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Toyota Solara



  • Just in case you haven't seen the commercial yet....

    takes a while to download

  • hhral0hhral0 Posts: 2
    Have test driven several vehicles and my preference this point is an 01 LEV6 with pkg 1 upgrade. Dealer has a demo with 8k miles on it.I would like to make a "fair offer" for this car.Can either take the $750 or low financing. TMV for car in my zip is $22,456. I'm wondering how much to discount the 8k miles. Can anyone be of assistance?
  • ral2167ral2167 ohioPosts: 723
    i would find out how much they charge for going over the mileage on a lease... let's say someone leases for three years at 12000 miles per year, and then turns in the car with 40,000 miles, and thus goes over by 4000 miles, find out how much is charged extra...

    let's say the dealer charges 15 cents per mile--- so...

    if you're buying a demo with 8000 miles, multiply 8000 by .15 and you get $1200, so deduct $1200.

    i'd also try to get a 44,000 mile warranty for free-- not a 36000 mile-- since you're getting the car with 8000 miles on it. just an idea.

    that's how I would do it--- but i could be wrong... perhaps others have an opinion.
  • webguysterwebguyster Posts: 434
    I too was just looking at a 2001 Ford Mustang, and thinking about getting rid of ol' 2000 Solara SE V6. Even with the various problems I have had with the Solara, I am sure I would have MORE problems with a Ford. I have had various Fords, always vowing never to buy one again, and had to remind myself that Ford has been known to produce the most dangerous, and recalled cars on the road. The Mustang handled nice, better than Solara, but overall, I prefer a quite ride, as opposed to the noisy, less HP Mustang. The stereo in the Mustang stunk, and unless you upgrade to their premium stereo, which rocks, or go after market, than forget it. My JBL will do. I had a feeling of being in a sport car, with the Stang, but it's interior looks CHEAP, and crowded, and is not as ergonomically correct as the Solara. The cheap plastics in the Mustang really turned me off. It felt like a more solid car than my Solara, but again, it's a Ford. And the Fix Or Repair Daily, AND Found On Road Dead(F.O.R.D.) thing kept racing through my mind!!! It doesn't even have a full size spare, although I never got my alloy wheel as advertised for the 2000 Solara, but at least I got a full size spare! My 2 cents, don't buy a Ford!
  • I am SURE that there is some compromise available to give a firmer ride without stiffness. I have not looked, but I see this type of option in many other forums. Slightly stiffer struts without the race car ride. I also believe that going to 17" wheels and 50 series tires will make a difference as well. If I keep the car long enough to wear out the tires, I will consider this, or at least wider, 50 series tires on the stock wheels. This will increase the sidewall stiffness, and provide more nimble steering.

    What's the widest tires anyone has fit on standard wheels? Results?
  • webguysterwebguyster Posts: 434
    The latest hassle! As I was getting ready to get out of my 00 Solara SE V6, I attempted to use the vanity mirror! I have used this mirror, maybe, 10 times, since owning this car, and the light would not come on. I opened and closed it a few times, and the whole mirror came out of the visor!?! The things that hold the screws, cracked in half. I happened to be near friendly Schaumburg Toyota, and since they are open until midnight, I drove into the service department. I waited paitiently, and after about 15 minutes, the service advisor came up and said "OIL CHANGE?" I replied, "No, the visor mirror fell off the visor!" He asked if I would leave the car overnight? I said no, and was hoping to have it looked at tonight. He said "Come on, you have to work with me!!!" I thought he had to be joking. He was not! I then started asking about the "rocking chair", and because I have already brought it to the attention of the DSM, and his manager, and Toyota, that they would not even look at it! I replied that the P.R. person for their dealer was the one who said to have it inspected again. They suggested coming back again, to speak with a DSM, and would not even sit in the "rocking chair"! At this point I am fed up with Toyota bull, and I am going to now suggest to everyone, PLEASE do not buy a TOYOTA! Just today I was tring to talk a friend into a Toyota over Honda, but enough is enough! Any feed back???

