This seems excessive considering the destination is more than Honda or Mazda and the fixed pricing. Is there any way to get out of it? It looks like you can get a carsdirect quote w/o this fee, but there are no participating dealers in my area.
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    That fee is not excessive as a total fee, given the short supply of xBs. The 3 dealers in Louisville have total fees of $400, $500 and $950. I went with the dealer who had the $500 fees. They are just a market value adjustment.
  • canuck785canuck785 Member Posts: 160
    i am in the shopping phase now and i have some cars i am interested in...the scions xA and xB are top on our list but i have one question for owners...
    1- how is the xB in the snow??? my husband is ready to scratch it from the list because he thinks it will do horrible in the snow(weight at the back versus in the front)...any owners with experience with the xB and the snow???

    we drove it a couple of months ago and we really like it!!!

    and just a personal comment here... :)
    when i first saw an xB last yr... ( i am from canada and i never got to see one over there)i went
    " what in the world is THAT car??????!!!! someone built a lego truck and put it on the road????!!!!"
    anyways...i see the terms " toaster" and "xbox" but i my eyes it is a lego truck all the way!!! (especially the white ones!!!) ;)
  • crazedcommutercrazedcommuter Member Posts: 281
    Canuk--Don't worry about the snow!! Go get yourself some dedicated snow tires and you'll be fine. I put a set of Blizzak snow's on my 05 XB last year that were on sale and it went thru the snow like a champ. The only issue I had all winter was that I "plowed" thru a wedge of snow at 40 mph that a snowplow left in the middle of the highway that was about 15 inches high and several feet thick. It cracked the bottom air dam and knocked out the honeycomb inserts. I got it repaired in 2 weeks but will be more careful when driving on the highway in a snow storm. So don't worry about geting stuck--with the snows you'll have excellent traction.
  • jfritschjfritsch Member Posts: 958
    Is anyone paying near the $15350 price for the base Xb with mats and auto. Numerous dealers here in cincinnati have close to this ($100 -$150 fees with title. I think one had $50 fees) one had $400 fees. Folks within 100 mi should consider trying the 7-10 Cincinnati and dayton dealers. It may be worth 200mi round trip to save $400+

    Doesn't the scion business model generally focus on factory orders with just a little inventory sitting on lots for sale, display and demo? compared to other makes. (In other words they are always in short "supply")


    That fee is not excessive as a total fee, given the short supply of xBs. The 3 dealers in Louisville have total fees of $400, $500 and $950. I went with the dealer who had the $500 fees. They are just a market value adjustment.
  • canuck785canuck785 Member Posts: 160
    than you for your infos!!
    i was a jeep wrangler and a jeep cherokee driver for yrs and i will have to get use to be "careful" again!!! ;) with my jeeps, i was going anywhere without a worry ;)
    i lived in quebec, canada until last yr when i moved to kansas, so i am still in my "snow" mode i guess!!! :P
    up there, we always worry about cars in the snow and which winter tires are the best!!! ahahah
    i will forward the info to my husband and cross my fingers!!! ;)
    the xA is way cuter (in my opinion) but i love the room in the xB and i felt really secure when i test drove it, and coming from a JEEP girl that says a lot!!! :)
  • cocteau3cocteau3 Member Posts: 8
    I got today one of the genuine Scion XB nose covers, or "bra" type cover. It covers the nose only, fits very well, does not rattle in the wind. I've heard it is necessary to remove it even when it has rained. This seems very impractical. Does the paint actually "fog" if one leaves the cover on when wet? I find the xB nose piece to be a major design flaw, and I've gotten about 6 tiny chips in only three months, so I have to cover it with something! The plastic bugshield I ordered (aftermarket) makes so much wind noise :( even at 40 mph or lower, it's awfully loud. Help??
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    I got the Colgan bra, and their instructions say to remove and dry a wet bra due to the chance of paint damage.

    They say usually nothing happens, but in extraordinary circumstances the finish may absorb moisture which can cause hazing, dulling, clouding, whitening. Usually these effects are reversible.

