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Scion xB Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Get your deposit and go somewhere else. I have a blue xB with a manual and you can get one.

    You are not going to see a manual in any color on any lot. Dealerships assumes everyone drives automatics. Actually about 90% of Americans do.
  • Call Scion and let them know what happened. They should contact the dealer and find out what's going on.
    Like any manufacturer, they only have limited power against their dealers, but they do have tools to use.

    for state sales tax rates.

    Oregon, New Hampshire, Montana, Delaware, Alaska are listed as 0% sales tax..
  • The form at the dealership said the deposit was NON refundable.

    Given that I am not a quiet sort of fellow, I wrote some people in Toyota. Specifically, every Regional Manager for the brand in North America. That got me an e-mail from a guy named David Christ, Brand Manger for Scion. Nice e-mails.

    It is January 31 and still no car.

    I forwarded my e-mails to the sales manager at the dealership. Per the advice of Mr. Christ, I am dealing only with him. His response was, "so, do you want to cancel your order or what? We have the ETA for this car listed as this week."

    Let me repeat, I ordered this in October 2005.

    There is a great chance that Scion's are great cars. I have no idea. A brief test drive with what has to the world's most gifted liar is my only experience with the car.

    This has to be the worst dealership in the universe. :lemon:
  • Hopefully things will turn out. Went to Toyota of Downtown Seattle and was told they could get any color in a week and a half (saw a white one that was already sold on the lot and I have to say, It looked pretty sharp), then after a half hour of filling out forms and talking accessories he comes back to me and say there's not a Red one in a five state radius to be had! What?! Black, White, or Silver, your choice. Hell with that. I had some time left in the day so I went out to Lake City Toyota and they said they had the Salsa one coming into Portland in a day! Plus Downtown Toyota wanted $500 bucks to hold one and Lake City only wanted $100. Granted LC is a bit far from my house but I think it's a no brainer. Though I'm tempted to call up Downtown T and see how much he would like to compete. Oh yeah, anybody get LED illumination system. should I invest in something else?
  • I'm going to the dealership to sign papers tonight and they will deliver my camouflage metallic xB (no extra options, just the standard) tomorrow. I'll be writing a check for $16266.45 tax, title & doc fee included. The documnetation fee is $249. They wouldn't budge on that. Other dealers doc fees are a lot less, but none had one on the lot. I would have had to order, and judging from some stories on this board, I don't want to do that. I think that is a fair price.
  • I went to one dealer to place an order, and they presented me with a purchase order to sign with these fees filled in:
    Special Benefits Package (i.e. extra profit for dealer) 598.98
    Sales Consultant Fee (i.e. extra pay for saleman) 250.00
    Docment Fee 99.95

    When I complained, they said I should check another dealer. I went to a second dealer about 30 minutes further away, and their fees were $547 less, so I signed their PO and gave them the deposit. For an xB with manual and no options, the total price out the door was $15,881.

    I complained to Scion about the first dealer's hidden fees, and was told dealers are free to set their own prices but must post them. But the cars around here only show the MSRP sticker. Then some else told me that dealers do their "posting" on their websites, and sure enough, buried in the first dealer's website were all those high fees. I guess that satisfied the requirement for "posting".

    My dealer said dealers in this region are invited to place their orders in mid-month just after an auto-ship departs Japan, for the number of cars allocated to them. They also get to "preference" certain details about the cars, and then get a confirmation. The cars take about 3 weeks to reach the California port, have some options installed, and be put onto various regional trains. Dealers nationwide can trade any cars before they get on the train, and after that, they can only trade cars on their regional train. All this is done on computers by the dealers and Scion/Toyota. My train will take about 2 weeks to drop cars along the route and reach Chicago, where my car will then go on a truck to Louisville. Total waiting time: at least 6 weeks. I will get three calls: first when the car is on the dock and I am told its VIN, second when it leaves the train and is ready to truck, and third when it arrives to schedule delivery.
  • Granted I got my xB last year, but mine was 15933 with five options. Those fees must be high even at the other dealership.
  • P.S. mine was an automatic... AND I LOVE IT!
  • I've put down a deposit and am waiting for an xB. The salesman has a Salsa Red in a manual transmission, but I want a lighter color. He only has automatics in light colors (Silver or White). Should I wait longer to get what I want or just take an automatic transmission. Is the gas mileage much better with a 5speed? I don't put many miles on a car, but want the best gas mileage possible. I expect to have this car for a long time and know the gas prices are going much higher in the coming years.
  • The automatic gets 1 mpg better, city or hwy, because it is geared to go lower rpms. The automatic is more relaxed and quieter on the interstate, but less peppy on acceleration. If you want the best mileage, consider the automatic, but also consider how long it will take 1 mpg to pay back $800. If you like the control and responsiveness and performance of the manual transmission, you won't be happy with the automatic.
  • I would like to lease an xB for 36 months, probably with 15K miles per year. What have your experiences been with residual values and how options affect the residual value. Also what type of bank rates have you been able to get. TFS is not an authorized lender in NC, so I can't go through them.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,017
    A large newspaper reporter aims to interview someone who is on the waiting list for a Scion. Please respond to before Sunday, March 4, 2006 with your daytime/weekend contact info and the model you’re on the waiting list for.


