Toyota Hybrid MR2 Spyder convertible?

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One could be on the way from Japan's largest automaker, reports the Web site The site says that Toyota is preparing a hybrid version of the MR2 Spyder convertible for a debut in the next couple of years. The new sports car would use a battery pack to augment its four-cylinder gas engine.

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    sounds VERY interesting, provided that the design goal is to maintain or improve upon the present performance while improving efficiency. But unless Toyota develops an entirely new hybrid system, the car would have an automatic transmission (engine control, etc.) and be of no interest to me.
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    that the idea of a HSD MR2 is not particularly popular. Could it be that auto-everything is anathema to a sports car?
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    I would want to see one! I wouldn't be surprise if HSD MR2 is based on Toyota Volta!

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    Hasn't Toyota decided to discontinue the MR2 in the US?

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    I believe Toyota will not be selling 2005 MR2. MR2 HSD might be introduced as 2006 model. So, there will be a year gap there.

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    If they did this where or where would they put the batteries? in the passengers seat. There is precious little room in the car now, so the addition of all that weight and space would place this car in a different class. More like a old Dodge Neon convertible than a sports car.
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    "If they did this where or where would they put the batteries? in the passengers seat."

    Yup. Look at the pic and see how they arranged everything. Remember, Volta is a three seater! There is even a luggage space.


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