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Audi A4 2005+

bmwcccbmwccc Member Posts: 234
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I am wondering why there isn't much talk about the upcomiong changes to the A4 line happeneing in Feb or next year.

There are a lot of changes happening to the 2005 A6: Upgraded engines, Upgraded interior, New exterior design etc.

Anyone have any info. on possible engine upgrades for the 2005 A4. I imagine they need to change this and take advantage of the new A6 engines based on the threat of the BMW 3 series which is getting a totally new design change as well as a massive bump in horsepower for there base and upgraded engines for there 2005 new model.

There isn't much info on edmunds or autospies, just checking to see what other rumored info is out there.



  • dino001dino001 Tampa, FLMember Posts: 6,069
    DSG is do far good only for transversely mounted engines with FWD and Haldex-based AWD (A3, Golf/Jetta, Passat, TT). A4 quattro (Torsen AWD) is longitudinally mounted. I don't know if FWD version of A4 is transverse or longitudinal, I suspect the former. So far Audi swears no immediate plans for A4 DSG.

    If their A4 FWD is transverse, they probably could install DSG, but for some reason they don't want to (probably marketing reasons, FWD A4 is their low-end cars and tend to be "lighter" on gadget options). If it is longitudinal, they simply can't do it right now, even if they wanted to.

    There was a similar problem with their CVT, which was good only for FWD. By the way, anybody knows what their plans for CVT are? I thought it was a great concept and had a good potential to replace traditional autos. They were saying they'd worked to mate it with AWD systems, but they have been quiet about it recently. Nissan is pushing CVT big time now, I would hate to see them abandoning the concept altogether.

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  • player4player4 Member Posts: 362
    For the year 2005 the Audi A4 is going to get a facelift. Now word on what will be new, here are a few pics.



  • boomsamaboomsama Member Posts: 362
    That first picture there was like an autospies picture of the next A6.
  • vmmvmm Member Posts: 3
    Does anyone know whether or not Audi plans on doing a refresh on the S4 design as well? What about MMI? I don't want to purchase the S4 and have the model style change over right after I sign the paperwork...
  • merc1merc1 Member Posts: 6,081
    I'm hearing that the A4 will get it's facelift for spring 2005 as a 2006 model.

    Naturally the new direct-injection V6 in the 2005 A4 will be present. Not a moment too soon I might add.

  • player4player4 Member Posts: 362

    Audi is close to finishing its family-wide facelift. Our world-exclusive photographs prove that Ingolstadt’s new company face will be grafted on to the A4 with this autumn’s facelift.

    Dominated by the vertical shield grille first seen on the A8 W12 and A6, the new nose is a radical move away from today’s rounded styling. Styling at the back is new, too, with A3 Sportback-inspired ‘stepped’ rear lights. Insiders claim that every body panel is new.

    It’s not just new styling, either; Audi is preparing a series of major mechanical and interior changes to keep the A4 apace of the competition, which includes the recently revised Mercedes C-class and Alfa Romeo 156.

    New engines are headed by a brace of new four-cylinder diesels, boasting a particulate filter and power outputs of 115, 140 and 175bhp. The petrol engines are all the same as in the A6, with several new V6s.

    The cabin will be updated, too, with the arrival of Audi’s simplified multi-function controller, the MMI Multi-Media Interface.

    The revised A4 will be shown this autumn, with UK sales due to start in early 2005. Saloon and Avant arrive together.
  • m4d_cowm4d_cow Member Posts: 1,491
    the new design actually have more emotion and character in it, i mean of ourse the current design is nice and pleasing, but it feels...cold somehow. I received the same pic from a friend, and i gotta admit it looks more appealing to me

    btw will there be any upgrade to the engine? im expecting a higher hp of course, along with better low torque acceleration.
  • boomsamaboomsama Member Posts: 362
    looks like the front of the new A3 :/
  • bmwcccbmwccc Member Posts: 234
    My point exactly. With BMW 3 series coming out in June/July of 05', with a fresh new look and 2 new beefed up engines, Audi needs to spruce up there A4 at least with some more horsepower to compete.

