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Toyota Solara



  • Only your tailor (or wife, or life partner) will know. If you sway towards the left, go to, and let them know! We all love our cars, just want them to work as well as a Yugo or Corolla (made at the same plant in Ontario). The life YOU save might be your personal stylest, or your own!!!
  • Only your tailor (or wife, or life partner) will know. If you sway towards the left, go to, and let them know! We all love our cars, just want them to work as well as a Yugo or Corolla (made at the same plant in Ontario). The life YOU save might be your personal stylest, or your own!!!
  • Only your tailor (or wife, or life partner) will know. If you sway towards the left, go to, and let them know! We all love our cars, just want them to work as well as a Yugo or Corolla (made at the same plant in Ontario). The life YOU save might be your personal stylest, or your own!!!
  • I'm considering purchasing a Solara SLE and just had the opportunity to rent one for a weekend. I loved the car but found the DRL headlights to be a potential nuisance. I like the idea of DRL and think it's a great feature, however the driver should be able to turn off his headlights when needed. I can think of three instances where I might want to shut off my lights at night: when pulling into the driveway or making a 3 point turn in a residential neighborhood late at night and one doesn't want to shine their lights into the house. When out on a date and you want to park in a quiet area, be able to leave the motor running for heat or AC.... but want the privacy of having the lights off. And when a deer crosses at night and you need to kill the lights so he will unfreeze and run off the road.

    Has any Solara owner come up with a work around to allow the lights to be turned off for certain occasions without defeating the entire system?
  • ish4ish4 Posts: 5
    Quite honestly I hate this DRL feature but there is a way around it at least when your one a date and want some privacy while keeping on the A/C.
    Turn the car off, put the parking brake on and then restart the car. The lights will not go on.
  • ish4ish4 Posts: 5
    Has any one tried putting HID imitations headlights on their Solara?
    I have a silver SLEV6 and I put on some very nice PIAS Super Plasma headlights in my car. the car looks great but no visibility. You trade look for illumination.
    I was considering installing real HID's in my car but its a lot of $$$$$$ (around $1500). But the car looks incredible with them on and the light up the moon!
  • I installed some fake HID's as well. Why in the world would you ever trade in looks for visibility? I sent mine back for a refund. The claim that these bulbs contain 10% xenon is [non-permissible content removed]. The blue casing just filters out a certain color light (i forgot which) to achieve the blue/white light.
  • gpoltgpolt Posts: 113
    When people here say that they paid i.e. $500 over invoice plus frieght, are they quoting the invoice price posted on Edmunds and KBB, or are they quoting the invoice price given by the dealer? For example, many salesmen/women including those on THIS chat room add a $350 "mandatory" advertising fee to the Edmunds invoice price stating that it is an out of pocket cost which must be included to reflect their true invoice price. Therfore $500 over invoice ends up being $850 over the invoice figure reported on Edmund's cite; not to mention the 2% holdback the dealer gets from the manufacturer. So on a $500 over deal on a $20,000 Solara, is the dealer truly making $900 or are they really pocketing $1,250? Comments, please.
  • I had the same problem with the "manditory" advertising, handling, and documentation fees. Ridiculous, to say the least.
  • Try They will hook you up with a local participating dealer in your area. Edmunds and KBB dealer invoice prices do not include the regional advertising charge, charge for a full tank of gas, or doc fees. In Chicago the dealers add $256 for advertising and tank of gas plus $46 Doc Fee. price quote was $100 over Edmund/KBB invoice. Add the Adv,gas and doc fees and the car was $402 over invoice.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I will be on vacation for the next week and a half. I may be checking in from time to time but I don't know how often. I don't want any of you to think I am ignoring your questions.

    See ya'll when I get back on the 26th.

    Oh, and gpolt, I don't know if it was this topic or not, but I have addressed the advertising fee before. It is real and we can't escape paying it on the invoice. Edmund's even has a disclaimer about it in the invoice section.
  • I was reading the owner's manual for my '00 SLE and it makes reference to 2 types of boxes (a garage door opener box and an auxiliary box) that are interchangeable and which is located between the front visors. My car came equipped with only the garage door opener with the 3 buttons and no second box.

    Was there a subsequent chance in production? Does everyone have 1 or 2 boxes?
  • nrl76nrl76 Posts: 30
    I just found out that the 2001 Solara SLE will have the Power Remote Trunk release standard. Next step is to find out how much Toyota will charge to install it. It is about time!

