ZERO Acceleration!

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Making a new thread as my problem seems different than other thread. My 04 SRX with the V8 suddenly developed a problem. After starting, it runs real rough initially and I get a message that it's operating on limited power. There is absolutely no acceleration so when I put it in drive and press the pedal there is no response. The car moves but like 1-2 mph. I drove down the block and turned around and barely go back into the driveway. The car has been running normal a day ago so not sure what the problem is. I've started it a couple times and it does not change or "reset" itself. I've read other acceleration problems which seem different. Any suggestions? Will likely need to have it towed to a dealership which is my very last resort.


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    You can't say much without a scan of the car's computer. Could be lots of things. Don't you have a good independent repair shop in your area? They should be able to deal with this. Perhaps you'll get lucky and only need good cleaning of the throttle body and MAF sensor.
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    Guess I could have it towed to a mechanic to see what they can find. I do have to have a recall of the ignition switch done by the dealer so I was thinking it'd be easier to take it one place. I usually avoid dealerships for general stuff cause they are usually a lot higher. Previously I took it in to a mechanic and it had about 25 error codes on it but it ran fine. I'm wanting to sell the car so I just don't want to dump too much $ into it and so far this vehicle has been a money pit!
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    Ah, too bad. .Well you can't sell it the way it is .Without codes, you're working blind. Is this mechanic really good? If so, he could figure this out.
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