    I say bring on the new FSI V6 and V8.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Member Posts: 234
    I also am liking the new style change. Add some upgraded engine options and they will be a fair bet against BMW 3 Series.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Member Posts: 234
    Everyone know how the A6 is getting a growth spurt in the length and the width, any ideas if the same will happen to the A4?
  • bmwcccbmwccc Member Posts: 234
    Merc, that engine is the same as the A6 is getting right, the FSI which puts out 255 hp?

    If so, that should put the 0-60 around 6.2-6.4 sec i think.

    What i would like is there to be another option for an engine upgrade inbetween the FSI V6 and the S4.

    Any thoughts?
  • merc1merc1 Member Posts: 6,081
    Yep that will be the same engine in the 2005 A6 3.2. Audi shares all their engines up an down the line like BMW and Mercedes. What I'm waiting for is the RS4, with 450hp!

    The next A5 (2008) will no doubt be bigger, as this is the trend today.

  • keitaroukeitarou Member Posts: 45
    Does anyone have a picture of what the ultra sport package looks like?

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    Tenative? Yes, because the Audi "factory" rep answered my local Audi dealer's sales rep's question pertaining to the 2005.5 A4:

    1. More HP & torque (2.0FSI 200HP 4 cylinder, turbo?) and 3.2FSI normally aspirated.
    2. Corporate grill (big mouth or trout mouth) "look"
    3. Interior changes including MMI and full screen DVD navigation and other electronic enchancements:
    e.g., bluetooth, voice command.

    No info on "rumor" of transmissions: presumption however is manual and tip ("why not?" 6spd, but no actual confirmation from dealer rep) both CVT and DSG are "I assume" (again no confirmation).

    No answer on "will there be an S4?" Presumption is "yes -- but possibly as a carry over from '05 until new model ('06 or '07) arrives.

    Much of this presumes that the corporate look and some options and engines are the big 2005.5 news; more of a refresh than a redo. Redo however is "about" one year hence (begging the question as an 06 or 07 model designation).

    Hopefully even without any documentation, these are substantiated rumors. The most telling about them is that they seem to track with non-Audi affiliated web sites.

    I personally would give them about a 85% "smell of truth" rating.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Member Posts: 234
    Mark, sounds like the 2005.5 A4 is getting a little more than an exterior change. Sounds like they will be getting the interior options like the 05' A6 is getting. Also sounds like there will be the 3.2l FSI engine available like the 05' A6.

    If that is the case as you mentioned previously, what exactly is left for the 2006 A4 model compared to the 2005.5 A4 model?

    I am going back and forth on a A4 3.2 vs A6 3.2 or A6 4.2. Don't know if i can swallow 8k more for the 4.2 vs the 3.2 for 80 horsepower and 1 sec difference for 0-60 times.

    What do you think?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    Not for 1 second, not this time, for me too. Either the 3.2L A4 or A6 seems awfully tempting -- but so does the Acrua RL and perhaps even the Chrysler 300 SRT-8.

    I am so Audi biased that it has been paining me [somewhat] to think about these other cars -- but I shall give them a fair shake. One thing, the Cadillac STS is OFF the list at $62+K for the V8+AWD.

    The new A4, 06 or 07 will have frame and body panel changes -- my understanding is that the frame gets stiffer and the car, overall, goes up a notch or two here and there (obviously Audi is feeling the pinch of all the other Premium and Near Premium cars as they move into AWD -- once Audi's differentiator in the Premium market). When all the competition offers AWD, Audi then has to up the ante in ALL areas, electronics, engines, transmissions, etc.

    The times they B gettin' interesting!
  • bmwcccbmwccc Member Posts: 234
    Mark, think about this! You could buy a 2004 V8 A6 now for 48k ish and it has 300hp with 0-60 in 6.8 sec. Or you could buy the 2005 V6 A6 in Oct. for 45k ish with 255 hp with 0-60 in 6.8 sec.

    Personally, there are so many positive upgrades for the exterior and interior of the 2005 A6 that there is no decision here. I just can't believe the new engine has that much more power to keep up with the older V8; and be 2-3k less even!