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  • danbergdanberg Posts: 1
    Looking to purchase a xB. Any suggestions on having a dealership / others install a cruise control? Local Toyota dealership in Mentor, Ohio wants $600 for an installed cruise control. Seems quite high, as other Toyota's models offer that as an option for $200 - $250!
  • is there traction control with a manual transmission, thanks
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    all xb's come with traction control regardless of transmission
  • Hi everybody.
    just got a thundercloud box home today. here's how it happened.
    1. saw-test drove-loved :)
    2. ordered-manual with cruise- deposited $500
    3. haggle free- decided on MSRP+doc fees (170)+registration charges for MI
    4. asked dealer if cruise ($395) was dash-integrated-said yes
    5. dealer got the car from another dealer in 2 weeks
    6. cruise did not have dash-integration- asked dealer why :mad: - dealer said he was mistaken- i asked for a $200 reduction from cruise- deal done- the car already had a full tank of gas as well
    7. All in all a very good experience- i would recommend Dunning Scion in Ann Arbor (MI)- paid $15860 (out of the door)
  • cocteau3cocteau3 Posts: 8
    Anybody have any experience buying a Scion xB in Kentucky? I'm getting a huge range of documentation fees (add on BS) from dealers. Some dealers claim they can search available cars and trade with other dealers, but one good dealer seems to have access to the California inventory, which yields better results. My thoughts are the doc fee should be waived, since there's already the $540 delivery, prep, etc. fee built in to the price, non-negotiable. Obviously the dealers just want to pad their profit. Any recommended dealerships would be appreciated!
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    I began looking in January. I first dealt with Oxmoor Toyota, and asked the salesman to write out the complete price on the back of his card. He put down something like $750 tax, $600 for delivery and $100 documentation, but later I noticed that the delivery/prep cost is already included in the MSRP. I realized later that he had to include a lot of extra fees but did not want to identify them as fees at this point, so he “innocently” double-added the delivery/prep.

    When I got serious in February, I asked Oxmoor to write up a purchase order so I could reserve a car still in shipment with a deposit. Until you get a detailed breakdown on a PO, you don’t really know where all the costs are. The salesman drafts the PO and the sales manager has to approve it. The PO detailed a lot of fees, some of which were not called that. One line item was Special Benefits Package $600. I asked what that was, because I didn’t want it. I was told it was a dealer fee. Another item was Saleperson $250. The salesman said he was not on commission and that was his pay.

    Since Scion is sold on a Pure-Price policy where there is no negotiation, I left Oxmoor. By looking at dealer websites under About Us, I later found that Oxmoor has $950 in fees, Toyota of Louisville (Swope) has $500, and Greentree has $400. I went with Swope because it's total fees were $540 less than Oxmoor's, plus I liked the salesman and the feeling of the place and the better physical plant. It is rather far out Dixie Hwy for me, but I don’t plan on going there often.
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    "... Some dealers claim they can search available cars and trade with other dealers, but one good dealer seems to have access to the California inventory, which yields better results."

    I doubt that there is a California inventory of xBs that some dealers can access and others can't. There is a limited supply, and demand is higher than supply. Each dealer is given a monthly allocation. Most of their allocated xBs are pre-sold with deposits while on the ship. Many of those that are not pre-sold are then traded among dealers while on the train or truck. Not many xBs reach the lot un-presold.

    I have noticed that one dealer here seems to get more xBs and sooner. That same dealer has unusually high fees. It makes me wonder if there is a bidding process among dealers who want to aggressively get more cars than allocated, financed by the fees they charge customers.
  • johnnyb11johnnyb11 Posts: 50
    What kind of luck are people having selling their xb's. I know the resale is high, suggesting demand is high. However, I am not getting any calls (upstate NY). My 2005 xb was about 18,500 with options (including 7 ye/100k toyota warranty) and I'm now asking 16,500, with warranty included, and have 19,000 miles on it. Based on what I'm seeing others advertised at, it seems to be a reasonable price I'm asking, but alas no calls. Anyone else out there sell one of these or know someone who has?
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    I saw a used AT xB on a dealer's lot with 1,500 miles indicated on the sticker. I asked a salesman for the price, and he said $21,000 but they might knock off a couple thou. Some people will apparently pay considerably more than MSRP + Fees, in order to avoid waiting for a month or two.