    P.S. I mentioned the 1999 TSB for the problem, and they replied that the TSB's are VERY specific, and that they would be aware if my car was one of the defective cars. Under the mirror, it is even written 1999, and the build date is in 1999. Perhaps one bad seat slipped through!
  • hhral0hhral0 Posts: 2
  • cunnrcunnr Posts: 9
    My driver-side visor also broke in the same place. I use a sunshade for the front window and I think lowering the visor to keep the sunshade in place creates a heat buildup that causes the plastic bracket to melt/break. I simply replaced the screws with longer screws (and screwed the visor into what was left of the plastic bracket) and have had no problems since. I figured a replacement visor would have the same problem.
  • webguysterwebguyster Posts: 434
    It looked simple enough to repair and reinstall. My main concern is that after spending $25,000, I expect SOME things to be repaired under their bumper to bumper warrenty, and I always get a run around. I buy a new car every 1-2 years, and as bad as I thought the other manufacturers, or dealers were, Toyota seems to be just as bad with quality, customer service, and warrenty issues. I think they are the worst when it comes to fixing anything under warrenty. I have yet to have anything break other than my 3 bad batteries, the first year, without some sort of hassle, or argument to have something broken repaired. My friend has a 99 Camry, and had multiple problems with her dome light not shutting off, and her battery going dead if she did not catch it. After several boggled attemptes to repair it, after her 36,000 mile warrenty was up, her Extended Toyota Extra Care Warrenty for 7 years or $100,000 miles, SEVERAL THOUSAND to purchase, no deductible would not fix it, although it had never been repaired properly since it started ocuring in the 20,000 miles range, under warrenty. They seem to be a shaddy company.
  • gdanczykgdanczyk Posts: 26
    webguyster- It looks like Schaumberg Toyota is giving you the run around. I would go to another dealer and tell them you hope they have better service than Schaumberg. The "rocking chair" problem is a known problem. People on this thread have had their work done without a problem from the service dept. It looks like Schaumberg Toyota has a lazy service dept.
  • webguysterwebguyster Posts: 434
    I will go to another dealer, when time allows, but the nearest dealer is about 20 miles away, and they require appointments only, and will not provide a loaner car. I am probably going to have to pay for a loaner car, myself, and go to the other dealership, which is on a stretch of road, in a bad neighborhood, notorious for being BAD! Bad sales, bad service, just BAD period.
  • 99solara99solara Posts: 51
    Anyone running these new tires. They are available in the 205/60/16 stock size and wondered if they are worth considering. Thanks!
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    I took these pics today of the 2002 Toyota Camry XLE if anyone is interested. Looks nice. Just go here- and scroll down to where the blue box is that says- view a friend's album and type in my username- fastdriver

    I tried to post another site here, but even though I was using the a href thing, I couldn't post the "invisible" link because of the 115 character limit! Maybe I was doing it wrong?

  • webguysterwebguyster Posts: 434
    Finally, another problem with my Solara that's not so bad. The blinking passenger light finally stopped working too!!! This car is a piece of @$^#!!!
  • It looks a lot like the 2002 ES300, too bad. GIANT headlights to detract from the car's lines, and the crisp look is gone, to be replaced by the "used bar of soap" roundy look. Oh well! Toyota's design center is supposed to be in Southern Calif. - What are they thinking??? Don't they look out the window? Ever been to Europe, guys?

    Have you seen the new Lexus SC430? This is supposed to be a top-of-the-line luxury coupe? I'm sure it is a superb car, but re: the appearance, again, What were they thinking?????

    Why is it that they design all these cars with wimpy rear ends, and then have to sell a spoiler with half of them to give the car some zip? Well, no problem - I surely won't be buying one!
  • webguysterwebguyster Posts: 434
    Toyota finally fixed something under warrenty!!! They replaced my visor, and mirror!!! Only after going through the discussion, "Did you pay for the part yet???" I just replied,"What is covered under the Bumper to Bumper Warrenty? Everything that breaks in this car is never under warrenty!" Lucky for me, there were 3 other grumpy people with similar warrenty issues, and I got it replaced under warrenty. The service advisor thought I was bringing in the car for someone else, as he just had another customer days before with the same minor problem. This visor doesnt lay flush with the roof, like the passenger visor, but is close enough. After wiping off all the grease on the new mirror, I was happy to have something fixed! While waiting, I heard another customer arguing with the service advisor about a problem she was having, with her car, and he said she had to bring him the TBS, and would not look it up. Shouldn't these guys have access to this info?

    While waiting, a salesman tried to get me into the all new 2002 Toyota Camry! Even after going down my list of problems with Toyota, he was pretty persistant! Got to give him credit! I can only image what might lay in store for me if I bought 1 of the first ALL NEW CAMRY'S!

