Volkswagen R32 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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Please share your buying experiences here.


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    I test drove an R32 over the weekend and I loved it. I then investigated a bit and saw the new 2005 Subaru Legacy Wagon (GT Ltd) as a direct competitor in terms of price, 'on-paper' performance (haven't driven it) and features.

    My next step is to get my butt in a Legacy and see if I like it as much as the R32. After that I'm going to weigh the following options.

    R32 Pros:
    Unusual car
    NA engines run cooler and don't suffer from lag.
    Longer warranty (4/50000)

    R32 Cons:
    Unusual car (how hard will it be to find parts and a knowledgeable mechanic?)
    Having to store and swap out snow tires

    Legacy Pros:
    Dual-zone CC, my wife stays warm w/o me breaking a sweat
    More space
    More common configuration makes repairs easier
    all-season tires

    Legacy Cons:
    Shorter warranty (3/36000)

    This could all be moot if I don't like the Legacy... but I wanted to bounce these thoughts off the knowledgeable people here in TH.
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    After driving the R32 and '05 Legacy GT Ltd within a few days of each other, these are my observations:

     - Very light backend. I haven't looked up the weight distribution, but it felt very nose-heavy. The rear broke loose making a right turn on red on dry pavement under mid-throttle conditions. I want more tenacity than that from my AWD.
     - Turbo lag. It wasn't bad... but it was there. I'm going to gladly trade the 10 extra horses in the Legacy for the low-end torque of the VW.
     - The legacy rode much 'lighter' than the VW. The VW cruised more smoothly over broken pavement, stayed planted during quick maneuvers and felt much more solid overall.
     - The VW had a nicer interior overall. Legacy had dual-zone CC which is nice, but everything else was nicer in the VW. EX: Aluminum (VW) trim versus plastic (Subaru). This is subjective of course, but since I'm paying; I'm subjecting.

    I've got a deposit down on the VW and I'll post later this week or early next week as to how the official transfer of $$$ proceeded.

    Purchase Information ($US)
    MSRP - 30,625
    Invoice - 27,900
    What I paid - 29,625
    Owner Loyalty Rebate - 1,000
    APR - 1.9%
    Term - 48 months
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    Sounds like you made a great decision!!! Good luck and enjoy your new R32.
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    I, too, am deciding between these two cars. My STI was stolen last week for the second time in three months and I don't anticipate getting it back. I have driven the Legacy GT, albeit an automatic, which I would not get and liked it. However, there is no getting around the solidity of the R32 or the smoothness of the V6. If I got the legacy, I would get the wagon for the practicality. I am a bit worried about the long term reliability of the VW since I have had some bad experiences with recently leased cars from VW and Audi. Therefore, if I decide to purchase, I will probably go with the Subaru. If I decide to lease, I will certainly get the R32.
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    Purchase went smoothly and I'm very happy with my new R32. The luxurious interior and low-end torque have managed to keep the break-in period fun.
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    My wife and I were looking at a more economical vehicle than our 1/2T GMC truck for her to drive to work. I was looking at the 1.8 turbo GTI which is being offered at great discounts in our area (2-3K off MSRP.) I made the big mistake of test driving a R32 (I had to after reading Autoweek and Car&Driver reviews.) My mission changed, I HAD! to own a R32. Dealers were not making any deals on the cars, even 400-600 miles out of my area. I finally had a local dealer offer one to me at $1K back of MSRP but have made a tentative deal to buy one on the other side of the US from a private party for about $4K less than the new one (new with 320 miles of test drives on the odometer.) We looked at the WRX but, I immediately noticed several cars "missing" parts on the dealers lot, I jokingly asked him if his body shop was running short of supplies and he told me of the constant thefts and 4 complete vehicle thefts so far this year. Our car will on occasion be parked in the driveway, the R32 should fare better than the WRX in this respect. I also priced insurance on both cars the VW was FAR cheaper to insure due to a far better loss rating than the WRX. I think it is a reflection of the type of people who own these cars, we have had several incidences of "Tuner Shops" in our area (S.F. bay area in Calif) being "busted" by police for massive insurance fraud scams. I think it is a shame that the manufacturer has to suffer because of the popularity of their car with the "shady" crowd. I quickly wrote the WRX off my list of potential vehicles to purchase (don't even get me started about my observations of the Mitsu EVO, it is a worse crowd than the WRX!)
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    I purchased a Blue R32 on Nov. 15 in Burlington, NC. It had been sitting on the lot for a few months and was able to get it at Invoice. The larger cities (Durham, Greensboro) didn't even have any available to drive.

