How much discount on a 2014 leftover CLS550

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Hey All,

I am wondering how much of a discount I could snag on a leftover 2014 CLS550. There is a black / black one in stock locally with an MSRP of 84k. I have seen another dealer with a similar 2014 listed at 68k. I am wondering how much of a discount everyone thinks I could snag on this baby?

Appreciate the feedback.


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    Well considering that you can probably buy a 2015 for $68K with few, if any, miles on it, and considering that the CLS was restyled for 2015, I'd say there's still room to bargain. Of course, the dealer isn't going ot sell it for less than he paid for it. What I'd do is price out some clean, low miles used 2014s and then add a little to your offer for the "new" 2014. You should be able to score a used 2014 under 10,000 miles for somewhere in the very low $50K range, sooooo....I'd say you could knock a good chunk off that $68K offering....maybe $58K? Seems to me if you can buy a CPO 2014 with 7,000 miles for $52K, you aren't going to pay too much more for a "new" one.

    The problem with leftovers is that the dealer wants YOU to take the depreciation hit, and you want HIM to take the depreciation hit.

    I sure wouldnn't pay $10,000 over for the "new" car just to get those 7,000 miles back that the "used" one has. The minute you drive the "new" one off the lot, it's going to be worth only a few thousand bucks more than the used one with 7,000 miles.
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    Great COMMENT... thanks
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