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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Diesels



  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Platinum Blue? Nice E320.

  • I just purchased a used 05 with 27,000 miles. It had a $680 paint upgrade, panorama roof $1600, heated seats $ 680, 6 disc CD changer $970. All total this 05 came to $56,000. I paid $40,000. Is that a good deal? Too late now I already bought it. Does anyone have any idea what the resale value will be in two years if the car has 100,000 ?

    Also thinking about purchasing winter tire as I live in Minnesota, any suggestions
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    If the car has no known problem existed; with only 27k in the odometer, you got a great deal. There is no more new 05 in my area, and I didn't see a used one either, for the 06 which is the same car as the 05, the true price is around 53k-54k with sun roof, front heated seats, and 6-cd changer only. Why I know that, I just got one.
  • I just went by a gas station and noticed that diesel is selling for $.50 more than unleaded. I remember last year when it always sold for .25 less the unleaded. Does anyone really know why it's selling for more. Is it a supply issue. I thought gas was in short supply not diesel. Furthermore it cost less to refine diesel than gas.

    Please help me to understand what's going on.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,110
    Read an article in the Wall Street Journal. It seems Rita knocked out 3 gas refineries. So refineries making diesel were converted to the gas business and up went the price of diesel. Hopefully it will even back out shortly.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    FWIW, I'm seeing the price of gasoline back down sharply from where it was immediately after Rita here in southeastern Virginia. Maybe diesel will catch up (catch down?) any minute now.
  • Not sure where you live; I'm in Atlanta. I heard an interesting theory on why gas/diesel is now higher than the national average, when it was much lower prior to Katrina. Seems the Gulf pipeline(s) feed the Northeast first, then send the rest back to the South (probably a big loop). So, when there's surplus left over at the end of the line, gas prices in ATL fall. But now, with the shortages, there's a "trickle" left by the time it gets here. Law of supply and demand then applies. Diesel in ATL, BTW, is now about the same as premium unleaded. But as long as my CDI keeps getting 33-34mpg - I'm good up to about $4.50/gal before I'll fret.
  • i have 4 michelin pilot alpin winter tires on mine. definitely do 4 rather than 2.
  • Thanks for the replies everybody; ssamaha: That's quite a garage-full you have there..... I hope I can talk my wife into the E320 before somebody else buys it.

    Did anybody else see the article in this months Road & Track about the E320 cdi? They (Mercedes) put 100,000 miles on three E320's in one month. According to R&T, they had no mechanical failures at all, requiring only scheduled oil changes. That sounds like a pretty good testimonial to their reliability.

    Finally, and I apologize if this has been beaten to death here, but if I buy an 05 will it burn the new "clean" diesel due out in 2006 - or will it use the "old" diesel?

    Thanks again
  • ichenichen Posts: 7
    It'll use the new clean diesel without any changes at all..
  • Great photos!
    I just ordered mine in white/charcoal- but the plat blue and pewter were close 2nd choices! The photo album was great fun! Thanks... I think you must truly love your vehicles :)

    Now just need to find a new home for my A6 wagon. Admit, in some ways it will be hard to part with it, but have such a nice replacement I probably won't be sad for too long!

    How was the learning curve for you with the Nav and other functions?
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    The heating oil is essentially the same stuff we call diesel. Now people start buying the heating fuel, in winter, the diesel does go up. I felt the price pain from October to April every time I filled up the Touareg V10 tdi. It is just less pain for the CDI I just got, it takes less money to fill up.
  • kczachkczach Posts: 1
    Sorry to hear about your disappointment. My wife has an E 350 and loves it as do I. I also noticed that the vents whistle quite a bit. Make sure that your rear vents are open and that significantly reduces the whistle. Sounds like you need to have a friendly chat with your service department or find a new one if that doesn't work. Good luck
  • My 05 E320 CDI has been in the shop 5 times since purchasing in May 2005. The main problem is sudden loss of power when stepping on the accelerator. It typically happens after I have been driving for 5 or 10 minutes. The car will be performing normally and then I step on the accelerator and the car accelerates very slowly (0 to 60 mph in about 20 seconds). If a stop the car, turn off and restart the problem self corrects. In addition, my battery intermittently loses it's charge and requires a jump start, even if I used the car 24 hours prior. My dealer says they have never encountered these problems. Last time in shop (5 days) they replaced a sensor related to the battery. The next morning the battery was dead. I love the car when it's working properly, but I think this one may be a lemon. Help!
  • Re: the slow acceleration:
    Is your turbocharger working??

    Did they check the battery for bad cell/fluid levels? Even sealed batteries sometimes are defective. Also, sometimes when the weather changes, poor battery contacts can be an issue (take the leads off the battery terminals, clean and replace them again.) Admittedly this usually doesn't happen during the first year of service, but...
  • Captainjoe: I feel your pain. I've had a few problems of my own with my CDI. My problems were a little different, though, mostly brake-related. I was driving down the road when I first got her with my bride by my side when an animal tried to cross the road. Groundhog or beaver, I'm not sure which. When I hit the brakes, they locked up on me and sent poor Friedl into the dash, loosening up her two front teeth. Now I not only need a good mechanic, but I need a good oral surgeon as well. Mercedes feels it isn't responsible for the two small holes in the dash from Friedl's teeth. I don't know if I can help you with your loss of power, but I think I have a fix for your battery: Take off the terminals, clean them with a wire brush and then rub a little snake oil on the terminals before you reconnect them. Works every time!
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    "aWhen I hit the brakes, they locked up on me and sent poor Friedl into the dash,"

