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2006 Chevrolet Impala



  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    2004, Over 40% of Impala's sales were Fleet sales......Rentals, Commercial, Police etc......Ford Taurus which was the #1 selling car for years was also the Fleet leader at that time......actual personal sales are what counts as the popularity of a car..(not fleet sales).....thats why Impala has such a very poor resale value after 1 and 2 years......all these fleets flood the main reason why Camry and Accord are in such demand they hold there resale value.....they are not in the fleet game like GM.

    The Dodge Charger, the inside dimensions are very similar to the Impala........shoulder, head and hip room are similar, rear leg room in the charger is more, but it does have a smaller trunk......3 engines available in the Charger 250 hp......340 hp......350 hp........and soon after production the .......425 hp option...(HEMI is taking the world by storm) .today performance is where it is at! and being #2 doesn't matter!......Chrysler claims that there DOD (similar technology that the 2006 Impala will have) will increase fuel economy up to 20% while the Impala's 3.9 V6, & 5.3 V8 SS will only get up to 12% better fuel economy..thats a huge difference today at $2.25 a gallon for gas.
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    with DOD the mileage on the 300C is 17/25. I cant imagine what it would be without DOD. The mileage on the SRT is considerably worse.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    The 2006 Impala SS highway mileage is rated not much better at 27 with DOD.....its a few hundred pounds lighter and a few hp and lots of torque less.....Chevys DOD is up to 12% improvement, where Chrysler offers up to 20% with their technology..........and they require 91 octane premium fuel as well......

    Reports here in Ontario Canada near the plant where they are going to build the 2006 Dodge Charger soon, they already have firm orders for 25,000 cars, & a great number of the orders are for the HEMI

    The Dodge Charger SRT/8 will be coming soon after with the 425 hp HEMI......I wonder what the city/highway fuel numbers will be for that!
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    I'm not sure why you are posting here if you want a charger. The charger is a great value but to many people, like me, it is not attractive. On top of that it is a large car that offers the interior and trunk space of a midsize car, mostly due to its RWD layout. Plus, it has basically the same cookie cutter interior as the Magnum and 300 and I prefer the interior of the impala. I'm glad Dodge is back in the game with the charger but people like you seem to think that FWD cars are doomed now that Chrysler is making RWD cars. No one at Toyota/Honda/Nissan is sweating because the 300 and Charger appear to be successful so I dont see why you think the Impala is going to at such a disadvantage. In terms of real world performance the Impala SS should be right there with the Charger and depending on how its tuned, it may handle better. Many reports on the Ford 500 said it is a better balanced car than the softly sprung 300.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Who said I wanted a Charger? Just constructive comparisons..........I have driven only Chevys since the 1960's, but not afraid to to give accolades to a company like chrysler who has done a very good job the last couple years. I will probably buy a 2006 or 2007 Impala SS, I currently own a 2001 LS. For the record yes the trunk on the new charger is smaller, and the interior seems a little plasticky, but its inside measurements are very comparable to the 2006 Impala shoulder room, hip room, leg room, lets get it right......both cars are very equal in dimensions other then the Charger is RWD.......Front wheel cars do not handle better in cornering at high speed then RWD cars.....FWD cars tend to plow into a corner, because the weight ration is usually 60/40 on the front where a RWD car is close to 50/50..I can't imagine Corvette being front wheel drive.......So I look at the pros and cons of a lot of cars, even though I am a chevy guy, I see the mistakes all car companies make.....and not afraid to voice my concerns even about this 2006 Impala, if I see something I don't like!........I will voice my concern like so many on this forum have about the current Impala..and previous problems that arose......thats how things get changed not by just accepting them.
  • polespoles Posts: 23
    everyone was talking about how the charger is going to be bad in snow cause it is RWD. i was amazed when i saw this video. i dont know if they are using comparable cars in this video(if they have traction control, same tires) , but it just seems really akward. check this out. i have not read the police driving article but my friend said it was good. i still would rather have a FWD vehicle in snow, but thats just me. i cant wait to drive that new Impala SS!! and
  • cfazzaricfazzari Posts: 77
    Call me a hard-Headed Guinea...I simply want that weight UP FRONT. I've seen FDW cars PLOW right through snow banks, while I'm standing around like a moron with a shovel trying to dig out my RWD. I will never forget it. There are some that say traction control and snow tires make the RWD cars as good (no one ever says better). And Chrysler had to offer AWD on it's 300-C after only one year in production.

