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Help! Chrysler 300M losing coolant

ambottomambottom Member Posts: 1
edited September 2016 in Chrysler
I have a Chrysler 300M with a 3.5L high intake motor. it has recently started acting up, I bought her at a used car lot, she has 190,000+ miles on her. When I give it her gas, she acts like shes in neutral, I let up on the gas and resume speed, she acts just fine, shes losing antifreeze and I keep having tire trouble, I know she sounds like a lemon but its goin on almost 2 yrs since I bought her and tho I've had to have the radiator and thermostat replaced, antifreeze keeps leaking tho its not leaving puddles so I assume shes drinking it like beer. she did make it to Louisville KY and back with no issues, actually seemed to enjoy the drive but in the city with stop and go a must(I'm a HHA) shes acting up, I need help, FAST!!!! advice anyone??????????


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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Well for the transmission issue, first thing I'd check is the fluid level, and if that's okay, I'd do a service on it--oil and filter.

    For the coolant loss---well, it's either leaking or burning, there are no other possibilities. You can buy an inexpensive cooling system pressure pump (applied to the radiator filler neck) and pressurize the cooling system to a few PSI more than your radiator cap's rating. This should reveal the source of the leak. If you don't see a leak, then you should maintain the pressure and extract the spark plugs one by one, and look for coolant on one or more of them--that means you have a bad head gasket.

    If your cooling system is all plugged up, the car could also be burping the coolant out of the reservoir tank.
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    tobytodtobytod Member Posts: 1
    It;s a good possibility that it leaks from the o-ring located on the lower side of the air intake. The heater bypass tube is located there and it has an o-ring on the end of the tube and that tube is bolted to the manifold.
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