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Hi I have a question on a lease return.

I have a 2013 Kia SXL turbo that the lease ends in Oct. I am way under on the mileage allowance-- was allowed 45k and only have 26k on it. Will I get credit towards wear on the car because of miles? The tires will probably not meet requirement when i return and I don't want to have to replace.

Thanks for your help.


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    No credit for unused miles; however if you decided to trade it on another purchase, you could theoretically bargain on the trade in value. Also, buying the vehicle after lease for the residual amount might get you a good deal in terms of equity, due to low miles.

    The tires will have to be replaced IF they bother to notice and IF they don't meet the requirements spelled out in your lease contract.
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    Any tips on not getting them to notice :smile: ?
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    i believe that hyundai/kia use SGS as their lease inspection service; my guy was very thorough and caught everything. it just depends who you get...

    I was in a similar situation with low miles on my car (2011 Sonata) and it was in good condition. I bought the car because the value was 1000 more than the payoff.

    regarding tires; i replaced the crappy kumho tires at 31k miles, not sure if you have Nexen...
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    I have a 2015 Kia Sorento EX leased in July 2014 for 36 months 15k per year - currently has 37,500 miles

    I'm being told by the dealer (and the Kia website) that I need to make an appointment with the dealer for evaluation and turn in. Now I realize this is a ploy to get me into the dealer to try and get me into another Kia - not going to happen, not interested in any of the current Kia offerings.

    My concern is how the wear & tear is determined. I would prefer to know upfront how much I may owe, I don't want an estimate only to find out its much more later. I have some dings with paint chipping from a rock that hit the side of the car. A third party told me $500 to repair - I want to know what Kia is going to charge me.

    So my question is do I really have to go to the dealer or does Kia contract with an outside inspection group that is a binding finding to the leasing company? What have you guys that have done this before found?
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