    So i think I will go this fall for 2005 A6, now what are they going to charge for that V8??????????????
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    Base price for the V8 A6 will be ~ $50K but it will "need" at least two or three of the four main option packages in most areas of the US. And, any car worth its salt in this price range that doesn't have Navi will be, shall we say, disadvantaged.

    I use my Navi so much I can only assume that this "high zoot" option has or is becoming a necessity.

    Of course, I also think it is WAY too pricey, but that is what demand does. Perhaps as Navi becomes more mainstream, the price will drop -- in fact I believe it already has started this downward trend.

    I config'd a new car on the UK website and what really got to me was the price of the smart key -- it had better make coffee and pick up drycleaning for the price they want for it at least on THAT side of the pond. Check it out on the audi uk web site.

    I'll stick with the new version both for milage and cost, your performance point is also well put.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Member Posts: 234
    Mark or anyone else!

    Anyone have an updated info on the 2005.5 / 2006 A4 coming out next year. We are getting a lot more info now on the A6 with its arrival in Nov. I am very curious when we should start to get some definitive info on the 2005.5 change and if there will be a 2006 change for the A4. If so, when and what will each of those changes be?

    Mark, next time you hit the dealer, would you mind inquiring for me.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    Dealer says Feb will be A4 2005.5. Will provide many of the A6 upgrades to the interior (full screen navi, blue tooth).

    Dealer says 2.0 200HP 4 cylinder direct injection engine (turbo?). Assumes 3.2 V6 and no more 3.0 or 1.8T (more's the pity, if you ask me -- I think the 225HP 1.8T would have been perfect for the A4 -- but no one consulted me).

    Trout mouth grill -- longer wheelbase (assumed, but unknown -- if not, I can only assume there will be a bit longer A4 later '06?

    No info, period on S4 -- you can order one (a 2005) right now but it cannot be had with the full screen navi and blue tooth -- not yet anyway.

    The A4 if it would grow in wheelbase about 1.5 to 2.0 inches and offer a 6speed manual, DSG and tip in quattro form and CVT in FWD form (can you say torque steer?) also offer the 3.2L 255HP FSI V6, interior upgrades to match the look of the A6, and some other amenities (sport performance and luxury comfort, etc.) would -- for about 15 minutes, be the king of the sport sedan.

    The A4 needs to "mate" with an Acura TL for the luxo stuff, and mate with the current S4 for some performance features and take several cues from the upcoming A6 -- now that would be something.

    I, for one, hope that an S-Line [+ultra sport?] A4 (with the 3.2 and the S4's manual shifter) would come to market in about 1 year (or sooner).
  • wstevecwstevec Member Posts: 126
    I know it may be early, but is there any pricing information available for the 2005.5 A4? With the upgrades, I wonder if the prices will be much higher than the current A4? Thanks
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    Even the order guides don't mention price. Assume some price increase, but according to the dealer, "Audi [and others, too] is in no position to drastically increase prices -- imagine a single digit price increase that is justified, in part, by content and performance enhancements. This suggests the price increase will be under 4% in this scenario."

    On the other hand, it often seems that dealers are the last to know.
  • mikeike12000mikeike12000 Member Posts: 9
    They are currently offering military personnel an 05 at 04 price, is this a gimmic or is this a good deal? Also if any rebates or incentives are offered do they apply overseas for the soldiers as well? Thanks
  • cicerocicero Member Posts: 51
    I am new to the forum but have visited before and I find your comments informative and stimulating, like quattro through the twistys on the coast. I have a question I am certain you will all answer; Is there a reason Audi, in particular, seems to limit top speed and reject increasing horsepower except as a last resort?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    Top speed -- for NA Audis, in particular -- has been limited to 130mph, for years. Audi is not the only company to do this and I can only comment about "a" possible reason for this: lawyers.

    Seriously, Audi has a "concern" that its owner will order the cars with or replace the stock tires with "all season" rubber. Now, we all know there are UHP all season tires with speed ratings above 130mph. However, this does not mean that you will match your tires to your car when you repurchase. Audi, feeling perhaps that it has been stung before, therefore limits its cars to the speed maximum of an "H" rated tire.

