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Ford FreeStyle Subframe Rust

rockbandmomrockbandmom Member Posts: 2
edited April 2017 in Ford
OK, guys. I went to the Ford dealer last summer and at 122,500 miles got a TON of work done on my car. Brakes, replaced lower steering shaft, alternator, and sway bar links. Recently, I was hearing a chirping noise that was off and on that got more prevalent. Didn't know if it was a belt or what so I stopped off at a Meneike place, and they said don't get anymore work done on this car until you check out the subframe.

OK, I was upset because I had just put a ton of work into the car six months ago. I went back to the Ford dealer. They said they don't do subframe crossmember engine cradle work. I said it was rusty and if it costs a ton of money to fix I would have liked to have known about it before I put in $2300 six months before. I went to their collision place and they said I needed a new part 7F9Z5C145AA which is discontinued but costs $2700. Now I was very upset, because the labor to fix this would be incredible! They guy said they have to take out everything, the engine, just everything to replace it.

But WAIT! There is sunshine at the end of the rainbow!

There is a company that is fixing it right now for $700. (I'll ask for a photo when they complete the job.) They actually make a part that fixes it rather than replaces it. They said it was just rusted out in the middle and the rest of it looked fine. I guess they also do this with Jeeps, etc. and they can actually send you the parts so you can fix it yourself. (Not me.) Well, they had a Ford Freestyle in the week before so they already had the measurements that is why they said they could fix it so inexpensively. (They said that "hot spots" of rust happen suddenly to a model year, so there could be a cascade of this happening.)

Anyhow, I want to post this because I have kids in college, etc. and I really need the car to keep working for three more years, and now it will! Yeehaw! And I'd like to help others in the same boat.

I hope I can post the name of the company, because if this starts happening to a lot of freestyles they can package the part and send it across the country. I traveled 1 1/2 from MA to RI to get this done. TOTALLY worth it! It is called Auto Rust. They have been in business 40 years, and when we dropped it off this morning we kept on reading letters on the wall of the place thanking them... People came from Bangor, Maine, Texas, just everywhere!


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    rockbandmomrockbandmom Member Posts: 2
    Got it back and the actual total was less than $600. It is now three months later. I took it back to the original Meineke place that had alerted me and they were amazed by the workmanship. Don't give up on these cars!
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    robert1981robert1981 Member Posts: 2
    what will make you sick to your stomach is that is the same sub frame as on the windstar and that is under recall why not the freestyle too. same problem by the way i know i have a freestyle. and to make matters worse for me i bought the car in 2013 ford owned it in 2012 i just found out today that the car has been under recall since 2012 so they sold me knowingly a deffective car for an engine surge problem
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    WillsMudderWillsMudder Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2018
    @rockbandmom -- Son (commutes to college) needs this exact product for his Freestyle. Which AutoRust store did you go to? Generic google search doesn't show they do Freestyles.
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Call them anyway.
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    vicpiervicpier Member Posts: 1
    can you please attach a photo of the repair, so that my guy can do the same fix. or provide a link to the firm or part?
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    thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,754
    I wouldn't repair the cradle, I would just replace it with a used one. The post above is was quoted incorrectly, there are tools that can hold the engine and transaxle in place while the cradle is replaced, so everything does not have to be removed. Here is an example of what a used cradle will cost. https://www.ebay.com/i/153228805353?chn=ps
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