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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • gocasskingsgocasskings Posts: 30
    I appreciate the input, but have tried everything I can imagine without pulling the buttons off and rearranging them. Dark interior, car sitting out in the open at a baseball game, and near 100 degree temperatures does not make for a pleasant drive home when the air is non-existent. I, too, hate the "cannot duplicate" line, but have ended up with all of those things being duplicated at some point. That is really why I started checking this site out. I was having so many problems and the service manager was assuring me that they were unique to my vehicle. Many started as "not able to duplicates", but they eventually got on the same page I was and listened.
    Most of the problems that I had have not been mentioned here, but a few have, so it reassured me that I was not going crazy. I hate to bite the bullet on this one, but I really think this car will be history in my life relatively soon. My trust in anything about it is about gone.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Sorry to hear that but I can relate. So far, my problems are minor and rank as nuisances. If it is to the point of trading, you might want to check with the Better Business Bureau and let Chevy know you've reached the point of no return. Hopefully, they'll give you some options you may be willing to accept. I am really trying to give Chevy and GM the benefit of the doubt. In the past, they have been willing to help and I think the current business climate has made them more willing than ever to try to work out the issues with their products. From the sound of it, you have a legitimate problem which they should want to make right. For what that's worth... :confuse:
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Finally had a chance to test the recirc issue. Wouldn't ya know it, mine does the exact same thing. I think it has to be a programming glitch because why else wouldn't the light automatically come on? Mine has the AC engaged regardless of whether the AC light is on. I'm sure (because I've known people who think this) there are lots of folks out there thinking they're getting some kind of non-AC cooling and thinking they're saving fuel by "not" using the AC. Reminds me of the old Bi-Level setting that many thought didn't engage the AC. Oh well, at least it's a consistent bug/issue. Thanks for pointing it out. :P
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Sorry to hear about your problems with your Impala. If its not too far away check out a different chevy dealership. You don't have to go to the one you bought your car from. Service department knowledge can vary greatly from dealership to dealership. Believe me I have been in your position with issues over the years.
  • I had dealt with customer service as I began checking this site. I had finally thought the problems were dealt with that had caused my grief. (I do understand that there are little things that can go wrong; I've just had too many of those.) For my concerns, I was given an oil change and tire rotation.) They also said my next step was the BBB, but I had decided to wait. This problem is the one that takes it to that level though. I have nothing to lose.
    I am still a little concerned about the previous issues (Posts 1212 and 1551) as they always happened on the coldest Indiana days. What happens this winter?

    I still am not sure what the service battery charging system was supposed to mean, but the ONSTAR people told me to park the car. So encouraging.......

    I am not too far from another dealership, but I don't really think that has been the problem other than one visit when I dealt with a different service manager. I won't even talk to anyone other than "my favorite" anymore. He at least listens and tries to be reassuring that this is not the norm and that they don't like the repeated visits any more than I do.

    I do have quite a stack of service write ups that could probably wallpaper my living room.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    Kind of ironic that people like Deming taught the Japanese how to run efficient and effective companies.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    The excuse is that the replacement for freon doesn't do as good a job on cooling. This is BS. My 2000 Mustang will freeze you out of the car -most effective cooling system I've ever seen and the 2006 Impala doesn't do nearly as good a job. Perhaps GM should find out how Ford does it.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,230
    My leSabres will freeze me out like the local Burger King does (they must have temp set at 60 in that place). There's gotta be something wrong in the system operation there in a temperature door or something?

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    The excuse is that the replacement for freon doesn't do as good a job on cooling.