    I couldn't turn down the deal....and I love the way this car handles and sounds. It reminds me a great deal of my 83 Rabbit GTI....lots of grins on a country road.
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    Bought a blue one yesterday in Gaithersburg, MD for $31.8 K (no nav).
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    My salesperson, Francisco, from King VW in Gaithersburg, MD delivered my DBP R32 this morning. Took a nice drive with my 3 grandsons and daughter. The car is everything I expected; good power, decent room, great handling, and a nice ride. I am very happy with my choice.
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    I traded in my 2006 GTI in mid summer of 07 for a brand new VW R32. Having upgraded the ECU in the GTI and bumping it to 267 HP i was a little reluctant at first on trading for the R32. To my wonder the R32 just felt quicker and smother. I do miss the 6 speed but I am getting very used to the DSG. I still have my summer tires on it and in Alaska it is quite a surprise to me on how it still handles great in the snow. The only things I have noticed is that the plastics on the doors that house the speakers tend to rattle now... not sure if its just the cold or if they are just rattling loose. I plan to have the doors dynamated by a local auto sound shop. Other than that I like how it is a very low profile car, most people don't know what it is .... I get Nice Rabbit... or Nice GTI. It is now near 4000miles and at first there seemed to be a rattling in the exhaust but it appears that it has broken in and matted itself wonderfully together leaving a ear pleasing growl when you punch it.

    2008 Blue R32, Sat radio, DVD Nav, Serial # 401
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    I test drove one yesterday and really liked it.

    Wanted to see what others are paying & aslo does any one know if there is a 4 Dr Version coming in soon?
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    $31.8 K Drive Out?
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    You can now get a new R32 at invoice price (about $2,000 off MSRP). 50% of Volkswagen dealers in southern California are offering invoice price to me. The only way to get it is to call every dealerships.
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    I am thinking of snatching up one of the few (or should I say, many) R32s still remaining on dealers lots. When I looked up the incentives for this car on edmunds it said there was $2000 in rebate and $2000 in dealer cash; it does not say that this money can not be combined. Should I basically be shooting for invoice minus $4000 as my target price? I have one dealer in my area who has two R32s that have been there for almost a year and I know they would love to unload them at almost any cost....

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    Alright so, heres the deal...
    I had an AWESOME bmw x5, 4.4i, sport package, x-drive, loved it.
    It got totaled.
    SO... while i had the x5 i got a 335 rental and LOVED IT, so i was looking at used 330xi's , 06 and above, to replace the x5 just because i love the way they drive, awesome car, plus the 20/30 is a nice change from my x5s 16/22.
    I also am intrigued by the 2008 r32's, and used theyre about the same for a lot less milage and more warranty. updated...i just drove one today, and it is AWESOME. totally unexpected, its actually more fun than the 3 series, and im a HUGE bmw fan so thats saying a lot. i even went to the bmw driving school, i think theyre the benchmark. that car was GOOD. so now im thorougly confused...
    I drove an a4, it was a 06 2.0t, and was really unimpressed (we have a q7 and it did not hold up to the standard set by the q), so im thinking maybe an 05 s4 would be a nice choice and would drive differently, but again, the gas milage... updated again...i drove the s4 today too, and it was FASTTTT, just pulled, the kind of power im used to from my x5, or, past x5... But it drove great, not as tight as the r32 or 3 series, but it pulled for sure. plus, the quattro is always awesome.
    AND, the subaru sounds like an all-around good buy, but i dont know if i can see myself actually getting one. (and possibly, i could look at fx's again, i looked at em when i got my x5, but i kinda wanted to move away from the suv thing, so if i got another one its prob be an x5)
    if anyone could give my any advice or insight or opinion ill take anything i can get!! thank you guys so much!! please help i cant decide!! ive only driven the 330i, and so far ive set that as a benchmark for anything else i drive...
    Thanks for the help!!!!
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    I ended up pulling the trigger today on a new 08 R32. I paid $29,500 with taxes (3% or $885), tags & fees (total $350), the total was $30,735. I put down $6,000 and financed $24,735 thru VW @ 2.9% for 60 months. Monthly payment of $443.35. I'm picking it up on Tues 10/21.
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    Dang!! What a deal!

    MSRP around $35K?

    I'm very jealous.... :(

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    Well, it was just a matter of waiting long enough. I first test drove this car back in January and have tried to be patient. It has definitely worked in my favor. The dealers will do whatever it takes to unload the remainder of these cars by year end. I guess it was the DSG that scared the "purists" off, but I love the transmission and can't wait to pick up my car. And no, the MSRP was $33,630 (mine was a non-navi car since the nav in this car sucks....). It ended up being about $2500 under invoice PLUS the 2.9% financing....which took the typical "leave the dealership and then they call you back the next morning" move.

    tuesday can't come fast enough....
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    If I'm reading the Edmunds incentives page correctly, it looks like there's a $2000 rebate, plus $2000 manufacturer to dealer incentive, plus the low finance rate. Are you reading this the same way? That could add up to some killer savings.
  • tslbmwtslbmw Member Posts: 172
    That is the way I read it; however, according to my local dealer, not all dealerships get the manufacturer to dealer :confuse: . So, I was very happy to get the car at $2500 under invoice plus the 2.9%. But, I'm sure if you found a dealership with a few left (my dealer ended up having to bring one in from about 150 miles away) and you haggled them pretty hard, you might be able to get the car for somewhere between $28K - $29K. I paid $29.5. Either way, its much better than the poor souls that paid MSRP or higher back at the end of 07 and beginning of 08.