    I'm still about a year away from actually buying anything...Currently The Impala SS is my front runner, Grand Prix GXP is a close second. If Dodge Charger ends up offering an AWD in 2007 (they will I'm sure) then a big test drive-off will be in order. And of course if gasoline really goes over $3.00 a gallon in the interim then an AWD Toyota Highlander Hybrid becomes Playmate Of The Month instead. :shades:
  • polespoles Posts: 23
    im with you, i dont care what movies show, ill take FWD any day of the week
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    I dont think FWD cars are ever going to go away as long as the northern part of the country has bad winter weather. It will take years to convince people that modern RWD cars are as good as FWD cars in the snow and ice. AWD is a nice solution for the chrysler cars but it adds weight, saps fuel economy and raises the car another inch or two off its wheels. By biggest beef with the Chrysler cars is the fact that they sit about two inches too high. The wheels do not fill the fenders and no one seems to talk about this. It really kills the looks of those cars. I'm glad the Impala seems to have wheels that fit.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    The video looks convincing to me....Some people just don't want to believe! old school thinking! look at the video again and watch the Impala try to climb the hill..I know they doctored the video!......this new gearing technology is the start of the RWD evolution for those that want RWD vehicles .More choices great! .Isn't that what everyone wants more choices! ..If this was Chevy doing the video with a RWD car your opinion would be wow! RWD is better.....I was going to wait for a 2007 Impala SS hoping for a 6 speed auto, but now I understand that the 6 speeds that GM/FORD are working on are only capable of handling up to 250 hp in FWD I might just buy a 2006 SS......and get by with a 4 speed......again I am a Chevy guy but Cudo's to DC. Maybe down the road GM will learn this technology and build a full sized sedan again with RWD that will again be another choice for those that want a RWD option.........were not in the 90's anymore!
  • mikedeasmikedeas Posts: 1
    I'd like to try to establish a couple of accurate facts regarding what has been stated regarding Chrysler's new Hemi engines.
    1 The 5.7L engine sold in passenger cars to the average consumer come with the Multi Displacement System (MDS) (similar to Displacement On Demand).
    2 That same engine is rated at 345hp and according to the owner's manual, uses 89 octane (not 91) unleaded fuel.
    3 The 6.1L hemi in Chrysler and Dodge's SRT8 is rated at 425hp and doesn't use any electronic displacement control and as a result will produce SUV-like fuel economy numbers.
    I remain a staunch 'Chevy small block' supporter and feel that with a few design tweaks and performance updates, that 5.3L V-8 will produce torque and hp numbers that will soon rival the Hemi's and produce better fuel economy.
    On a completely different not I'd also like to suggest that Chevy keeps 'Impala'
    moniker on this front wheel drive (W body) and in 4 to 5 years, design and produce a rwd / awd larger model which should be called 'Caprice'.

    I believe that Chevrolet will survive the political battering it has taken in the GM hierarchy and show that it truly is the back-bone of this corporation.
    v / r
    MikeDeas ;)
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    5.7 Litre Hemi.....89 Octane fuel thats a big plus for Chrysler for a V8 that develops 390 foot pounds of torque and their similar DOD offers up to 20% fuel improvement.....The 5.3 small block requires Premium 91 Octane fuel....and the DOD offers only up to 12% fuel savings....which I believe will also be offered on the 3.9 litre V6.......Dodge Chargers SRT8 will be a specialty car, I believe the 6.1 Litre HEMI will be an $8,000 engine option...also offered in the Chrysler 300 and probably some truck lines...sort of like the new ZO6 Corvette's 7.0 that will be over $20,000 more......but those that opt for those cars aren't worrying about fuel economy.........performance are their numbers.........I don't think you are going to chase Mopar with the 5.3 even the larger 6.0 litre was hard pressed to get 400 hp........I do believe like back in the late 60's early 70's the horsepower races will be over within a couple years as insurance companies cash in and gas prices continue to rise.....Chrysler is cashing in on ##'s......using the 425 hp number as they had on their 426 HEMIS from the 60' marketing move......Chevy should put 327 emblems on this new 2006 Impala SS.....thats what this small block is..lets show our stuff!! some heritage, there are a lot of us guys that ran Chevys back in the 60's that remember.......In 4 or 5 years the full sized car market might be gone and were heading in a different direction....The name Caprice reminds me of Police cars and Taxi Cabs.......and I had two Caprice Classics........lets get new names and move forward!
  • cfazzaricfazzari Posts: 77
    May I suggest you consider the source of the video...This was a video made by Chrysler in support of their product and in direct comparison to the Impala, which they feel is their most direct competition (big surprise...)