    I would't accept that excuse. My '06 SS is plenty cold. The only difference I've noticed is that it may take a few seconds (10-15) to feel the ultra cold air. Aside from that, mine works as well as any AC I've ever been exposed to. I rarely have to run mine above the second lowest fan setting and never for an extended time. For the record, I live in SC with mid-90s lately and super high humidity and my SS is black with black leather interior. I HAVE had my windows tinted with the semi-metallic (fully U.S. legal) window tinting that claims to reduce heat by 50% (through the glass). I am cool and comfortable. My only (small) concern is that I can hear the AC compressor when it's running; when turning/parking/etc. Sounds like a very soft moaning-whirr. Similar but much quieter than a power steering pump.
  • jcooleyjcooley Posts: 46 says 280,000 06 Impalas have been built. Sold 23700 in May. Pretty good number for the 06 Impala.
  • jntjnt Posts: 316
    Impala is one of the rare bright spots at GM for the May result (down by 12 %).

    For any new vehicle to be as sucessful as the older model, the first year new model should have the sales number at least 30% above the last year old model. The simple reason is after 3-4 years in production, the sales number would decline naturally as product gets old.

  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I don't think that's ALWAYS true. Some vehicles gain popularity for the first few years as the word gets out, fads form, etc. I believe that's less the case now than it once was but it's still true occasionally.

    Also, I think Chevy is doing well, especially compared to the other GM brands. "Well" as in actually turning a profit. It will be a while before GM or Ford come back. I'm confident they'll regroup, though. Regardless of how great most of America thinks the Camry and Accord are, there are still plenty of us who just don't dig them. :)
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    280,000 might be good news for the Impala but GM is continuing to slip away. Some sobering stats: Last 12 months GM LOST $2,496 on every car and truck they sold (average)in America. Ford LOST $590 per vehicle, D/C EARNED $590 per vehicle produced. Honda/Toyota America EARNED between $1,215 & $2,249 for every vehicle sold. GM's #1 Oshawa plant that was rated #1 in the industry in 2004 is now rated 7th. The Oshawa plant #2 (Impala/Monte Carlo) that was rated #2 in the auto industry just a couple years ago is set to close in 2008......Does that make sense? GM's oveall car sales down 19% and truck sales down 15%. The Impala might be a bright spot, but the big picture gets worse all the time. Huge changes have to come to the company, and very soon.
  • Guess what happened? In 69 degree weather, the silly thing works. I guess they had 3 people in the day before with similar problems, but they didn't know how to operate the system. Once that was eliminated---let me tell you EVERYTHING I tried---they had the car for a very long time trying to track a possible problem. I now know one thing---- that there are no bulletins out for the heating/ cooling system. The service writer thinks the problem is something electrical. At least they believe that there is a problem.

    I also learned that there is a fix coming for the window screech. It is due out in mid summer.