    Was she not wearing seatbelts????
  • Dear Nedzel: Sadly, she was not wearing a seatbelt. My Friedl is a large girl -- you might say she likes her sauerbraten and spatzle. Her size makes seatbelts uncomfortable. Since the mishap, she feels safer in the back seat. :(
  • rwalker07: I am having a similar problem with about 6000 miles. Did you ever get the problem diagnosed and fixed? :lemon:
  • blissful: my car was in the MB dealer shop 5 times. They tried that one a few times without success. Battery connections appear clean as a whistle. Thanks for the comment. :lemon:
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    In these past three years I had gone through quite a few new vehicles; among them two gave me the problems were the Audi Allroad 4.2 and the Touareg V10 tdi. Just as you stated, the cars got to go back to the shops again and again. When a new car gets glitch in the first 2-3 months (3k-5k miles), the chances are the problems keep coming and dealers have hard time to completely fix the problematic car. I picked my CDI by the end of this past August, with about 2300 in the odometer, the car runs like a charm, a real good car indeed. I do hope it will be that way as long as I own it! I got a 01 E320 wagon 4matic in September 00, that car had the oil leak in the second day I took it home. The 03 4Runner and 04 Passat wagon tdi are trouble free cars. Now, I am paying close attention to the CDI and the Highlander Hybrid which replaced the 4Runner a month ago.
  • Ottovondeisel: I am so sorry about to hear about your brake problems and the damage to your vehicle. Your MB dealer should be empathetic with regards to your damaged luxury automobile. If they don't cover the damage to your dash maybe you can get a gift certificate to the MB merchandise shop. As for Friedl, there's nothing like a getting a few teeth nocked out to help reduce the calorie intake. There are also some other benefits? Best of Luck! :lemon:
  • CCTDI: Thanks for the reply. If you here of anyone with my particular problem ask them to post it.
  • Your problem may be similar to the problem that I had. Picked up E320 CDI last month. Car has 2600 miles on it. On 4 occasions, I would step on the gas and the engine would rev but not accelerate. I would have to pull the car over to the side of the road and turn off the engine.

    Also, from a stop, the car would not accelerate smoothly.

    According to the repair receipt, they found that the transmission cooler lines fittings were missing seals and loose. The trans fluid was 2 quarts low.
  • I am close to buying a 320CDI, is 5% off about as good as it gets ? Thanks
  • captain Joe I have had similar problems with my E320 CDI. A couple of weeks ago Me my wife and my kids were out in our E320 I don't know why i have a Brand new Bently sitting in my garage. Any way we were out and i started to push down on the exclerater and this Fat laird in Back of my beped so i beeped back but when i beeped my car stared playing music and the navagation started saying stop before i eat you. So i got so frusterated with this wife and kids screaming I acetely hit cruse control and put my foot on the floure. I felt like i was on the Auto Bond. Now while im pined back and cant See a Dam thing this old Bag rams me in the sarbord side. so i get out and i nottice that ther kis a huge hole in my tire then my YO Ming licence plate is runi9ed so i get in my car rev it up and take off. Now my wife is like Stop it NOW! and Im like im not stoping this Pice of crap untill it sets on fire. so any way i get home at my home in Wayne newJersy and i see that a bunch of little rich punks are spray painting My Bently. I hope my advice was good (please reply) :sick:
  • Dam Europeans cant make a good car even thought i am english. I drive a Bently they are great Go check it out get ride of your Benz :)
  • Thanks for the reply. My car does not rev when the problem occurs. It is like starting in 3rd or 4th gear. Very slow acceleration!
  • I purchased a E350 on Sept 16th. By Sept 30th my car had to have a transmission valve body replacement. I am nervous about driving the car on the freeway and am unhappy with the service I have received. Mercedes had my car for 17 days. I want to speak with a Regional Rep, but to date I have been unable to get the name and number of someone to talk to. Would anyone happen to have any information on how to contact the appro. person(s) within Mercedes Benz. So far I am not impressed with the customer service level Mercedes as shown me.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787

    That's what I expected.

    I suspect that belt extenders are available. I strongly suggest that you work something out that allows her to wear seatbelts. It is frankly unsafe to drive or ride without seatbelts. Yes, it might be slightly uncomfortable. How uncomfortable was the oral surgery? Having had some oral surgery myself, I think I know the answer to that.

    My vehicle does not move until everyone is wearing their belts. Period, end of discussion. If my passengers don't like it, they can walk. My position drives my in-laws crazy. Too bad. They're in their '80s and have trouble with the belts, so I belt them in myself.

    In the '70s, my dad was working as an ER doc part time. When he started doing this, he began an unscientific survey. He asked each car-accident victim that he treated whether they were wearing their seatbelts and how their headrest was adjusted. He stopped his survey after six months because it was pointless -- he could tell immediately whether the patient was wearing seatbelts and had their headrest properly adjusted. The victims who were badly hurt did not have their belts on and/or did not have their headrest adjusted properly. The victims who came in to be checked out "just in case" or "for insurance purposes" were generally fine.

    I strongly urge you and yours to rethink the seatbelt issue.
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