    If GM were making the video then I can guarantee you - the Chrysler would look like a walrus and the Impala would climb up that hill like...well... an Impala! :)

    We can sit here and post all day about what we'd like and what don't like....sometimes the manufacturers actually liste, and it is good to let some steam off.

    But the bottom line is...choose your top 3 or 4 models, do your research, and test drive each. In the end, what they've produced at that point in time is what we've got to work with.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    Perosnally I don't care if the SS is FWD/RWD.... Your right about the video....and it doesn't really matter what you and I think....its what sells the product that really counts..if this gimmick works good for them!. if it doesn't they tried! ..Impala has done very well with this platform they currently have, even though over 40% are fleet sales....thats why we all take a beating when trade in time comes with low resale values....I am sure this 2006 Impala will do very well, it has a great heritage and is the most important vehicle to Chevrolet..... We all have wish lists and mine would be that for an extra $100 or so....nice exterior (Impala SS emblems) not just SS emblems.. on the 2006 SS car.....or 327 emblems with crossed indicate the small block V8 that has 50 years of heritage.......thats been the favorite of hotrodders from day one.(strut your stuff CHEVY) .....or the word SUPER SPORT inside the car like the SUPER SPORTS use to have.......not just SS on the steering wheel.......too plain!... offer an option of nice type aggressive American Racing wheels etc. when the car is purchased in lieu of those chunky wheels that it will come with.......Choices we need more choices!!..........I'll pay I'll pay!! ........the inside of the SS is not much different then the LTZ except for the SS on the steering wheel and the metal accents.....even the standard gauge package. is the least the 2004-05 SS have more gauges.........come on GM push that envelope!! make these SS cars real SUPER SPORTS that they deserve to be! If you build them they will come!
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Has there been any word of an optional nav system for the 2006 Impala?
    It seems to have about everything else you might want in this type pf car. The photo on the Chevy site shows a portable music player plugged into an AUX input and it has optional XM radio and even remote start as far as gadgets.
    Built-in GPS navigation isn't only for luxury cars anymore. It is available on many non-luxury vehicles nowadays. Even a Dodge Caravan minivan has an optional nav system that's totally integrated into the stereo. The GPS navigation screen in the stereo of Dodge Caravans is very small compared to others so it doesn't have much data or map area on screen (simply text with street names, distance to next turn, plus arrows pointing the direction of the next turn etc. integrated into the existing radio station display screen), but it's stealthy so thieves casually scanning vehicle interiors for things to steal won't even notice that it isn't the base stock radio. This also eliminated the need to redesign the dash to accomodate a separate nav system display screen. Even the antenna is hidden so there is no external clue that there is a nav system installed. On the Impala, the GPS antenna could be integrated with XM or OnStar antennas.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    The latest word is that the 2006 9C1 police Impalas WILL NOT be offering the 5.3 V8. The 3.9, 240 hp V6 will be their Police engine package. One reason might be. The Impala 5.3 V8 requires Premium Fuel (91 Octane) while the 5.9 V8 Dodge Charger Police package runs on regular 87 Octane. Also I don't believe a 5.3 V8 Police Impala would have the oats to compete with the 5.9 V8 of the Hemi. Torque is what is most important when comparing acceleration #'s and 323 for the Impala compared to 390 for the Hemi is too much to compete with. I also believe FWD V8 would have more reliability problems then a RWD V8.. Current FWD Police Impalas have had a dismal reputation for transmission failures up to this point.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    I think the new Impala is great looking, and really shows Lutz's touch. I just discovered this thread, so forgive me if I comment on some older posts:

    You said:

    It is my understanding that the new 3.9L engine will have VVT, but will be OHV and not OHC.

    If so, this is a big disappointment. I am not interested in old OHV engines. I want a modern engine like the 3.6L VVT in the LaCrosse.

    I am actually glad GM is not going to OHC across the board. OHV engines just aren't Grandad's engines (slugs) anymore; I suspect new materials (like lighter pushrods) and attention to valve springs have made them much more competitive to their OHC siblings. Originally OHC was a much better concept due to materials limitations and the need for high RPM (to extract more horsepower from smaller, less torquey engines), but that meant a whole generation of us have had to deal with timing belt changes, timing belt breakage with resulting bent valves (it happened to me with a Fiat 128), sheared oil with resulting cam shaft wear, sheared oil wit resulting viscoscity failure...

