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Audi A4 2005+



  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    The 2006 A4 packages have been simplified, just as the 2006 A6 has.

    The heated seats are now part of the premium package. You only need to order cold weather if you want REAR heated seats as well. The 17 inch twin spoke alloys are part of the package as well.

    This will make it easier on customers and dealers alike as it cuts down on too many individual options.
  • joxer1joxer1 Posts: 27
    Mark, do you also get to write off your lease? I understand that its nice to always have a new car and never have to pay extra expenses out of pocket but a lot of lease rates I've heard here seem pretty breathtaking as well when added up for a year or the term of the lease, especially with no tax kickback. OTOH, my BMW is 3 years out of the cover everything period and I've spent only a handful of dollars on things - tires, some brakes, the big maintenance once in that. Most repairs have been about as expensive or less so than other brands I've owned and less frequent than my friend's domestics (and sometimes less expensive as well). I guess I should really say maintenance as I haven't actually had a single genuine repair out of warrantee. I don't think these cars with just a little maintenance should cost too much until well past 100,000 miles. Are quattro drivetrains fragile or expensive to maintain - I know this can be a real killer on SUVs/4WD trucks.

    I'm considering selling my BMW now privately and either buying or leasing (no tax writeoff), but my main leasing consideration would actually be so that I could take my time to evaluate the Audi as a brand and a car before deciding whether to keep it - BMW service has been extremely good to me and the way they treated me during the launch of the new 3 (closed course drives to play with the new cars, intro events etc) would really sway me back to them, but only if I could get the AWD soon. If I just wanted another RWD sedan I'd be waiting another couple of years as the new car while nice isn't leaps and bounds ahead of my car by any means (especially the interior). I may still end up going the BMW route but I may have an angry friend on my hands if he isn't allowed to buy my car while I wait for the AWD Touring to show up.
  • macmurdomacmurdo Posts: 31
    Hi again... here's another strange one... I have used both 512 MB and recently 1 GB SD cards with MP3 files copied directly in directories. The car system recognizes the cards, the directories and in many cases the tracks within. In a few instances, and I can't find a pattern, it doesn't show all of the tracks within the directory, only one or two!! Has anyone else noticed this, and is there a solution?? (Yes I looked at the card contents on the computer and all the files are there... I've even played them on the computer)....
  • spursrulespursrule Posts: 9
    Mark, I called two Audi dealers here in the Washington D.C. area and neither has ever heard of a program in which a customer can pay to have their car CPO'd before the standard warranty expires and thus extend the warranty. In both cases I spoke with the finance manager and in each instance the finance person did not hesitate to say they had never heard of this. Is it possible this is a regional program, say in the midwest where you live?
  • pngpng Posts: 3
    Hi I just bought a S4 Avant and the manual claims it can read SD cards of up to 256 MB.

    I would love to use the higher capacity, is the manual just out of date?

    Do we both have the same audio system ?

    Thanks for any help I don't have any other devices that use SD cards so I don't want to buy a 1 GB and find I cannot read it.

    Thanks again for any input
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I have a 2003 Audi allroad. I have literally 3 payments remaining on the lease. Normally, I "bail" on the lease when one of several possible things happens:

    1. I run close to running out of warranty

    2. I am within 5 months of the end of the lease (historically I have gotten out of a lease when it was "only" 2/3 complete with little consequence -- that was THEN, this is NOW, this is not likely an option at this juncture, for anyone)

    3. I run out of lease (this has hardly ever happened since 1977 when I acquired my first Audi 5000 on a lease as a company car)

    I knew I would be bumping up against the limit of miles on the 2003 allroad and I had planned to order a new Audi (A6, perhaps an A4 or S4 or I had hoped even another "allroad" type Audi thinking one would certainly be available some 30+ months after I acquired my 2003 allroad in 2002.)

    My saga, not to be repeated, of evaluation of many different cars (sparked in no small measure by edmunds posters and my frequent participation in the town halls) led me to the conclusion that for the first time since 1977 I might NOT get another Audi (ditto my wife).

    Well, I piddled around and test drove cars (both for my own benefit and my wife's) for some 6 months and didn't make the decision to go for the new Infiniti M35X until April. Meanwhile my wife had ordered in mid-March a new BMW X3 (that had to be built to her specs in Germany/Austria and then shipped to the US). We assumed that it was virtually impossible to get the new X3 before the END of May, so we were kinda playing a "timing" game to limit our having perhaps as many as 4 lease payments to "only" one month. This was the price we were willing to pay to get the EXACT cars we wanted.

