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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • I attempted to trade in my Impala (2LT 8500 miles, Bose, 6 CD changer, ABS, Traction) on a 2006 program Cadillac and got a quote of $13,000 from the Chevy/Cadillac dealer. He is selling program Impalas for $16,800-18,000. If you ever want to get rid of your Impala sell it privately. I for one will never again purchase a new GM product. A program car with a few thousand miles costs $7,000 less. I guess I'll probably do what thousands have already done henceforth and head to Toyota or Honda where the cars hold their resale value. Must be a reason why. A $10,000 depreciation in 9 months on a midsize domestic car seems rather steep!!!!
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    I like the Impala BUT I have been stating for a few years now its better to buy a used Impala then a new one. No one knows that some circumstance might force a person to sell their car earlier then anticipated and get the surprise of their life of the terrible resale value of these cars. Its near impossible to sell these cars privately, there are thousands dumped on used car lots every year by fleet customers depressing values including LTZs and a few SS cars. Its a win situation and a buyers market for 1 or 2 year old Impalas. I am not knocking the car just giving the facts. GM is reducing the number of cars sold to fleets. Last year Honda/Toyota sold around 11% each to fleets. 2005 over 40% of Impalas went to fleet services.
  • I'm sorry you didn't do your homework ahead of time. Domestic automakers fill rental fleets with their vehicles (something Toyota is begging to do now too), so they depreciate ALOT over the first 36 months, as supply of used domestic vehicles far outpaces demand.

    This isn't anything new... been this way for a couple decades now.

    In my area Madison, WI/Rockford, IL, I can get 2006 Impalas 1LT (dealer starting price) for $13-$14 and 3LT for $14-$15 with 20k-30k miles on them.

    Those prices make for an attractive used vehicle, but certainly mean you're going to have to absorb 40% depreciation in the first year of 'new car' ownership.

    In fact, even Honda's and Toyota's take a big hit the first year too... you even need to keep those for 2-2.5 years to get your wholesale price to match what you still owe on them.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    What do you mean do my homework. Since the 1950s GM has been the fleet leader in cars/trucks. Check the Kelley Blue book for values on cars and after any year of ownership a comparable Japanese make will be worth more then a comparable GM/Ford/DC car. After 3,4,5,6,7 etc years a tiny Toyota Corolla brings more then any Chevrolets midsize offerings at trade in time. 12 month period between 2004 and 2005 over 50% of all Impala sales were fleets. This was a record for GM. Good news for a used Impala buyers but not for someone who trades new ones often.

    GM has been criticized the past few years for high fleet sales and at the start of 2006 they made less Impalas available for fleets. Still a long way to go.

    Toyotas, Hondas, Mazdas, Nissans all have much better comparable resale values then any of the big three. Thats a fact. Check it out.
  • evandroevandro Posts: 1,108
    Do even better: scout out-of-lease used cars. Three years-old, barely 36000mls., repair record and most of the depreciation accounted for makes them winning deals.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Little Rock, ARPosts: 872
    Question - You say your Impala depreciated $10k in 9 months. If the trading dealer offered you $13k, then to lose $10k that'd mean you paid $23k. Since a 2006 2LT speced as you describe would list for $23,620 you would have paid list price for the vehicle to lose $10k. It is very unlikely that anyone paid list price for an Impala 9 months ago, since there were certainly rebates and discounts offered on the car. These are taken into account when determining the resale value of a vehicle. Part of the reason a Camcord will have a higher resale value is because they typically sells closer to their actual MSRP. Everyone knows the MSRP of domestic cars are typically inflated, and that is reflected in the resale value.

    Tell us what your car listed for, then tell us what you actually paid for the car, and THEN see if the difference between what you PAID versus the trade-in offer was $10k.

    As an example, in my local paper a dealer is selling a 2007 LS which lists for $21,710 with a discount of $2,010 and a rebate of $3,700, for a total sales price of $15,995. That's almost $6k under the list price, so if trade in on this car 9 months from now is $11,710 ($10k less than the list price), that's a depreciation of $4,285 - still nothing to brag about, but a far cry from losing $10k.