    On the other hand, GM is finally giving their venerable OHV engines some real power to match the torque they've had, and now they have somehow given them variable valve timing, a neat trick. The 3.5 in the Malibu provides some serious power compared to the earlier 3.4 in the Malibu; yet GM retains some of the best gas mileage figures in their respective classes. I have to applaud that. And I don't begrudge GM saving a few bucks, and a few pounds, on their engines.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    other than being a slight bit rougher, GM has done a great job of making their OHV's modern and light weight. My 3.5 liter Malibu Maxx gets within a couple of MPG's of my 2 liter Hyundai Elantra. Plus, there's no timing belt to worry about. The 60,000 service on my Hyundai ran me about $700. Although I'm not a big automatic transmission fan, my Maxx's 4 speed is well matched to the torqueness of the engine.

    The Elantra 4 cylinder was a bit smoother, but all things considered, I like the GM OHV V-6's just fine.

    The 06 Impala should be a huge improvement over the somewhat disjointed looking 05. It should compete well with the Ford/Mercury 500, Hyundai Azera and Toyota Avalon. Each of these cars is mightily improved from the predecessor car. I'd throw the Maxima into that mix, but it's a bit too plug ugly to say anything nice about.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    I had been hoping that the 2004 would have an improved interior. I was close to buying an Impala in 2003, but hated the cheesy velour seats (definitely Grandad's seats!). Supposedly the fabrics were improved in 2004, but I couldn't see the difference in 2004 or 2005. I thought the exterior styling was ok - idiosyncratic but ok.

    Now if they get the interior right for 2006, the Impala will be on my short list of cars for next year. I love the exterior - just wish they had retained the classic Impala taillights, I thought that was a neat nod to the past in the current generation.

    Unfortunately, the Five Hundred from Ford also looks pretty good, and the pricing seems a lot better than the Impala - Chevy's delays in freshening the Impala have opened the door to some competition in a segment - large passenger cars - that has been moribund for years.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I don't see how the 500 pricing can be better? 500's are pretty pricey from what I have seen, especially considering their only engine is a 200hp V6. Mileage is also not great and the CVT technology is questionable long term.

    The 500 could have been a much better car, I hope the Fusion is a better car.
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    The '06 impala hasnt even been priced yet so I dont know how you can say the 500 is more reasonable. The 500's top price is around $29K but other than AWD and leather you arent getting a whole lot. The 500 only has 200hp and it doesnt offer an uplevel sound system while the impala has Bose and 303hp. In addition the Impala looks better inside and out.
  • charts2charts2 Posts: 618
    I would think the Impala trim lines (LS LT LTZ SS) prices will fall in line with Chryslers 2006 Chargers........Chrysler announced their prices last month.....The base Charger SE starts at $22995. that would be like the Impala LS.......the Hemi R/T comparable to the Impala SS (kinda of) starts at $29,995......the Charger Daytona R/T 350 hp starts at $32,495..........
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    is that the SE edition comes with a nice interior, lists for 22-23, but sells in the San Francisco area for about 19.5. The transmissions are either CVT or 6 speed, both of which do well with the 3.0 DOHC engine. Speed control is included, as well as PW, PDL, PM.

    The 2005 Impala is closer to 26 with the LS package, and the regular edition is not appealing to me - GM is still using the older, weaker 3.4 engine in the base model, not the upgraded 3.5 (from the Malibu) or the much upgraded, variable valve timing 3.5 promised for the 2006. Also, the base model Impala I drove in 2003 wallowed on the freeway; the LS model with its upgraded suspension was fine. So right now, the Five Hundred is a better buy, to me, than the base model 2005 Impala.

    That will very likely shift when the base model Impala is discontinued for 2006 (they start as LS) and when all Impalas get a much upgraded suspension (the LS, LT, and LTZ all have the same suspension, though not the same tires and wheels). Also, the 2006 Impala will not only get the 3.5 from the Malibu, the 3.5 will be improved with variable valve timing.

    To my mind, what was a clear nod to Chevy for the upgraded 2006 Impala (which I thought would be out by now) has been clouded by the Five Hundred. (I am not counting the Camry and Accord because both the Five Hundred and the Impala are a notch up in size; and the Avalon is too expensive.) In Chevy's favor, the Impala has had over five years to get the bugs out, and is now benefiting from a facelift, some suspension work, and great engine upgrades (yes, the 3.9 should blow the Five Hundred away). I'd like to see a five speed or 6 speed automatic, but reports are that the 4 speed in the Impala is very sturdy; and initial reports are that the 6 speed in the Five Hundred "hunts", and the CVT reliability is a big question mark. But, the Five Hundred is certainly appealing if I can get one with side air bags for under 20k; supposedly the body (designed by Volvo) is very strong, a big plus for crashes, while Chevy, as of 2005, only offers a driver side side curtain bag (nothing for the front or rear seat passengers).

