Engines Compatible with 2010 Acadia? Help please.

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Our 2010 GMC Acadia broke down in late july 2015. We bought it used in Oct 2014 with +90k on it. with a full engine 2 year warranty from GMC. We have asked them to help with repairs and have been declined due to lack of oil change history. So we have been saving for an engine replacement since then. Our dealership initially quoted the repairs between $4000-$4500 to replace the engine. Since it has taken us this long to save that amount on a single income we've missed out on that engine and have recently been quoted on an engine with 57k at a cost of $6100 altogether for the repairs, conversions and man hours in labour to replace the engine. which is completely unaffordable as we are still paying off our loan for the acadia while it sits in the shop. we planned on having this vehicle for 5+ yrs but now i feel like our dealership put us in a [non-permissible content removed] lemon and brushed us off anytime we have asked for help. as from what i hear from my mechanic simply cant find the "Drop-in 3.6" that GMC tried out with the 2010-2011 GMC Acadia because so many engines from that model are being replaced after 80k+ KMs. i need to know all options for the engine replacement for example ive been told engines in the newer cameros and cadillacs can be converted with parts from my old engine to replace. any input will help thank you


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    Did you ever find a solution ? 
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    Buick Enclave, LaCrosse, Chevy Traverse--all use the same basic engine. A very low mileage engine is going to cost around $4,000 + the installation costs. A higher mileage engine could probably be had, with a guarantee of some sort, for around $3,000.

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