    Anyhow, I was running up against my mileage limit and I talked with my Audi salesperson of some 20+ years. He told me that I might want to consider ordering a 2006 A6 or S4 and that it might be tight, but that I could keep my allroad past the lease end and even past the factory warranty, but that I had better consider opting to have the car Audi CPO'd (I believe he told me his cost of the CPO was about 10 or 12% less than the MSRP of the CPO cost and that he could sell it to me "at cost" which would help my piece of mind while I waited for my 2006 Audi to come in.)

    I had previously told my Audi salesperson that under no circumstances would I consider keeping an Audi out of warranty. One little burp on an Audi (let alone an allroad with a complicated and expensive air suspension) is easily a high 3 figure number and the car has that air suspension, is a turbo and at 45,000 miles has the original brake system, entirely (I can just imagine needing a multi multi hundred dollar brake job at 50,001 miles, etc etc -- or a turbo malfunction or whatever.) The fact that my allroad has been virtually flawless is little comfort that is as I see the miles ticking off.

    I did not re up for another Audi. The payoff, with 4 payments to go was a low 5 figure number higher than the dealer would allow "on trade." Yet, Audi has a lease program that essentially allows you to bail out in the last 90 days without penalty. This is the option, ultimately, that I have chosen.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, Timmy and Lassie. . .no wait. Meanwhile, I am driving my wife's 2003 TT coupe which has 40,000 miles on it while she drives her new BMW, while I wait for my new Infiniti to be built and shipped to the US (it should be here in August.) My allroad sits clean and shiny and with up to date maintenance in my garage, only to be driven once per week "to blow the carbon out, prevent the tires from flatspotting and to keep the disc rotors shiny and pretty."

    The offer, I assumed was legit. I did not take them up on it.

    If this is a car with original factory warranty, my dealer claims it can be CPO'd if I am willing to foot the cost. The allroad, when I "turn it in" will probably be CPO'd and sold as a CPO'd car with some 45,000+ miles on it -- in this instance, I will not have paid to CPO it.

    Unless they were fibbing to me, this is the way I came to report this to this forum.

    One last little ditty -- there is also a program to PURCHASE from Audi of America (unless it has been done away with) an Audi warranty that goes 3 years or until the car reaches 75K just so long as the warranty is purchased within the term of the original warranty and the car has to be of a certain "age" (2002 cars qualify, I do not know if 2001 cars still do, i.e.)

    Programs come and programs go -- this information that I have just dutifully shared with y'all was information I was given by my long term Audi dealer and sales rep earlier in 2005.

    If I tell you anything else, I'll have to start makin' stuff up.

    Good luck.
  • macmurdomacmurdo Posts: 31
    I don't know for certain that we have the same system... is yours a fold down flat panel used by the "Navigation Plus" MMI?? If so, I am certain that you can use larger SD cards... I currently have one 512 MB and one 1 GB in the slots and both seem to work, with the exception of the glitch I described in my posting.

    I have devices that use Sony's memory stick, but nothing with SD so I had to buy the cards for this dedicated use, in addition to a (not expensive) card reader on USB connection. Previous postings have also suggested that the larger cards work fine. I staye with SanDisk products... I'm sure there are others.

    Good Luck!!
  • pngpng Posts: 3
    Don't have the manual in front of me but yes the flat panel opens down enabling you to load either of the two sd slots or the dvd.

    I will just pay a little extra at best buy for a 1 gig card if it doesn't work they will take it back for a full refund

    thanks for the reply I will let you know if I run into your file display issue, so far on the 256 card I loaded no file issues at all.
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    "I see these are selling in my area close to MSRP ( so says) Is there any chance on knocking a grand off on an all cash deal?"

    I was able to make a deal on a 05 Audi CVT w/premium pck for $1k over invoice. This is better than Edmunds' TMV and i was also able to get more on my trade-in than what Edmunds suggests.

    I'm not sure if Edmund's has our interest at heart with their TMV prices. What was more helpful was monitoring what other people on this board were paying. You all have my gratitude for your help. I also went by KBB's more optimistic trade-in values when negotiating my trade-in.