    '99 SLE
    25,350 miles
  • Neil - you can bet it will be too much! It will surely mean a new remote receiver and some wiring as well as the solenoid, etc. Anyway, we will keep our fingers crossed!
  • My left light on my solara does not go on while it is on DRL and normal "on". But it works when I use the high-beam only!? why is this? Is it the solara's lighting wiring's problem, or just my halogen bulb? Are light bulbs seperated into high and low beam? and that my low beam part is broken?
    Please tell me what to do anyone! Thank you
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 739
    i got the two boxes when i bought the car back in 3/99-- i don't use the garage door opener box as i just clip the opener (genie) to the sun visor-- i use the auxiliary box for my sunglasses. i wish they had an auxiliary coinbox, cause the main one is a real drag.
  • The other box was in a box in the glove compartment when I bought my Solara. The ashtray makes a good coin box in any car. The real coin box makes a good place for the valet key, if you valet frequently.
  • The low beam filament in your left light is burned out. There are 2 filaments in each bulb - that is how you get low and high beams.
  • It shouldn't cost too much. The Solara is already wired for remote trunk release...that's what is in use when you open the trunk from inside the car. so i imagine it wouldn't be too hard to wire in something for a remote keychain
  • The '99 & '00 Solaras use a mechanical trunk release - it it s steel cable running from the release levers to the door latch and the gas cover - not electrical. Therfore - it is going to be a big deal to install the new one. I doubt Toyota forsaw the need for this and pre-wired the car for it.
  • The SLE comes with the programmable (HomeLink ?) system that has three buttons on it. The SE has a box with your choice of two "doors"--one that can hold sunglasses, or one that can be used to hold a garage door opener.

    The garage door opener "door" has a pass-through button on the front that, with careful aligning and proper placement of Hook-and-loop fastener, can push a button on a remote garage door opener.

  • mgw1mgw1 Posts: 11
    I asked about a remote entry for the trunk for my 2000 SLE the other day when I was in for service, and the guy confirmed your observation that a mechanical cable operates the remote next to the driver's seat. I'm sure you're right that it will be extremely expensive to upgrade to remote. Since this feature has been around for so long on so many vehicles, it still boggles my mind how Toyota overlooked it.
    As to your strut problem, it so happens that they've ordered a left rear strut and support bracket for my Solara too. Should be installed in the next 10 days or so. I hope it solves the problem, since one of my favorite things about the car was how quiet and smooth it was. But after only couple of months, both the noise and vibration have increased dramatically. Let me know how you make out with the strut repair, and good luck.
  • on the brochures and everything it says remote trunk release. what a bunch of [non-permissible content removed]. but anyway, my friend installed remote trunk release and it only cost $80.
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 739
    there is nothing B.S. about the 99 and 00 solaras having a remote trunk release-- it's just mechanical, not electrical/ would have been nice to have the electrical/power on my 99-- but i survive nicely--- the lousy coinbox causes me greater heartache.
  • luphyluphy Posts: 31
    Okay, I recently took my car in to have two
    problems looked at...of course they could not
    duplicate it and it really pisses me off, but
    what should I expect right? Of course I'm able
    to duplicate the problem once I get the car back.
    I am too busy this month to take it back again,
    but I will next month when I have more time.
    The first problem was the need to recrank the car.
    I would drive the car somewhere, turn off the engine to do whatever errand I had to do, and when
    I try to restart the car, it would fail to start
    up on the first crank, and would do fine on the second crank...sounds like a problem on a brand
    new car don't you think? (1200miles).
    What should I make them look at?

    The other problem is excessive vibration/decreased
    shock-absorption....this car drives very nice on
    flat roads and the engine noise is very well
    insulated..but if I go over bumps....this is not
    the car I had bought..and the freakin dealer says
    they could see no problems with it.
    I told them to look at the struts/shocks, but I'm
    not even sure they did....for those who've had
    their struts or shocks replaced, just how bad was
    the vibration, etc. and how did you make them
    really address the problem?

    And how bad would it be if I decide to go to another dealer to have my car looked at...if they
    blow me off again next month, I'm gonna ditch this
    dealer's service department.

    Thanks for any input/help.
  • I am getting leary of my shocks and struts also. I am on e of the guys who pull to the left, and on good, smooth roads, the car sails down the road. But, hit a small pot hole, or a bump from where construction begins, or an tiny bump, and their is a shudder, that goes right through me. I am also concerned abut the steering a bit, as this is the first car that when I hit a tiny bump, when interchanging between highways, with the wheel turned to the right or left, depending on the highway, the steering wheel will pull, somewhat abruptly, and very sharp to center. This car requires 2 hands at ALL times.
  • Anyone else notice that the passenger side carpet always pops out of the center console. My friends 1999 Camry does the same thing. I never notice this until I have a passenger in the car, or am one, and it is rather embarrassing.
  • By the way, my car is a 00 SE V6, manufactured in 8/99. Anyone else with any of these problems know when their car was manufactured.(just check the sticker on the drivers door) his may be useful to me when I talk to NHTSA, or the Toyota regional manager.
  • Yes, I too have noticed that the steering on my 2K SLE is more sensitive than some other cars I have driven. I also have read in Edmunds that the Solara has a more "sport oriented" steering design than the Camry. Perhaps this is the difference. I usually can feel little bumps or holes in the road as feedback in the steering wheel especially at low speeds, but I have dismissed this as part of the Solara personality. Maybe my playing with the tire pressures might help some. However, this is still a very satisfying car for me to drive and I remain happy that I bought it.
  • This is usually caused by the tires with a symmetrical pattern and also a wider sized tire.
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