    Moisture absorbtion can occur from:
    - a wax or sealant that has not fully cured or was improperly applied.
    - recent paint not fully cured.
    - poor quality or improperly formulated paint that may never cure.
    - improperly applied paint that may never cure.
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    I just bought my XB in mid June of 06. I paid 15,998.07 out the door with tax, license, title, 5 spd and floormats only.
    The dealer was in Bakersfield, Ca. and is Bill Wright Toyota/Scion. All of the other local dealers tried to play games. Like "this XB came this way from Japan", all the extras are added at the ports based on what the dealer orders. (costs the same to have a extra added at the dealer). "We have that color and 5 spd in stock with NO options" and I get there and there is $1,800.00 of crap added to the car. "All Scions get the glass ID etching", no they do not. And the list goes on.

    But the dealer that I mentioned above told me everything straight, and delivered what I asked for in less than a week from the day that I walked on their lot, approx. 110 miles from my residence.

    So beware there are good dealers out there and there are dealers that are only looking to put as much crap on a XA & XB so they can make more money. I called Toyota and asked about the price that was posted on the internet and Toyota told me that it was a "FIRM" price minus tax and license fees. Bill Wright told me that I could buy my XB for the price that was advertised by Scion on the internet plus add 8% to that figure to cover tax and license fees, and they hit just below the figure that I came up with.

    So it was worth the drive to me, and there are lots of Toyota/Scion dealers that are closer, but they can have their games.

    Any questions just ask.


  • ck90211ck90211 Member Posts: 158
    I went to a Toyota/Scion dealer (Miller Toyota in Culver City, CA) today to get on the obligatory Prius wait list (MSRP), and out of curiosity, I asked the sales guy what they are selling Scions for. According to him, xB/xA are going MSRP, and tC with some discount. I was surprised, becasue Corolla's are bigger, has better mileage, and can be had for $ 13000 (CE model). But I set in an xB and was really amazed at the space inside. If this Prius does not workout (long wait or whatever may happen), I am going for a xB.
  • jdsquanejdsquane Member Posts: 2
    So i am considering the xB to replace my P.O.S. vw golf
    took it for a test drive loved it but am a little scared by no haggle idea of price.
    Since thats set in stone i guess i can still haggle about
    trade in value on the vw but here's my question:

    when i looked on the scion website and was building my xB
    all of the accessories, both int. and ext. had a little disclaimer saying that the price of the accessories varies and so i thought: HERES a possible window for haggling.

    has anyone out there tried haggling on the price of accessories for their xB? I dont want to trick mine out
    but theres a few i'd definitely like and if its possible to get the dealer down on the price of accessories i'd definitely like to give it a shot.

    thanks for the help....
    andy m.
  • jfritschjfritsch Member Posts: 958
    Send out bids at the end of the month (now) to 10+ scion dealers ask for your color(s) options (floormats etc.) Price OTD taxes fees options everything. Flexibility on colors at least is good. Preferably use the fax method in Braggs package. Go out to a 200mi radius or whatever you wish.

    Tell them your are getting 10 quotes and will take the lowest price. That you will definitely be buying in the next few days (before EOM). Avoid quickquotes thru edmunds, etc as dealers pay for exclusive rights for these and quotes will usually be noncompetitive. Go thru individual dealer websites from dealer locator on SCION website if email (with your cell#) is your choice.

    Bring up trade after narrowing to 3 dealers to compete . If it is in good shape maybe get a phone quote. They may overappraise your trade to book a sale at the EOM.

    I don't know how much your VW is worth. If substantial, shop your trade to several VW dealers (preferably) . Tell them you need cash and your shopping around and need to sell this car today, and you want their best shot on your car and you will sell it if their price is high enough. (It won't be.... sounds ok but I've got substantially better offers .. (What are the offers?: substantially more than what you gave ) I'll look around--give card with cell # "in case the scenery changes") Do this 2 or three times for a cherry auto. Will give you a decent view of the market and minimizes the worst of the lowballs + leaves an opening for callbacks if they did. Gets the offers to firm up quicker. (Bibles, bluebooks, kelly, edmunds can vary substantially-- higher or lower than what the market around you will bear. and it gives you an idea of what SCION should approach. )

    Perhaps they'll give you a few hundred more for your trade to move a SCION and book a sale. Perhaps some add ons at cost or better. All in total quote. Your canvas of 10 + dealers will reveal the most eager. (in general,70% aren't)

    Depending on financing situation you may wind up selling the trade to the VW dealer if the SCION offers aren't adequate.

    Ya never know till ya try, and ya gotta get MANY (not just 3-4) competing bids to get narrowed down to those few who may want to move a car.