    Your asking price of $16,500 for a 2004 with 16,500 miles evidently not low enough to compete with a new car. Two weeks ago I paid MSRP + $500 Fees for a new MT xB. I did not want a warranty, and disregarding the tax, the cost was $15,000. I had a waiting period of four weeks.
  • I say go automatic - otherwise you won't get overdrive.
  • cocteau3cocteau3 Posts: 8
    I can now answer my own question regarding KY area dealers. I live near Louisville, so I experienced Oxmoor Toyota, and have heard years of stories about their mode of doing business. I'm not surprised they add on, double up, and expect extra sales fees, etc. As for the pure price experience, don't expect it to happen there. On to good dealers . . . I got a good rundown from Greentree, who explained reputable dealers stick to pure price, and the destination of $540 is the only charge you'll see. However, he explained that all dealers will vary in their documentation fees, which are for going to the DMV and getting a temp tag and paying the taxes, transfer, registration, plates (the law requires dealers to do this rather than the customer so we can't save the money). Greentree reported a $299 fee, Toyota of Louisville a $498 fee, and Oxmoor . . . well, that was $599 before the rest of the shenanigans. So I went down the road to Glenn Scion in Frankfort, only 40 miles away, found the color I wanted, had a good experience with no pressure, sales gimmicks, or added secret charges that go against Scion philosophy. The doc fee was $229.50. Even when I said I would order my accessories online, there was no hassle. I had no wait since they had just gotten in an automatic, blue that was scheduled for trade to another dealership, but he sold it to me instead. There were about three other xB's in stock in other colors.

    Regarding CA inventories, I think what I meant was the dealer said he could look for his own inventory that was scheduled to arrive via truck from the west coast (actually Portland, OR as port city), reserve one, and pre-sell to me. Thus the confusion about searching common inventory.
  • cocteau3cocteau3 Posts: 8
    Sounds like you found good ol' Oxmoor . . . see other postings re: them. Good for you to walk away! Who needs the BS!!
  • cocteau3cocteau3 Posts: 8
    Where do you live? Your taxes must be a bit lower than in KY. Here, the same was 16555.96 with cargo mat + floor mats (120 added cost for options).
  • cocteau3cocteau3 Posts: 8
    The unit used here at the local dealerships and installers is made by Rostra, and costs approximately 179 - 200 depending on the source. My local installer will do the job for $349 including parts. So that's about $150 for labor, entirely worth it. Don't pay the dealers because they generally farm out the work anyway. Ask a good dealer where they get the job done.
  • My husband and I just got back from the Manhattan showroom (Toyota/Scion of Manhattan on 11th Ave) having NOT bought a car! The posted hours are from 12-5pm on Sunday, and we came at 3:50pm. We walked around looking for a few moments and only saw Toyotas; salespeople generally avoided making eye contact with us. We were both reasonably well dressed; casual but not in any way bohemian or ragged. When we finally asked the man at the reception desk if there were any Scions to see, he answered by telling us that it was closing time and they were locking people out now and the sales staff was already gone. It wasn't even 4pm at that time, and we did see a lot of employees around, but just a few talking with customers. The rest were joking around about it being the end of the day. The receptionist finally admitted there were Scions to see on the 2nd floor and was going on about how they were closing up as we went to the elevator. We did manage to spend a few minutes with an xB, but when I was in the rest room, the receptionist came upstairs and told my husband it was time to go and he had to leave in spite of the fact that just before I went into the rest room, I saw a salesman usher a family into his office to discuss what they wanted in a car. When I came out, the receptionist followed us around as we visited the 2 xBs they had on that floor and remarked loudly to a colleague that he was waiting for "THESE people" to go so he could lock up (the salesman who was talking with the family in his office was clearly having a leisurely conversation with them; no fire on HIS desk). I finally asked him about the possibility of ordering the exact car I wanted with the exact options. He went on an exasperated soliloquy about how sometimes there is a waiting list for as long as 90 days (though somewhere in there he did admit that there wasn't presently a waiting list) and there are a limited number of cars that come in because the car is popular and so when they come in, customers just take them right away no matter what color or options it has. Since he was clearly not answering any question I'd asked, I asked again and with a grimace he continued until I interrupted him saying "what I heard in all of that was you telling me that I can't order a car because they're too popular and this dealer won't do it. Is that accurate?" He said it was (probably the first and only of my questions he answered directly). It was really too bad; they lost a sale. We came to buy a car TODAY. We have great credit and were considering financing with them, they could have sold us that $2500 panoramic moonroof, the fog lights, the security package and the 17" wheels. I came in knowing exactly what I wanted, they could probably have accomplished the sale in as long as it took them to write it up. I could even have waited 90 days for it; my Acura runs just fine and will keep going for as long as I need it.
    Having said all that, anyone know of a great dealership in the tri-state (NY) area? I'm willing to travel for it, but won't shop with a dealership that's going to spit on my hand as I'm writing them a check for $20,000.
  • Thank you very much for your offer, though I have my mind set on a new xB, blue with a manual transmission. How are the new car dealers in Albany? I think I'm spoiled: I had the best dealer ever in Curry Acura (from Scarsdale in Westchester).
  • johnnyb11johnnyb11 Posts: 50
    Years ago I bought a Honda from Curry in Yorktown.

    Our Toyota dealers are okay. I got mine from Northway Toyota in Latham because they were the nicest, least intrusive and most willing to address my interests. I really had no problems.

    Good luck.
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