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I got a lease quote today for a 2016 RDX. Can you please take a look at the numbers and let me know if they're ok?

2016 RDX
MSRP 37690
Cap Cost 36336
Net Cap Cost 35391
Residulal 61%
12,000 miles/year
0.00048 MF
$2800 downpayment
$394 per month payment (including CT sales tax at 6.35%)

Thank you!


  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 232,928
    A base model? For 36 months?

    Money factor and residual are correct.

    Using the MSRP and Net CAP, I get $372/mo.+tax., so that part is right.

    The Net CAP is about $950 under the CAP, so where is the rest of the $2800 upfront money going? If you have an itemization, and the charges all seem legitimate, then you only have to be worried about the sale price. If you are happy with that, then all is good.

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  • surrealist32surrealist32 Member Posts: 7

    Thanks so much, yes, its the base with 36 months. When I told her what I was currently driving she gave me the $750 conquest cash which dropped the price to $372 (incl tax)

    Included in that $2800 is first month payment and the $349 conveyance fee + other fees. It's all itemized.

    I think I can feel pretty good with that price. I really appreciate you checking my math!
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