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Is Payment negotiation always a no-go?

dus1988dus1988 Pompano BEachPosts: 1
edited March 2016 in General

This question will be about new car negotiations. Let me begin by saying that I am not really a newbie when it comes to automotive negotiations. I negotiated my last car down almost 6k below MSRP. 3.5grand below invoice. It was a 09 corolla s.

Ive been in the market for a new car that MSRP is 34000 and ive done extensive research on it. Now, Im fairly certain I can go through the hassle of negotiating this down to roughly 29.5k. 31.5k tops. This minus what I would accept for my trade in and what I am pre-approved for in financing equates to a $400-425 monthly payment for 60 months.

Since I know all this, what is the big issue with just telling the dealer I want a 60 month term and $400 a month. I know one of the biggest no-no's of negotiation is to not go monthly, but I sorta see this as a way to not let the dealer manipulate unknown numbers. I personally dont care what they do (mainly because I mostly know what they will need to do to meet my terms), so long as my payment is $400 and its is 60 months based on a long studied calculation of what I think the car is worth. Ultimately, I see it as a easy way to not deal with the dealers tricks. Even if they try to make the add-ons, if it does not meet my terms; I deny, and if it does, they lost the profit on that add-on.

Ultimately, I always read and practiced the concept of not negotiating via monthly payment. My question is, what could it negatively effect, if I know my terms equate to a favorable situation financially.


  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 128,190
    @dus1988 As long as you are on top of things, and know the numbers, that's a perfectly valid strategy.

    Until they come back with $375/mo, and you don't why. ;)

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    Edmunds Moderator

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 20,225
    I'm scratching my head as to HOW you could have bought a popular fast selling Corolla for 3.5K less than invoice? There is NEVER that much "trunk money" on a low end car like that!

    It sounds like you already know what you're doing!
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