    There may be logic or merit to doing this -- personally, and they never asked me, I don't think this limiter is needed. On the other hand, here in "the heart of America" our max speed limit is 65mph. Having a car that can go twice as fast as the legal limit has, rarely, proven to be a problem.

    Besides, if you know about Audis, you know that there is a chip that can be updated or replaced or flashed to remove the limit. Overall, this, for most of us, "ain't no thang!"

    Audi and power is another issue. The performance as measured by acceleration is "in the game" for most of the Audis that mere mortals can afford -- but I agree it almost always seems that the Audis are at the high end of the acceleration times of the competition -- except in the S and RS models where they sometimes even lead the pack.

    The S4 and RS 6 have no fear of horsepower or torque and do seem to be or lead the game -- for about 15 minutes [of fame]. The Sline A6 with its low end torque is also very powerful and in many ways is a bargain when compared with the 530 Bimmer and E320 Merc -- and I believe it beats both of them in 0-60 times when all are equipped with auto trans and the Audi would be the only one in this elite group with AWD, which some of us think is a plus.

    The 1.8T 4 and 3.0 6 cylinder engines are, as you suggest, however, anemic when compared with the more or less comparable 3 series Bimmers.

    Audi "used" to have a justification for this -- beats me if they still hang their hats on this: FWD.

    You see, Audis sell, here in NA, mostly -- by far -- quattros. Elsewhere, most Audis are available with FWD alone. We all know about torque steer and Audi, like others, has done a fine job in engineering Torque Steer out of its FWD cars -- but frankly high HP and Torque are killing (in this order) FWD and RWD -- and if they are not literally killing two wheel driven cars, they are at least forcing all car manufacturers to offer now or in the very near future all of their High Performance cars in all wheel drive.

    Historically, Audi would limit a car that could be had with FWD to a "base maximum" of ~ 200HP. The 3.0 V6 @ 220 HP and relatively low torque and taller final drive ratio was allowed to be offered in an FWD A4 and A6. The more power and torque Audi comes up with, the more it must offer such power and toque in quattro equipped cars.

    This time, this example, for instance, you might chalk up the reasons to "marketing" or as Mel Brooks would say, "moichendizing!"

    Audi has several very powerful engines and cars that it can point to -- both now and "coming soon." It remains to be seen if both of the artificial points (speed limiting and high hp and torque in the less than super exotic versions) will be addressed as Audi moves forward and moves to reduce or eliminate the final "hold back" -- the sharing of drivetrains with VW.

    Time will tell.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    All metallic colors are $450 extra, even if it's not a special order color.
  • cicerocicero Member Posts: 51
    Mark: Thanks for the comprehensive reply. I belong to the group you mentioned: Lawyers. I can only say that several of my associates enjoy the road as much as I do. While your point about twice the speed limit was creative, I think you know what I mean as I own a 1.8T Quattro. There are days I lament not springing for the 3.0 but most days I am pleased with the performance and the handling. Down the line I may "chip" the car. My primary concern would be wear and tear. Another concern is that I opened my mail box today and saw the new A6 and I think I may be falling in love. You members of the church are incredible. Thanks. Cicero
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    My wife is also a barrister for a large corporation and to boot she is an associate professor of law at the Salmon P. Chase college of law here in greater Cincinnapolis -- she currently is on her third TT, the last two being 225HP models, she kept the 2000 180HP TT 6 months, even after she chipped it. "I need more power!" was her frequent cry.

    She swears she will go with the next gen A4 (Feb or so 2005) with the FSI 2.0L engine (and the 6speed). She may find the 3.2L A4 with the stick to be more to her liking (after all this new "intermediate" A4 will be a mini-A6, as the A6 is a mini-A8, etc., and with 255HP, the A4 thusly equipped will have 5 more HP than the last generation S4, even though the torque will be down a few pounds from the "old" S4 variant.)