    I'll definitely drive both, and probably buy one of them in late 2006 as a 2007 model....but that's a moving target depending on pricing and incentives. While the midprice for vehicles in America is mid-20's, I still get nosebleeds from anything north of 17k.
  • elliotd2elliotd2 Posts: 5
    Just ordered my 2006 SS today from my local dealer. Currently have a 2004 SS which I bought when they first came out in August 2003. The 04 has been a delight and I only ordered a new one because I have to have the latest toys. Without saying too much, my wife works for GM and I have taken a lot of kidding that I should wait as the first cars are usually problems (and there is truth to that as the last Corvettes showed). I counter with the 04 was basically pretty new (altho not nearly as much as the 06) and mine has been trouble free except for the usual warped rotor problem a few months back (found that was common on cars that sit outside as opposed to garage kept- why who knows). Anyway they begin production the 13th of this month and start shipping the 28th to the dealers. I was very disappointed tho with the color offerings this time around (as I was last time). They have a new beautiful Blue (Superior Blue) this year but not on the SS. Settled for Black again with the new Ebony Interior.
  • 14871487 Posts: 2,407
    I was wondering when the Impalas were going to show up. Do you know when pricing will be announced?
  • jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
    I talked with a Chevy salesman last week and he said their initial Impala SS orders will be arriving in mid-late September. He also said that in order to get a feel for the new 5.3 engine, he test drove a Grand Prix GXP. He said the torque-steer was a challenge. He heard that Buick decided not to offer the engine in the La Crosse for that very reason. Their older generation buyers wouldn't be able to handle it. Anyway, he said Chevy buyers won't be disappointed with this great new engine. I will be looking forward to test driving both the Impala SS and Monte Carlo SS sometime this fall.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,935
    Impala SS:

    I have posted some of this here before – or perhaps on the GXP forum – anyway, sorry for any duplication . .

    Well – number 1, the engine is the same, but the drivetrain is ALMOST the same. For me, the SS lacks one critically important drivetrain feature. TAP Shift. This manumatic function is seen by some as a ‘gimmick’. I have this feature on my current vehicle and have had it on my past 2 as well. I find that (given I cannot and would not want to drive a car with a traditional manual trans. in 90+% of my driving) the additional control offered by this feature significantly enhances my driving enjoyment. YMMV.

    Number 2: The Bilstein dampers are a significant (and expensive) upgrade to the ride / handling balancing act. Having driven 3 GXPs now, I am (almost) as impressed with the ride / handling improvement as with the acceleration and feel of the V8 over the S/C V6.

    Number 3: The brakes on the GXP are significantly upgraded (larger & cross drilled) vs the SS.

    Number 4: No HUD available of the Impala.

    The interior of the Impala does not appeal to me as much as the Grand Prix – but that is clearly an aesthetic issue - and if you prefer the styling (inside and out, also considering things different GXP wheels, etc.) on the Impala, your “taste” is at least as valid as mine . .

    And in absolute acceleration, the SS ought to perform exactly the same as a GXP.

    - Ray
    Driving out-of-state in search of “the deal” on “my GXP” . . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • jpstax1jpstax1 Posts: 197
    Thanks for the post. I may just drive over to my local Pontiac dealer and test drive a GP GXP. Then I'll have a big decision to make this fall. BTW, I found another discussion forum about the new Impala and Monte SS cars:

    It appears to be a toss up between those who would prefer RWD instead of FWD. I've driven both kinds, but feel FWD is a little more forgiving in the snow. I guess it's all a matter of what you get used to. I'm sure there are people with RWD cars who learn to drive well in wintery conditions.
  • oldgrumpyoldgrumpy Posts: 11
    I went to my local dealer today to try ordering a new SS but was told that it would be 2 or 3 weeks before the computer would accept orders :cry: . I did find this link which has all the options but with no pricing. onID=3&vehicleID=2193&type=0
  • elliotd2elliotd2 Posts: 5
    The 2006 start build date is tomorrow 6-13-05 with shipments beginning end of June to dealers. Pricing has not yet been announced but I believe it will be this week once they start to build them (original date of pricing was supposed to be early June).
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