    My experience has been that you might pay more for the perceived quality of a Camcord on the front end, and you may get that extra money back on the back end when you sell the car...but if look at the actual out-of-pocket amount it runs about the same. You'll pay less for a domestic car, and it will be worth less in the end, but for comparable vehicles the difference in what you actually spend will be negligible
  • Hey you 2006/2007 SS Impala owners out there....
    What's the best tire pressure( cold) to run in the stock
    Goodyear Eagle RS-A's -235/50-18.
    Help would be appreciated...
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I run the recommended pressure in mine which I believe is 30 psi. Ride and handling seem to be just fine. Are you looking for a softer ride, better handling, better mileage?
  • Hey Ron ...
    Thanks for your response here and your other one under "tires and suspension".I have a 2006 Impala LT(2).. now with the SS wheels/tires (Goodyear RS-A tires 235/50-18)installed...
    I had to change the rear struts to the SS versions for clearance.
    Tires were hitting the rear strut spring perch on the stock ones. Everything is fine now and they look great !!I have 30 lbs in them right now and just wanted to make sure this was ok. Someone told me to set them at 35 lbs.I am not worried about soft ride, mileage, etc, just the right tire pressure number as the accurate SS sticker is not on the inside of my door. In addition,i was going to change my front struts also to the ss firmer ride, so i thought, only to be told that all the front struts on all impalas are the same part number and therefore are the same... I don't quite understand this as the SS has the sport suspension(fe3).This is coming from my gm dealership.Do you know who can possibly help..??
    Thanks again
  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    I looked into trading my '06 LT2 (Buckets, Alloy wheels, Bose, Power Seat) back in September when it only had 3,000 miles on it. Dealer quoted me $15K trade-in towards a new '06 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I paid $20K for the Impala, and I expected there to be some "negative equity". I was not surprised by the trade-in value quoted.

    I elected to keep my Impala for the time being. We will see what happens when I go to trade it at 24-30,000 miles ;)
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    If they offered you $15,000 for your Impala, what deal were they going to make for you on the 06 Cherokee. Most dealers will inflate the offer on a trade in and give you less off on the new vehicle you buy. Did you ask what the best deal was on the Jeep if you didn't have a trade in?
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    Oops...that was a guess earlier and I was off. I just checked and the recommended pressure is 32 psi.

    I will try to confirm what you're hearing about the front struts. I'm hoping you were told wrong because otherwise, I may be stuck with a soft front suspension.

    With the new wheels, does your car seem to ride higher than with the stock wheels? My sister's 3LT seems lower than mine.
  • axle52axle52 Posts: 36
    I know that when I traded in my 05 impala with 35,000 miles on it for a new 06 LTZ the dealer only gave me 18,500 for a trade in on the new impala. I had the 05 for 11 months. I paid 30,000 on the 05 LS( canadian dollars btw )brand new. Dealer told me because there is so many used impalas out there for the reason being the value at trade in. So there ya go. Funny thing is though the dealer listed my 05 impala for 24,500 on the used car lot. Money to be made if your a used car dealer.
  • Many thanks for the info (32 PSI), I'll change the label
    on the inside of my door panel. I just heard from GM and indeed the front struts across the board for all 2006 and 2007 models(LS,LT,LTZ,SS) show the same part number...only the rears are different..Well, I guess it must be the springs and/or sway bar that really firms things up front for the SS. Please pass on if you hear what the actual reason is...!! The 18" wheels are/look great, they are about 1/2" wider and only about 3/4" higher for overall diameter compared to the stock 225/60-16 wheels.I got a great deal on EBAY.They give you a totally different ride i.e. slighty higher, alittle heavier feel, better handleing.I think your sister's comes with 17" wheels and they are also a nice size..
    Thanks again and talk to you soon...
  • You are absolutely right.
  • I paid $22,800 for the car. I bought it back in March when GM had reduced the MSRP and offered no rebate.
  • Thanks for all the comments. I should have mentioned that when I attempted the trade I was also offering a 54,000 miles '03 Deville (Certified) that they offered me $11,000 for. I wanted to get down to one car. I agree that I should have bought a program '06 Impala instead of a new one. I'll never buy another new GM car unless I plan to keep it at least 4 or 5 years. It is virtually impossible to sell a year old Impala privately because a dealer can finance one on his lot and everyone suspects that yours might be a lemon. I'll eventually sell it to someone I know in the next few months but it has been a good lesson. I'll look for a program '06 DTS next summer in the Dallas area where I have lots of selection and sell my '03 to a realtor.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    I am not knocking the Impala, I have been driving only chevys from day one but the fact of the matter is most american made cars have very poor resale value once driven off the lot.

    There is a nice 2006 Impala LS on ebay BUY IT NOW $13,100. has hundreds of 2006 Impalas listed make your best deal. Great deals for the used Impala purchasers. If you are buying a NEW Impala and you know that you are going to keep the car for many years it might also be the car for you.