    She did, recently, test drive the S4, but -- believe it or else -- said she didn't need THAT much power.

    The move to the updated A4 for her will be, in her mind, moving to a BIG car. We'll see about the engine.

    The point is, that Audi's NA A4's [for example]will come in (99% certain) 4 flavors:

    1. 2.0L 16v 4 cyc @ 200HP (turbo) A4
    2. 3.2L 24v 6 cyc @ 255HP (normally aspirated) A4
    3. 4.2L 40v 8 cyc @ 340HP (normally aspirated) S4
    4. 4.2L 40v 8 cyc @ 450HP (turbo [estimated HP]) RS 4

    None of them will be slouches when it comes to performance, and #1, assuming Audi allows it to be equipped with power everything, Ultra Sport, 18" wheels and tires, 6 speed manual, great sound, sport seats, leather everything, bla bla bla -- full screen navi and a partridge in a pear tree, ought to be a fine performing car, and probably a bargain to boot. Then, with #1, somebody will come out with this, that and the other chip, suspension mod, etc etc etc and crank it to +25% HP and +33% torque and so and so and so and so. . . .
  • bmwcccbmwccc Member Posts: 234

    I know I have asked this of you before, but it seems like something is missing. If the Feb 2005.5 A4 is coming out with the new A6 3.2 engine as well as the new trout mouth and body style, navi and all the other options the new A6 is offering this Oct.; what exactly would be left to change for the 2006 A4?

    Also, when do you think Audi will start to talk about this car more?
  • mikeike12000mikeike12000 Member Posts: 9
    After what seemed like forever in new auto researching, I made my decision. It started out with the BMW 325i, Volvo s602.5T, Saab 9-3 2.0t arc, and last but by far least the Audi A4 1.8 T. I based my decision on the Edmunds.com TCO, paying close attention to fuel economy, depreciation, and operating costs. Not to mention the winner hands down was so much fun to drive I test drove all several times, and the Audi 2 times in two weeks.
     So here goes;

    I wanted my Audi A 4 yesterday, so I made my order today.
    2005 Audi A4 1.8 T CVT
    ultra sport
    cold weather
    xenon lights
    dolphin gray, ebony leather int
    $32400 out the door
    delivery to be mid October, highly anticipating pick up!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    Body and chassis updates (longer wheelbase perhaps?) would be my guess and I would guess it might be as late as a 2007 MY, can't seem to get the same story twice. Just that in Feb or Mar of 2005 there will be a 2005.5 which will "look like" the A6 and will have many of the A6's electronics and the 3.2 FSI engine. . .sorry.

    The S4 is a question too -- but the salesfolks at my Audi store cannot imagine no S4, or at least not for long. There is still at this moment a 2005 S4 that can be ordered.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Member Posts: 234
    Mike, why didn't you wait for the new 2005.5 A4's to come out. They will available in Feb and have new body style and engines and all new interior?
  • mikeike12000mikeike12000 Member Posts: 9
    I am more into the sporty image of Audi. I think the new direction they are going is the way the Passat wound up going. What I mean is the new A4 they are predicting sounds like a business sedan. Although the 200 hp sounds tempting, it's overkill with the 130 MPH speed limitation, and no chipping in this Audi owners future.
  • cicerocicero Member Posts: 51
    Mike: You are going to have so much fun let me tell you brother! Remember this, the car has so much to offer and for me it has been a learning experience. Several friends never, almost never, use tip tronic. I admit to staying in D or moving to S infrequently just starting out. But once you realize the variety of options you will smile secretly. Using tip to enter and exit freeways and shifting to the more fuel efficient D or using the tip in the twisties can be exilirating. You can see other drivers watching as you move onto the freeway. For me however, the quattro was essential. Nothing like it, not the Porsche, Corvette or G35 Coupe or TSX compare. You will love the "z" lights at night. I almost went dolphin gray but ended with silver, I still admire the dolphin. Have fun-------Cicero
  • keitaroukeitarou Member Posts: 45
    Does anyone know if the 1.8T or 2.0T will have the option for Nav? The current A4 only has the 3.0 with the nav option.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    These cars beg to be mated with manual transmissions -- and, with the possible exception of the S4, they, er, um, "really suck" with the auto transmissions. Every time I am loaned a 3.0 A4 with a tip, I swear someone has removed at least one spark plug the thing is such a dog!