    --Happy Hunting

  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    Years ago I once asked a few dealers for "bids" and got no reply. xBs are in high demand and short supply, so I wonder if dealers have any incentive to bid.
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    There is a little room for haggling on accessories. I don't think the list prices include installation, so the installation cost can probaby be negotiated. However, if you are at all handy, you can buy almost all of the accessories cheaper online and install them yourself. I did that with mats, fog lights, sway and strut bars, cabin filter and wood dash.

    The biggest difference in price for me was shopping the dealers' fees. They are free to charge any fees they want, as part of their "pure price". They are supposed to post fees in the showroom, but they usually satisfy the posting requirement by putting the fees on their websites under "About Us", which I did not know. The three dealers around me had total fees of $900, $500 and $400. I encountered the $900 at the first dealer I went to. I did not really notice the $900 until I asked that dealer to write up a purchase order, which showed some strangely worded items like "special benefits package" and "salesman" that he admitted were fees. When I tried to negotiate the excessive $900 in fees, I was told to go check other dealers. So I did.
  • jdsquanejdsquane Member Posts: 2
    thanks a lot....those posts are extremely helpful.
    when you say you bought the parts online, are you talking
    about direct from scion and then installing them yourself
    or off of some other website?
    i'm fairly handy and what i can't do i think i could
    get my brother to do, but i would like to make sure
    scion parts go into the car so that i dont end up messing with the warranty.

    anyways, thanks again for the tips....
    andy m.
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    Scion only sells the accessories through dealers. Accessories that are difficult or time-consuming to install are usually installed in port facilities before the car reaches the dealer. Examples of these might be TRD clutch, shifter, cruise control, spoiler, fog lights. The dealers do floor mats, wheel covers, radios. I had my dealer put in the basic radio and the wheel covers. Then I got this stuff online except for the shocks, and I installed it all except for the sunroof, leather seat covers and cruise control:

    Rear shocks, pair SensaTrac #5987 NAPA 76
    Cabin air filter OEM Precision 28
    Console arm rest Zeta Precision 204
    Exhaust tip Valor NewScion Carson 50
    Floor mats OEM ScionWarehouse 55
    Fog lights OEM ScionWarehouse 219
    R bumper applique OEM ScionWarehouse 45
    Rubber floor mats Classic W31-W20 F&R WeatherTech 112
    Cargo mat OEM ScionWarehouse 45
    Grille OEM, black Greentree Toyota 122
    Body side molding Black rubber Custom Auto Trim 115
    Black ground effects Bedliner spray Line-X of Louisville 350
    Rear sway bar TRD Sparks Toyota 155
    Strut bar DC Sports CS-2 CSB1401 Ptuning 92
    Dashboard cover Suede, black Calif Car Cover 45
    Sunroof Webasto Inbuilt 640 Auto Sunroof Co. 1272
    Leather seats Katzskins, black Auto Sunroof Co. 1272
    Seat cover Superfit single Sheepskin Outlet 72
    Wood dash Veneerz - basic kit 71
    Cruise control Rostra AllScion 195
    Bra, 2-pc carb fiber Colgan Colgan 200
    ScanGuageII Linear Logic Linear Logic 180
    (The prices include shipping. Add $150 to the cruise control for professional installation.)
  • bprendersonbprenderson Member Posts: 99

    Did the "Dashboard cover Suede, black Calif Car Cover" lay perfectly flat on the dash and more importantly did it stop all the reflected glare? I have a DashMat Black on my Honda FIT that blocks 100% of the glare but doesn't particularly fit very well. Thanks...............

  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    I don't use the suede dashmat except when the car is driven with the windows up or parked in hot sun. Most of the time the dashmat is rolled up behind the rear seat.

    Since I don't use it all the time, I only stuck the hooked velcro tape in two places around the speedo housing. The hooked tape grabs the back of the dashmat gently. The dashmat lies on the xB dash very well if I take time to place it carefully and leave it there for a day. But most of the time I just slap in on the dash for a few hours and don't care if I don't get it perfect. If I used spots of tape everywhere and left the dashmat in place to settle out, it would lie perfectly.