    Already been addressed, but with my 30,000 mile service just around the corner, the service guy tried to get me to do it now, at 28,000! We went over the list, and they want to replace the spark plugs, which are supposed to be platinium, in my 00 SE V6, and I thought they should last longer than 30,000 miles, as in other cars. That adds $90 something to the bill, and the LONGLIFE COOLANT, whick is the same coolant as the Dex stuff, only RED!?! Anyone agree or disagree about the coolant and spark plugs being changed. The coolant is $50.00, for flush and fill, and I don't think these things are necessary.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I think the new Camry looks like the ES 300 too. After I took those pics, I was looking through a recent issue of Motor Trend that featured the ES 300 and noticed how much the two cars looked alike. Then again, so MANY cars look alike. Just not like the old days at all anymore. I can't tell one year from another.

  • Yeah, they all look alike - almost! My neighbors just brought home a new Volvo V70 T5. This is one SWEET, fast ride, and a very nice, ergonomic interior, and, it will never be mistaken for something else! Looks like a Volvo!
  • Does the 2001 Solara have heated seats? Also, does the passenger side seat power adjustable?
  • At times when I step on the brake the steering wheel vibrates. I have new tires. Brake pads are ok. Also, the other day while driving the dash light for the passenger airbag came on. When I stopped and restarted to car it disappeared. I have a 1999. Any ideas? Thanks
  • webguysterwebguyster Posts: 434
    Your steering wheel probably vibrates becasue your rotors are warped. Mine does this too, along with all my other minor problems with my 00 SE V6, but Toyota says that disc/disc are maintainance free, and they cant do anything about it, beacuse the warp is so minor that they would need to replace both rotors, as it cannot be detcted by a visual inspection, not covered under warrenty, but at cost to me! Mine has done this for the last 8-10,000 miles. I am at 28,000. I am not as aggressive driver as most, so I think I did not cause this with excessive stopping, or short stops, coming to a complete stop very quickly. Even with ABS I am still a brake pumper so as not to over heat the rotors, and warp them. Good luck!
  • pbcpbc Posts: 44
    While driving with the sun roof open (regardless of speed), if I hit a small bump or unevenness in the road I hear a creaking noise up in the sunroof area which has gotten louder and more annoying (part of the reason I bought the car was the fact that it is supposed to be so quiet inside even with the roof open). It sounds as if it needs to be oiled or something??

    Has anyone else experienced this?
  • I've got the exact same problem, sounds like it is coming from the rear of the sunroof.
  • Hello everyone and anyone! We just bought our new Solara yesterday and in reading the manual it says warning warning warning do not tint the back window as it will interfere with the radio. (okay, maybe not those EXACT words, but close!) I am wondering if this can possibly be true, as I see these cars all the time with windows tinted.. Anyone have tinted windows AND radio reception? :)
    thanks! Debbie
  • I hear intermittent creaking, but have not ID'd the locale. Did you verify via a passenger's check for the source? I've randomly bounced around in my seat, emptied out the glove compartment and center console, and emptied out my coin box/armrests to no avail...
    I've compensated by turning up the stereo.
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    I think it'd be safe to tint your rear window, as long as you're sure that the tint film used doesn't contain any metallic ingredients. Try doing a bit of research about the brand of tint you'd like to install, or try asking your installer for advice.
  • Okay Canc.. I asked my window tint shop and they do offer one type of film with NO metal so that is the one I will go with. All the higher grades contain metal so I will avoid them... thanks!
  • Be sure your'e not using a "cheap" film to be sure of no radio problems. There is reason that there are more expensive films. They look better, work better and last longer.

    I had my windows tinted with a top - grade film and no radio problems. Check around, maybe you need to use a different tinter that uses different brands of film.

    Also- As you may know, it is impossible to make the film adhere properly to the "dotted" section at the top of the window. It will always look terrible. To solved this problem, my tinter just "blacked out" the dotted part with totally dark "blackout film", and you never see it. It only cuts about 1/2" out of your view in the mirror - totally acceptable.
  • Okay thank you.... I will check around different tinters to see what they offer in a higher grade film. I would rather spend more and have it look better and last longer, it is good to know you have had no problem with yours. Does your film contain metal? They are telling me they have 50% metal... 100% metal... etc.

    I don't know exactly what you are talking about with the "dotted" section as we do not actually pick up the car until this Saturday as we had to leave it to have the alarm put in it and we are not local to the dealer. So, are you saying your tinter put "blackout film" on top of the regular film over the dotted part? I guess I am confused as to how blackout film would stick when regular film would not. If there is a trick to tinting this car though, I would definitely appreciate knowing what it was! :) Thank you so much, debbie
  • decondecon Posts: 56
    Another place the sound could be coming from is

    1) The passenger seat in some positions create noise

    2) The seat belt release squeaks
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