2016 Honda accord EXL V6 lease option

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hi , i'm looking for a 2016 honda accord EXl V6 for 36 month lease in NJ.

i would like to put 0 down + all taxes and fees in the monthly payment.

what would be good deal for a monthly payment as start.
i went to a dealer and they are throwing very vague numbers. i'm not sure if its good deal or they are trying to rip me off.
any help is appreciated.


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    using weymouth data for MA:
    EXL-V6 sedan; no nav/sensing
    MSRP incl. destination $31,580.00
    Lease Price $26,408.45
    Residual $17,369.00 (55% of MSRP) (12k per year)

    308 + tax; includes 344doc + 135dmv or 479 combined dmv/doc fees; NJ will be similar i believe
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    thanks for the reply. when you say 308+ tax . does this tax includes vehicle sales tax (i mean all kind of tax when buy a vehicle) . a dealer in NJ gave me very high number compared to this.
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    you are leasing not buying right?
    how does NJ tax leases?
    ask for the lease workup sheet to see the details
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    NJ calculates sales tax on the sum of the payments. That amount is either collected up front at lease inception or added to the selling price and spread out over the life of the lease.

    Edmunds Price Checker
    Edmunds Lease Calculator
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