    The 6 speed tip in the S4 can "get out of its own way" but then again you have the extra gear and the monster engine at your command.

    The 1.8T, almost seems better suited to the tip, but driving one of these with even one passenger, makes you wish for an extra gerbil or two under the hood -- the stick transmission versions are totally transformed.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    First the A4 will have a full-screen DVD navi system for 2005.5 (February 2005 on. . .). I can get no answer that makes me warm and fuzzy about the navi -- although I assume THIS TIME they will offer it (there are plenty of price competitive models that have had full screen navis for more than a year or two now.

    Wish I could give a real answer, but I would be shocked if it was only on the 3.2 and S4 (and RS 4?) versions for next year.

    Uh, well, I've been shocked before. . .sorry to say.
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Member Posts: 1,982
    Will there still be an Avant in S4 trim, Mark?

    An S4 Avant DSG... yummmmm!

    I took the Mrs. to our local Audi lot on Sunday to prime the pumps so to speak, and after perusing some 3.0 Avants, we took out an S4 Avant, and I made sure she drove it. Worked far better than even I had planned. I now have an unfettered green flag from my l'il CFO to do the lease when my current one is up!
  • mikeike12000mikeike12000 Member Posts: 9
    I understand that DVD and Navigation are the must have for the 21st century but come on. The Audi navigation is horrible, you look through your steering wheel at a screen that is what 4"-5"? The DVD in the sedan makes no sense to me what so ever. Not having kids I wouldn't know but I think it's more of an option that sounds good posting to boards like this. I personally would opt to pick up an aftermarket Nav from best buy or something with 6.5" -7" colored map display for about half the price. Then with the money I saved I would buy a portable DVD player that can sit on the dash for long drives.
    just my opinion
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Member Posts: 1,982
    The new NAV units are decent-sized color screens. Check out the A8L shots on the website.

    That's your next gen, I believe.
  • cicerocicero Member Posts: 51
    Mark----ahem----tell me how you really feel. Ask the Mrs. about the allegory of the cave and you will understand where I am at. The extra horses are very tempting and I think it will be tough over the next year to avoid advancing to a more powerful 4 or moving into a 6. I have the sense if I got a 200hp car I would really want 255 and on and on......Not everything is cars (I may believe it if I say it enough times). There are other fruits so I am trying to achieve some balance. Since I purchased, I wonder what the trade-in experience is like for a well maintained car for most of THE PEOPLE. Cicero
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Member Posts: 1,982
    "...Not everything is cars..."

    Hey! Who let that guy in here?

  • cicerocicero Member Posts: 51
    You guys are too funny! I have to say this week has been a difficult week for me but this site has put a smile on my face and kept me sane. Grin. I must admit, the new woman in my life just figured out that my trips to the coast and through the mountains are not entirely romantic: I didn't realize you were so into cars! Not stated in an appreciative tone. You'all must know what I mean though....gotta enjoy the wine (I am in Northern California (SF) not far from wine country so the grapes draw you). Then there is excellent jazz...not east coast jazz but you can fine some great stuff...then there is the food....and you know what...you need a great ride to get you to those places....thats what I meant....give me a break....Cicero.
  • cicerocicero Member Posts: 51
    One other thing....Mark...what kind of daily driving do you and your wife do, and do you have many tickets. Seriously. Aren't you the same guy who made the comment about me not being happy about being able to top out at twice the speed limit? You can parse and state that there is a difference between 0-60 performance and that is what you are talking about I suppose.....
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Member Posts: 1,982
    You and I are nearly neighbors. I'm in San Ramon, originally from Atherton. Spent a fair amount of my professional life at Macy's West HQ on O'Farrell!