    For those contemplating buying a new or used Impala in the near future I would opt for the 2007. Some of the bugs will have been worked out and they also come with a 5 year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty that isn't standard of the 06s.
  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    The 06 Grand Cherokee was a brand new Laredo (6cylinder, 4wheel drive) They were offering the Jeep for $200 over invoice minus all then-current incentives (or 0% financing, whichever I preferred).
  • Actually the reason I didn't buy a program car was because of the totally new '06. I ordered it in January and could have bought an '05 program Impala but wanted the new model. I got quite a bit of use out of it while moving this year and the flip and fold rear seat is worth every penny it costs. The Bose radio is ok but I could have lived without it -ditto the 6 cd changer. If the '06 had just been a freshened '05 I would have gotten a program '05. I agree about the '07. The powertrain warranty is a good deal. It will be interesting to see if the GM Protection Plan cost is less because of it.
  • bh0001bh0001 Posts: 340
    Any update on the new coax antenna for the remote problem? I'm waiting with baited breath for this fix. Fortunately it's been a warm winter here in Ontario so I haven't been swearing at the zero distance I get from my remote starter!
  • axle52axle52 Posts: 36
    Just had my car in and had the clicking and popping noises from the dash fix. Also having problems with my reception on the keyless remote but still not solved. Still waiting for the TSB that is suppose to come out this month. If someone hears of a solution, drop a line in this forum
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hey guys..... Anyone out there fairly close to the Gm brass that can find out where the heck they are with the Coax Antenna fix for the remote and Tire message problems..?? Here it's almost mid January and I am impatient.. It almost seems like it's a dead issue.. However, I know better, there are too many of us with this problem for it to be of no intersest at this point !! Maybe the January fix date will really be around mid-year '07....
  • axle52axle52 Posts: 36
    Hi. Had my car in again with my usual complaints about the TPM and KRE problems. My dealership has yet to solve these annoying issues. I have mentioned to the service advisor about this forum and the problems that we are having with our vehicles but they have no answers. I told him that there would be a new TSB out on these issues and they told me that they would notify me if they hear anything. I am not holding my breathe, but I will keep after them. Hope someone on this forum hears something and passes it on.
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Just thought I would pass along some of my recent experience and a little tad of information to some of you '06/'07 Impala LT (FE1 suspension) owners out there...
    Of course, you SS model (FE3 suspension) owners alredy know this....
    After changing my rear struts to the SS versions because of installing the bigger SS 235/50-18 wheels/tires, I decided to make one more change. Well, I changed the stock 30 mm front stabilizer bar to the SS 34 mm bar and oh boy..what a noticable difference. The Feel and cornering now is greatly improved !!! Much firmer ,but not unreasonable.. I think i will stop here.....
  • quietproquietpro Posts: 702
    I'll bet it is nice. Now, you just need to add a few hundred pounds to the front of your car to get the full SS effect. Just kidding...except for power, you've probably got a much better handling vehicle. :)
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Thanks quietpro...yes, it's nice and much better(firmer)
    handeling !! I would have liked the SS power like yours but
    where I am, they go for about $10,000 more than the LT.
    I'm happy at this point...

  • Just purchased my new 2006 SS.....a leftover that had a great price tag.....Red (burgundy) with neutral cloth interior....the 5.3 is awesome!! Will be looking here for any far everything seems ok!!........bryan
  • mymittiesmymitties Posts: 242
    Hey Bryan... well done, you must be really excited !! You certainly have one heck of a fine car there, and i'm sure that the 5.3 will give you an awesome time.
    Just curious though ...a fully loaded SS where I am goes for around $ 38,100 to $ 39,995 depending on option choices.
    I'd be interesed to hear what you picked-up your '06 for....??
    Have fun.....!!
  • Hi, Frank....I'm here in New Jersey, the sticker price was $26,990.00..they wanted it off the lot because as I mentioned it is a 2006 and I bought it Dec. 30th ....The dealer came down to $21,500.00, plus they had the year end Red Tag rebate sale going on til Jan.2nd...which was another $1500.00 off....I said I'd think about it, went home to think it over the meantime the dealer called me and said if I took the car before Jan 2nd , he'd double the red tag rebate to $3000.00!!!So, now I was down to $18,500!!!...My wife reminded me that I had a GM card with $2000.00 credit points on now I was down to $16,500.00!!! I traded my 2001 Jeep ....they offered me $7000.00 for that. I said no. A few hours later they called said they'd give me $8500 for it (it was the stripped down SE model), now I'm down to $ 8000.00 for the Impala.....Once I heard the duals fire was gone!!!....Jan 2nd , I took ownership. talk soon...
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