    My car is somewhere between Houston (port of entry) and Madison (local dealer). My salesman says it'll be between a week and a half and two weeks before it arrives. Needless to say my anticipation is growing.
  • stayfit50stayfit50 Posts: 5
    Audi says the A4 has Bi-xenon headlamps. What is the difference between Bi-xenon and regular xenon headlamps?
  • crushercrusher Posts: 16
    Bi-Xenon means both Hi and Low beams are Xenon Headlamps.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I was watching TV last night and saw the crash test ratings for several cars, including the A4

    The A4 was a "best pick" and was awarded the highest rating for both front end and side impact. The A4 is one of only two cars that recieved the highest award for both categories.
  • nwalbertnwalbert Posts: 49
    I saw the same thing. Wish they had reviewed at least one of Audi's competitors. Its good to know that the car is safe, but who is really comparing a Checy Malibu ($20k) to an A4($45k) ?? Prices are in Canadian dollars, and I am talking about a Quattro A4, not a CVT, or whatever the Front wheel drive model is called.

  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    You can pay 32 grand for a 2.0 CVT, and over 40K for the 3.2 A4... US dollars of course. But the airbags and structure integrity are the same. A nicley equipped 2.0 Quattro 6 speed can be had for around 35 grand, sans naviagtion.

    The S60 Volvo they tested is in the same ball-park price wise as the A4. Ditto for the Sabb 9-3, which was the only other car that got a "double best pick".
  • javan69javan69 Posts: 17
    "You can pay 32 grand for a 2.0 CVT"
    I paid $34,709 for a 2.0 CVT with premium, nav, audio, heating, lighting.
  • nwalbertnwalbert Posts: 49
    My point is: Where are Audi's direct competitors, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, and MB?

    Does anyone considering an A4 really care how the Chevy Malibu performed? No, but a lot of people would like to know how the 325, or IS300, or the G35 stacked up.

    I dont think Audi sells very many non-Quattro A4's, the reasonable price to pay for a new A4 is $45,000 Canadian.
  • chef_jmrchef_jmr Posts: 41
    The tests by the IIHS are not reviews of cars in specific classes. They test the cars as they come to their facilities. They will be testing the other manufacturer's models in the future. This was not a "head-to-head" comparison as you seem to interpret it.
  • lyshenlyshen Posts: 2
    Hi all,

    I've been reading lot of posts and had my own question since wife and I are planning to purchase soon.

    I'm considering a 2005.5 A4 2.0T Quattro with manual transmission. Given the options I want, dealer quoted me $500 above invoice. But to have it trucked from another dealer will cost an extra $850. I asked him to drop that and he lowered the shipping fee down to $500. Now given this, I figure he could still lower it down to $400, so roughly half of it would be covered by the dealer.

    My options are to either buy it at $500/$400 for delivery or go up to where the dealer has it and purchase it in person. My guess is that the dealers near where the car is actually located should be willing to match the $500 over invoice for the car. (Dealer just loses some profit by paying for more of the delivery fee.)

    After talking it over this over with my wife, she said try and get the dealer to go with $400 for delivery and we can take it, since we could easily buy two one-way plane tickets and pick it up in person, visit a friend or two and drive it back and still be under the delivery fee. (Have a place to stay up there)

    Any thoughts? (FYI we're not financing)
  • jk6741jk6741 Posts: 1
    Hey all,
    I just bought a new 2005 A4 2.0T, 6-speed and am looking to make some performance improvements. I have had some difficulty finding parts compatible with the new 2005. I also have been struggling with the decision to install a chip or not. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  • mhgmhg Posts: 7
    Does anyone know if the new A4 has an audio input jack so that one can plug in their ipod or other MP3 player?
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I really don't why people are splitting hairs and driving themselves crazy over $300-400 on high-line car purchases.

    $500 over invoice on an Audi is pretty fair. If the dealer is willing to split the cost of shipping with you, then go ahead and buy the car from your local dealer.

    By the time you pay for plane tickets and gas, you're not saving much. Maybe a few hunderd dollars. Meanwhile, you'll probobly visit your "freinds" on the way back and spend a few bucks on dinner and odds and ends.

    If it was a $1500 difference, then it may make sense to do it what your talking about. I think you should have a small amount of coutesy and repsect for your local dealer who has time invested invested in you. If they're the ones that took you out on test drives, spent their time helping you out, and were professional with you, you should go with them.

    I wouldn't throw my local dealer under the bus for $200 on a $35,000 car purchase.
  • lyshenlyshen Posts: 2
    You do have a point there about the money being not much of a difference. I wasn't splitting hairs and driving myself crazy over this. (Thought about it for 5 min and compared options.) Just was thinking this is a good reason to go visit my friend since I was thinking about it already. I seriously would not have minded going up north to the Bay area to pick the car up since I'd be getting a free trip in at the least (small trip but I have the time for it). I haven't seen my friend in 2 years since he's been in Taiwan.

    But also the dealer did not take me out on test drives, he's about an hour away so I've only been dealing with him over the phone. Actual test drive I went to the local dealer but the sales guy wasn't all that helpful and not willing to negotiate to much.