    The service writer also told me that the wind noise is something to do with the mirrors. No fix for that yet, he said. (I laughed because this noise drives me nuts, but with all of the other problems I would never have mentioned it to him. He brought the topic up when discussing the bulletins on the '06.)
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Thanks for the info. I'm wondering if my occasional vent rebellion is going to continue to be a now and then issue or something more permanent. As is stands now, I can't duplicate the issue. Again, so far, my problems are only nuisances.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I only waited a few days for the part to come in on the passenger window to eliminate the screech. It has been more than three weeks now on the part for the driver's side window and still the part isn't in. Many people must be having this problem.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    The side glass on the 2006 Impala is thicker this year then the 2000-05 models. I wonder if they are still using the same window track mechanisms as on the earlier models. If parts are being ordered to remedy this problem then it must be widespread with the 06 Impalas.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I can't figure out what your wind noise problem is. Every car I own has wind noise. The Impala isn't any worse than my '03 Cadillac. I don't hear any whistle or loud noise and I have driven 70-80 mph. Perhaps those of you who have a problem have a bad door or window seal or something. Perhaps many of you expect something more out of an Impala than what is there. This is not a luxury car. It is not an Avalon or Lexus. It is a relatively cheap full size car that holds 5-6 people, rides well, has a good stereo, but has high depreciation because it is nothing special. I bought one because it provided exactly what I was looking for in a second car. If I wanted to spend another $5k and buy a car that was built like a luxury car I'd have purchased an Avalon or would have gotten another certified Deville. The Impala interior doesn't even compare with the interior on a top of the line Camry or Camry Solara. GM needs to get its act together. Chevrolet produces a good ,durable rental car but that's about it. I think that many of you are expecting too much out of this vehicle.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I didn't study the part when it came in but it looks like a strip that brushes against the window when it goes up and down -perhaps to seal the mechanism against water. Apparentely this strip has a rubber piece that is supposed to bend when the window goes down. When it doesn't bend, the window rubs against it and makes a screeching sound. It is really loud. When the window gets wet the sound goes away immediately. I haven't noticed it on the back windows.
  • zjimzjim Posts: 51
    They replaced both front struts, which eliminated the ridiculous bouncing over every dip in the road. The strut replacement also stopped the rattling sound coming from the front suspension when making right turns. The sunroof now fits reasonably well and crooked lettering on the trunk has been replaced. The loss of remote reception and tire monitoring system were repaired after they had the car for 3 days. Turns out, the receptor and some bad grounding was the problem. They could not duplicate the squeeking cooling fan motor after the motor is stopped.
    I hope this is the end of problems for a while!!
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Glad to hear you got some relief. I hope that's an indication of improved customer service nation wide. My local dealer was bought out so I don't know if the improved service is a result of the new management or a top down re-emphasis on the importance of customer service. Hopefully more and more folks will start getting better service from the "service" department.

    I do have a question for you though. Regarding the front struts, was there a TSB or recall that dealt with it? I'm curious because I believe my SS is starting to show the same symptoms. Thanks for the update, regardless! :)
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    It is 100 degrees today in Clovis, NM and the Impala AC is lousy. It works just fine when the temperature in is the 70's. My Mustang AC is far better. Your tinted windows must really cut down on the heat -I should install them. I have the manual AC system on the Impala. The automatic AC in my Cadillac seems to be more effective.
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    You might want to have the AC checked at the dealership. There should be a range of temperatures that should be produced at the vent. If the air is as cold as it should be, maybe the AZ sun is just too much for the Impala AC system. If you're "lucky", maybe your system just needs maintenance and/or refrigerant added.

    While I swear by window tinting, especially the semi-metallic, I don't think that it makes that much of a difference in normal use. I think it's greatest benefit is helping to keep the car from getting super heated while parked in the sun.

    Regardless, I think it would be a good idea to get the R-134A checked. The check shouldn't take long and neither would adding any if needed. ;)
  • zjimzjim Posts: 51
    There was an extensive TSB for the remote/tire monitor system problems, but I don't think there was anything on the struts.

    When I brought the car to the service department, I think they thought I was just being overly picky about a soft suspension system. My car was first in line in the two lane service bay. I asked, and they brought an identical new Impala and parked it next to mine. I opened both hoods. Now I think they thought I lost my mind. I proceeded to grab the radiator support bar and began bouncing the car like you used to do to test for defective shocks. It was relatively easy to get the car bouncing pretty good. When I let go, the car continued to bounce once, then a very small second bounce before it stopped moving. I then tried to do the same on the new car. I could barely move the suspension on the new car and when I did release it, it stopped immediately. The service advisor and service manager just said "Wow! That's pretty graphic proof!" There was no further discussion and they changed the struts. The car now rides like it did when new. No more bouncing and rattling!!
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I love that you were able to show them so graphically. I think all of us have had an experience where a mechanic acts like we haven't a clue and decide on their own what is and isn't wrong with our vehicle.
    I had a similar experience a few years back when I had my struts replaced. The new ones were far worse than the 100,000+ mile set they replaced. This shop was skeptical as well until they watched it bounce and bounce and bounce. It took two more sets of struts before they found a set that worked. I believe the first two sets were a cheap knock-off.
    All of this just goes to show that the experts aren't necessarily the best at diagnosing our problems.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    That's a good idea. The car will be in there when the window piece arrives and I'll have it checked. It really isn't very effective. Funny that this car seems to have a number of minor problems. My Cadillac and my '01 Malibu were pretty much defect free.
  • zjimzjim Posts: 51
    I worked for a number of years at my fathers auto repair service from the time I was 12 years old. My father was an excellent teacher and it really burns me when I take my car to a dealer and they try to treat me like I'm totally ignorant about cars. This wasn't the first time that I told a dealer what was wrong with one of my cars, only to have them spend hours or even days trying to find the problem. In the end, my diagnosis was usually correct and would have taken minimal time to repair. I guess they just don't like having the customer tell them what's wrong. Sort of like trying to tell a doctor what's wrong on visit to his office! Must be a "professional's" thing.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    Had the opportunity today to test drive two Impala SS sedans. Impressions:

    1) blistering speed with superb performance throughout the torque band. Very, very impressive. Displacement on demand operation totally seamless.

    2) very capable handling, excellent ride characteristics. The ride was a pleasing combination of sporty handling and smoothness, the best of both rides. Not too rigid but at the same time not too cushy. The recent negative article by C&D in this regard was pure bunk and yet another example of their emotional and unfounded bias against domestic cars.

    3) one car had mild to moderate wind noise at highway speeds while the other had essentially none up to 75 mph. What accounted for that discrepancy I cannot say as the car doors and windows on both cars seemed equally sealed. Somewhat of a mystery.

    4) apart from wind noise in one of the cars, engine and road sounds were well muted. The drone of the V-8 exhaust was in the background but not unpleasant and actually added a pleasing element to the driving experience.

    5) interior fit and finish on both cars excellent and easily the equal of the vast majority of the imports, e.g. Toyota Avalon, Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

    6) superior ergonomics, excellent seating surfaces, highly functional controls and gauges. The ability to switch from metric to English units and back is a huge plus for those of us who drive both in Canada and stateside.

    7) sound system simply excellent and I am an automotive audiophile. This particular BOSE system is very, very good.

    8) interior space was commodious and the trunk is downright cavernous.

    9) I found both the exterior and the interior styling aesthetic and pleasing.

    10) the value quotient of this automobile is extremely high. There are few, if any, competing cars which can match its combination of speed, handling, refinement and overall pleasing driving characteristics.

    It is a real shame more people don't actually go to GM showrooms to sample the current generation of their cars. If they did, many would be quite surprised as to just how far GM has come in upping the playing field with respect to its current automotive offerings.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    I don't believe Car & Driver were trashing the Impala. All three testers indicated improvements could have been made to suspension components to the SS to handle the extra power especially for a front wheel drive car. I have driven the SS and I believe for a FWD with lots of power the suspension should match its performance capabilities. There are posters on this forum with suspension issues post #1723 & 1726. I have read dozens of test reports of the 2006 Impala SS. It fits somewhere in the middle of the pack to its competion.

    Why would all car magazine testers be biased against american cars? GM spends millions advertising in their magazines every month. Wouldn't that be counterproductive? Basically I believe the car testers are saying this is the best the americans offer right now but the Japanese competitors are still a little ahead. Nothing wrong with being honest. A little more refinement with the front suspension, better supportive seats ( I have been saying that for years) and a little less looking like the competiton would move the Impala up a notch or two. For the price the current Impala SS has good value to buy, but still lags the competition in resale. Very important to the spending consumer. The 2006 Impala SS is the best SS chevrolet has ever made, but Chevy has to keep improvements/refinements on the front burners because the competition is not standing still.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    I agree with your assessment. The only downside of the Impala is its plain interior. There is no comparison between the interior of the Avalon and even the top of the line Camry. They frankly look luxurious. The Impala doesn't, especially the door panels that look stamped out. Perhaps this plays a part in the Camry's popularity. It certainly isn't popular because of its power, handling, etc.
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