Excessive Oil Consumption

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Good Afternoon, the other day my husband checked the oil on my 2011 Chevy Equinox only to find it with just 2 qts of oil remaining, there doesn't seem to be a noticable leak, and the oil was just changed 2 months, and 3000 miles ago. He went ahead and changed the oil again. The following day the Equinox popped a code, P0014 Cam Shaft Position. After further research on NHTSA.gov, it seems as though this could be related to excessive oil consumption. Today, March 22, 2016, I dropped the vehicle off at Tim Lally Chevrolet for repair. Per the technician, a dye was placed in the oil to detect a leak, and I am required to return every 500 miles to have it evaluated. I'm not quite sure, but to me, this seems like a pretty cut and dry thing to repair, with having a known issue, and having the extended warranty bulletins addressing "said" issues. My family is scheduled to leave for vacation on Monday, March 28th, is this vehicle safe to continue driving? Should the repair not take place? I'm confused and frustrated.


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    The fault would have to be verified by quantitative testing in order to take possible advantage of Chevrolet's assistance. The dealer is not going to perform any repairs without an OK from the factory, and the factory is not going to OK any repairs without evidence. So you're going to have to be patient with this. The source of the oil loss has to be determined, and then the consumption per X miles needs to be determined.
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