Can you tell if a super chip has been installed when you buy a vehicle?

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I purchased a 2003 Tahoe last fall and I am getting over 17 mpg on a highway where there is a small town to slow down for every 15 -20 mi and am I getting 17+ mpg is it because i cleaned the K&N filter and changed plugs and wires or is it because it has a super chip installed and how can I tell if it has been installed


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    Well 17 mpg is just about EPA average expected mileage for that vehicle, and optimally you could get 19 mpg. Maybe you're just a good driver! :)

    Far as I know, Superchips doesn't offer a flash tuner for your truck.

    There are a bunch of Mickey Mouse "chips" on the market that splice into the wires going to your PCM, so if you see something in that harness, someone might have tried that--but they are pretty worthless, and perhaps harmful. I doubt they'd do much of anything except empty your wallet.

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    Neither cheap chips or the K&N filter will affect mpgs, and I'd expect 17 mpgs stock, as noted above. We got about 15 with our '96 Suburban under similar conditions.
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