    I picked mine up last night....absolutely amazing car. Perfect combo of speed, luxury & handling. Give it a whirl and let me know what you think and, if you buy one, what you ended up paying.
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    The other thing I don't understand is why Edmunds TMV doesn't reflect the incentives....can anyone answer that?
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    I actually drove one yesterday. My local dealer has 3, all blue without nav. I was pretty impressed. It's definitely on my short list. I'm still checking out a couple other cars, so I didn't press the price issue yet. They offered invoice minus incentives right out of the box, so I'm not sure how more room they have to go down. They did agree that the $4,000 is available though.
    I was a bit disappointed that neither blue tooth, nor an ipod adapter are included in the base price, but they are available as a dealer add on. (ipod is included in the nav package)
    I felt the interior materials and fit and finish were excellent, and I think I could seat in those seats all day.
    Have fun with yours! What color did you get?
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    Wow! That means you should be able to get the car for a little more than $28K...impressive. I got the exact car you drove...Blue no-nav, I think #1380 of 5000.

    I test drove the G37S, 135i & R32 and for $29K, I just couldn't justify the $37K for the 135 or G. And here is the crazy thing, I actually had MORE fun driving the R32 than either of those two cars. The 135i (manual) was wicked fast....but it was so smooth and quiet, it just didn't get my bp up :confuse: ...of course, note that I've owned a 330i and it didn't feel that much different than it; and it certainly didn't look much different, inside or out. And the G37S was impressive with a nice exhaust note, but felt too unrefined. The R32 was the perfect balance between the two. And in ref to the Ipod...that was tough for me as well, but the Sat radio that is standard offers enough choices for music....and that way I don't tire of my Ipod tunes and reserve those for workouts and grass cutting.;)
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    Man, I'm itchin to get that car after hearing from you. I believe the one I drove was 4778 of 5000, or something close to that. You make a good point about the ipod. (I'm trying to talk myself into it I think ;) ) Are you from New England?
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    I'm in Richmond, VA.

    Which other cars are you looking at?
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    2008 Volkswagon R32 2100 miles. No Nav. White/ Perfectly like new $25,500' BayWest, Santa Rosa,CA
  • tslbmwtslbmw Member Posts: 172
    :confuse: Do you work for BayWest? Are you selling this vehicle? Did you buy this vehicle? Or is your post just for informational purposes?? :confuse:
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    Does anyone know what incentives are available in November? $2000 dealer cash and $2000 rebate? $500 loyalty cash?

    Thanks In Advance
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    I haven't seen any incentives listed yet, but I would imagine that you should still be able to pick up a non-nav 08 R32 for somewhere between $28K-29K. I would think the $4K under invoice is still a very good target price.

    I now have about 700 miles on mine and I love it. The power combined with the all wheel drive grip is amazing....I'm looking forward to reaching that 1000 mile mark and giving the launch control a try....should be fun. :)
  • sublimegolfsublimegolf Member Posts: 5
    MSRP $35,430
    Cap Cost $29,500
    MF .00093
    Res. %55
    Zero out of pocket
    $380 Tax included

    Does this sound right?
  • tslbmwtslbmw Member Posts: 172
    you need to direct this question to the host, kyfdx, does this look right to you?

    looks like a great deal if your numbers are right.
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    I just test drove an R32 at my local broker here in Portland, Oregon. I have to say these are sweet rides. The one I drove had an cold air in take, strut bar, cupra lip, Koning 18" Wheels, and a flapper mod already done. The car is super clean and is has a real monster under the hood. Check it out at The price is fair and they have a bunch of really cool cars in their show room.
  • jdillenjdillen Member Posts: 15
    Can you provide details to this offer?
    -Model Year
    -Term/Mileage per Year
    -State and your tax rate
    -Any acq fee/dispo fees

    Thanks. I'm trying to see what kind've deal i could get on one at my VW dealership!
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    Does anybody know the money factor and residuals on the sign and drive lease for the 2008 R32 for December for 10k and 12k miles per year. Thanks
  • rbayonrbayon Member Posts: 3
    I have many months are you looking for?
  • rbayonrbayon Member Posts: 3
    12 24 30 36 39 42 48 = Term (months)
    64 60 56 52 52 48 45 = residual

    for 10k yr add + 3 to residual at desired term
    for 12k yr add + 2 to residual at desired term

    Money Factors are
    12 - 39 months / 48 months
    0.0021 / 0.0027

    Hope this helps
  • rbayonrbayon Member Posts: 3
    NICE! Did you get it with or without Navi?
  • killahbeezkillahbeez Member Posts: 5
    thanks for the lease numbers, is there better money factors or residuals for the VW sign and drive event for 39 months
  • tslbmwtslbmw Member Posts: 172
    No Navi....I'm not a big fan of the old dvd based nav system in the 08 or older VWs. They have finally seen the light and have a completely new system in the new CC and I'm sure it will be in all the new VWs. So, I basically got my R32 for $2500 under invoice & the 2.9% financing. I was very happy with the deal. I've got just under 2K miles on it now and really love the car. I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing that exhaust note! :shades:
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