    Regardless, I ended up purchasing it from the current dealer I was working with over the phone because he did end up lowering the price a little more. Personally I did prefer to buy from the phone dealer because he was trying to be really helpful. $100-200 isn't a big deal as you say, I agree but its still money and if you one can get a free trip in to visit friends as well, why not? Looking forward to the car now. :)

    This kind of reminds me of the test pilot program that never seemed to pan out. Order a Audi and fly to Europe and pick it up in person, I believe they said you technically get a free plane ticket. If you're going to pay the same in the end, why not get something you feel happier with? (Assuming of course you aren't going crazy over it. ;) )
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I have two thoughts: First, do you think the 2.0T with a 6speed needs a boost?

    Too much is never enough, I know.

    Second, if you must chip, you should be aware that the only way to go is with a DPP (direct port programming) option. Several vendors offer such performance options that retain the original programming and do not require any hardware swaps.

    The party line of the chip guys is that ONLY if something that can be tied to a chip change goes wrong will the warranty be voided. This should be correct -- and no I am not a lawyer. However, you may want to find a chip friendly dealer so that the dealer will be on your side no matter what way you go. Even then if the turbo impeller whizzes off into the wild blue yonder and someone at Audi Headquarters can demonstrate that the only two times this ever happened was on engines with the engine mapping program changed, well, gulp -- good luck.

    I chipped a 2000 TT 1.8T engine -- actually at that time no DPP option was offered and the DEALER did the chipping for me. There was a chip programming issue that was corrected, but remember, I had a friendly dealer at my side and no Audi involvement was required. Nothing ever broke as a consequence either.

    APR is one source a DPP, Revo is too, I think. I am not certain if ABT offers DPP but their US partner is Joe Hoppen Motorsports. All three of these guys are on the web and all have good reputations.

    My advice is to keep the dealer on your side -- if you hide this and are caught, you will probably run the risk of having at least some of your warranty and Audi advantage eroded.

    There are at least two dealers here in Ohio that I am told are chip friendly -- don't know where you are but this stuff is not a STATE SECRET. Do a little bit of homework.
  • hbx55hbx55 Posts: 2
    I'm looking at an A4, quattro, manual with cold, premium, and some other stuff.

    MSRP is $34,270, invoice is $31,800

    My local dealer is offering it for $32,600. Is that a reasonable deal - from shopping around a bit, I thought it was a pretty good one but wanted to get some feedback. This will be my first new car and my first Audi.

    Also, this is a 2005.5 - what's the difference between these and the 2006's?
  • byronwalterbyronwalter Posts: 220

    Personally I'd keep the car stock until after the first 1000 - 1500 miles. This will give you a chance break the critter in and shake out any gremlins. If, after the initiial break in, things are running smooth, then go for it. I had a '99 1.8t chipped and didn't pop any pistons. My current '02 isn't :cry:

  • ncflyerncflyer Posts: 28
    Anyone know how well this car is selling? I'm curious how much leverage I will have when I negotiate or if there might be any new incentives on the way. . . am surprised that my local dealer (in Cleveland) has quite a bit of A4 inventory on their lot (as opposed to BMW, which is baren of 3's), that they are already offering 1.9% financing, and that their doesn't seem to be a whole lot of buzz out there, even though the A4 is one awesome looking car. So BMW has a brand new vehicle, Lexus is about to introduce one, as is VW, and GM is literally giving away Saab's. It's crowded.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    2005 was a weird model year for Audi with the A4. You have (2) cars with different styling that both say 2005 on the window sticker. And with 4 different engine choices with the 1.8. 2.0, 3.0, & 3.2......I think it all leads to a bit of confusion.

    If Audi has too many of the 2005.5 models, they'll no doubt put some lease special or money behind the cars to clear them off for the 06's.
  • whitty_1whitty_1 Posts: 1
    I have the chance to buy a 05 Audi 1.8T for $ 41,000 Canadian and the dealer offerd to chip it for me. My question is, Is the 1.8T chipped enough for a high end car like this or should I wait and buy a 06 that’s $ 7000 more is the new motor worth it
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I'm surprised an Audi dealer offered to chip a brand new car for you. Won't that void your factory warranty?
  • byronwalterbyronwalter Posts: 220
    Technically (or legally) you are correct but apparently some dealers will "work with you" to resolve issues that presumably could be chip related. But the dealers can determine if the engine has been abused and one should expect to pay to play. That's why I would stay stock until after the break in period... and any bugs have hopefully been shaken out.
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