    The dash used to get almost too hot to touch in the sun, which increased the load on the AC and made the parked car very hot. The dashmat only gets warm to the touch, which reduces the load on the AC and makes the parked car a lot cooler.
  • mskelly0024mskelly0024 Member Posts: 1
    Hi I am considering buying a new scion xb and trading in my chrysler sebring. I am wondering though, since scion has the whole pure price thing, why would you pick one dealership over another besides distance and availability of the model? Also I am in Phoenix, AZ so if anyone has any positive or negative experiences with dealerships out here please share!
  • jfritschjfritsch Member Posts: 958
    Check my message #12481 in the Honda Accord prices paid discussion for useful info on how to buy a car.

    In a no dicker Saturn like situation for the Scion your major determinant would be price otd with all your options with all fees and taxes. The biggie in your case would be the trade allowance offered. Although they have little flexibility on the raw sticker, the options and fees they have more leeway on as well of course, the trade.

  • dwynnedwynne Member Posts: 4,018
    If you had no trade-in, then with "pure pricing" it would come down to the amount each dealer charges for dealer fees (can run from $50 up to $500, I have heard) and if they have the color and transmission choice you want in stock.

    With a trade in, then it would be a choice of how much they will allow on your Sebring and how high the dealer fee is. Find the combo that nets you the best price.

  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    When I bought my xB in Louisville in Feb 2006, the total fees at the three dealers were $400, $500 and $900 (!)
    At the $900 dealer, some of the fees did not become apparent until the purchase order was drawn up for me to sign. There were pre-printed lines on it like Special Benefits Package and Saleperson, and the dealer had filled in $600 for one and $200 for the other, which were nothing but fees.
    I didn't buy from that dealer.
  • dwynnedwynne Member Posts: 4,018
    Link to free CR 10 best and worst depreciation story

    The Scion xb is #3 in holding value behind only the Prius and the Mini. The xA is #9 and the Civic is #10 .

  • jfritschjfritsch Member Posts: 958
    Word to the wise, with the depreciation situation, buy a new xa, xb, even with $200-300 in doc fees.

    My friend just sold a 2 yr old xb with 29000 miles on it for about $1300 less than a new one at his dealership (to some nimrod no doubt but still...)


    The Scion xb is #3 in holding value behind only the Prius and the Mini. The xA is #9 and the Civic is #10 .

  • sduff68sduff68 Member Posts: 52
    I purchased a 2005 Scion XB automatic from Carmax for 15,500.00. (By the way I LOVE CARMAX, best way to buy a used car in my opinion)

    Afterwards I went to the Scion dealership down the street and realized I could have got a brand new 2006 for the same amount.

    However, my Scion came with alloy wheels, rear spoiler, and euro style tail lights, so I probably still saved money.

    The only feature I think I really missed out on was the radio controls on the steering wheel.

    I love the car, it handles great, gets great gas mileage, feels more roomier than the Ford Explorer I traded in, and I was able to load it up with an incredible amount of boxes and luggage when I had to move a couple of months ago.

    I miss some features that I am accustomed cruise control.

    Can someone who has had the cruise control installed tell me how clean the installation is and how well it works?. Also, what is the lowest speed you can have it set for? I like to set my cruise control when I am driving in 25 mph zones to keep me honest.
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    [quote] Can someone who has had the cruise control installed tell me how clean the installation is and how well it works?. Also, what is the lowest speed you can have it set for? I like to set my cruise control when I am driving in 25 mph zones... [/quote]

    The cruise control is made by Rostra, whether installed by the port or the dealer or aftermarket. I bought mine aftermarket from and they provided the name of a local installer (who had done 75 for the three local Scion dealers). I studied the instructions and the car, and could have installed it if I was not 6'-2" and 64 yrs with a stiff back and trifocals. The vision was the worst, as you must be able to look upward and see perfectly 3 inches in front of your face. So I paid the installer, who did it in two hours while I waited. It is a clean stalk on the steering column, below and behind the car's stalk. I had mine installed high and further back, so I would never hit it with my big knees getting in. As a result I can't see the ON light behind the steering wheel, but it is only visible at night anyway, and you learn to use the control by feel anyway.

    I have a manual transmission and only use the cruise control when on the Interstate. With an automatic, I think you might be able to set it on 25 mph if you could maintain that speed for a few minutes at a time. But in practice under normal driving conditions where you would be using 25 mph, I think the cruise control, the engine/trans and you would all go crazy. If this is what you want to do, I am very sure that things will not work the way you want. Expect to spend about $350.
  • sduff68sduff68 Member Posts: 52
    Thanks for the response on the cruise control. I think I will add it to my XB when I get the opportunity.

    Happy New Year!
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