    On top speeds: I'm in an IS300 SportCross. I believe the top speed is somewhere around 145. I've hovered around 130 a couple/three times early AM on I5 between here and Fresno, or on 101 near Santa Maria, and I drive. Real joy for me hasn't been found over 100 on any public road, but rather it has been running a set of backroad curves posted for 35 at more like 70, scared to death that me an' Bambi was a-gonna meet unexpected like!

    Now that's driving (IMO, of course)!
  • cicerocicero Member Posts: 51
    Hey if we stop talking about 2005s they are going to create a "frienship" or "neighbors" forum----I grew up in San Mateo! Native San Franciscan. I occasionally buy suits at that store----when I can't get to Italy/Lucca and Milano---now that is driving---Mark should go-----yeah, in the end it is the torgue and how you feel about the speeds between 0-80 I suppose. Just went for a night jaunt and the "Gerbils" ran really really fast....Finally, whats we the green peace Nader flag? And where is Santa Maria exactly?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    Living in sub-urban Cincinnati, we both drive some residential streets, secondary road and then the interstates (I-275 and I-71). My wife will deny that she drives fast, but when we leave for work I sometimes trail her on the interstate portion of her drive as we both drive west for about 8 or 9 miles. Seems that our little slice of the midwest averages about 75+mph with a sprint or two above 80mph.

    Yes, I would differentiate between fast and quick. I have not had any quarrel with Audis in term of "how fast they go." It would be virtually impossible to ever exceed 120mph let alone 130mph. The quickness is what I hope to have from my cars -- Audis (generally) are not in the top quartile of quickness, often around mid pack and sometimes worse (until you get to the S and RS models). This has changed slowly over the years, but most Audis are not stop light kings (or queens) by any stretch.

    My allroad (6spd manual) is probably quicker than most of its competition, but this is probably an anomaly since not very many of them came with stick shifts (0-60 6.8 seconds).

    The new A6 with a V6 is reported to be 0-60 6.9 seconds and this is probably "with the wind" as Audi probably felt that the price of admission in this class is sub 7 second acceleration.

    So, you're right -- I do parse. . .

    But, as I noted, removing the speed limiter is, as Radar O'Reilly would say, "a three call change." Not a biggie if you must run above 130mph.
  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Member Posts: 1,982
    Santa Maria is right between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara. I had two remodel projects down that way last year, in Santa Maria and Lompoc so I put some miles on. I design stores for a living and do residential on the side.

    Santa Maria is best known for Red Oak smoked tri-tip. It's served with salsa down there, and it's remarkably good! Whole lot of vineyards and wineries down that way too! At some point, I wouldn't mind retiring to a horse property down there; maybe spend my autumn years breeding draught horses! :-)

    My office in SF was across the street in the Phelan building up on the 11th floor. Some of the best days of my youth!

    Mark: Was I right? Is that new NAV in the A8L pretty much the next gen model for Audi? Also, do you think we'll see a DSG S4 Avant here? By MY '06? I believe I'm going to need that...
  • bmwcccbmwccc Member Posts: 234
    Cicero and Wale Bate

    I also live in Northern Calif. I grew up in Marin and moved to Santa Cruz after college ( chico state) 10 years ago. I love driving 17 but haven't had a real fun car in a while to do it in.

    Most of our driving is the 0-80. MT. Tam, Bolinas and Bodega Bay, Hwy 1, Hwy 17, Big Sur etc.

    I have gone to a number of Audi dealerships in the Bay Area, Monterey, San Jose, and Marin. All of them suck except marin. So for me that is a 2 hour drive to get 2005 info.

    Funny though, because I also in the past purchased my suits at Macy's but now have the $1500 taste at Nordstrom for the Zegna suits.

    I am purchasing an Audi at the end of this year, either the A6 or the A4 (feb). I feel for myself the cabin in the current A4 is a little small and the car is underpowered (currently). Also the center console pushes in against my right leg. With the refresh it is getting in feb as a 2005.5 and a 255 hp engine i think it would be worth taking a look at. I just hope it gets a little larger in the width and length and more interior cabin room like the 05'A6 is getting over the 04' A6.

    Any other dealers in the Bay Area you guys have had good experiences with?
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