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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Diesels



  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    They're going to have to do something to convert people to the V6 idea... the 4matic-CDI combo would sure be a good way to win some die-hard I-6'ers over! [IMHO]

    Very true, very true.

  • I was told that my in-dash CD player will play a CD made up with mp3's. I have called the MB 800 number and thay said it should, but I've tried three different CD's with MP3 files and the CD changer will not read them. Does anyone know what the problem is?

    Mp3 Cd will hold about 10 hours of music without a loss of music quality.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,109
    Make sure you use CDR and not CDRW. Many MP3 units will not read re-writable disks. The better the quality CDR Blank the better the chance of good music quality.
  • Thanks for your advice, i am using good quality CDR's
  • I have a 2005 cdi and have the same problem when making a right turn. When slowing at a freeway exit and when taking off from a dead stop, but always on a right turn. Have the same results with the "Limp Home Mode" restart and its fine. EGR or transmission?
  • Just a thought: EGR is likely under this scenario: right hand turn could be a red herring (how many times does one exit off the freeway to the left?). It may be more a function of operating at freeway speed and then sudden deceleration causing a shift in emission function and resultant hiccup to the system.
    I have no real basis for saying this except to suggest the right hand turn may be less significant unless you are also noticing it with city stop 'n' go driving.

    Is it only balking after freeway speeds? If so, I'd go with the earlier suggestion of EGR. Less expensive and easier to try than transmission.
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    I was quite amazed as I was driving the CDI on the snow covered road today. This car gripped the surface in a very good manner. I drove first the Highlander Hybrid 4wd-I, then I thought I should see how the CDI rwd behaviors on the snow; the car has no problem for 45 minutes commute on a few inches snow day!
  • What is the engine break in protocol for the cdi? My new car will be here imminently :D and I am wondering how to drive it for the first X,000 miles? Any input? Any recommended websites or references for new diesel engine driving style?
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    According to owner manual, for the first 1000 miles, try to use the C (comfort) mode on the gear with mild driving style (just like any car) and no tow. The CDI in E320 is an amazing powerful smooth engine; it drives and feels like the gas engines in 50k up luxury cars except the diesel takes easy way with its high torque in low end. The best thing to me is much less going to filling up the car, and the little draw back for some regions may be driving 10 – 15 more minutes to find the station with Diesel Island. I was really impressed by the TDI engines from VW, especially the Touareg V10, yet the MB CDI seems more refined; in the cold morning start, the TDI V10 and 2.L in Passat produce more green smoke than the CDI, in fact, you can hardly detect the smoke from the E, as they said, this is not your father’s old MB diesel!
  • Thanks so much for the suggestion/info. I have been studying the manual!! Car arrived on 28th- Have already been scoping out the various diesel locations, but it will be a while before I get through the first tank of fuel! It is indeed a smooth ride- and much much quieter than the 06 Jetta tdi we have. (Although I admit I would have been sad if the Jetta tdi held a candle to the MB!)

    and Happy New Year! :D
  • My 320 CDI is over 1 year now and it is still the best car I ever had. The refinement in this vehicle is excellent and all systems are etremely well synchronized with each other. This car is a benchmark for all cars in this price range, especially when it comes to mechanical and systems engineering.
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    I am glad you got the same feeling as I do toward the E320 CDI, a really good car indeed. I am just a diesel nut, I just don’t know what I would react if the E400 or E420 CDI do come to this shore in the near future. According to the EPA, by June 1st most of the US highways’ gas stations will have the ULSD available and by Oct. 15th all nationwide! With the HP at 300 and over 520 ft of torque out there, dear E320 owners, how would you not scratch your heads? And take a look the excerpt I got from the Diesel Tec. Forum:
    Diesels for Sale in the U.S.
    The following cars, pickups and SUVs are currently sold throughout the United States with diesel-powered engines.
    • Audi Q7 Diesel SUV (Coming in 2007)
    • Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD and 3500 trucks
    • Chevrolet Express
    • Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 trucks
    • Dodge Ram Hybrid (Coming in 2006)
    • Dodge Sprinter passenger vans
    • Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks
    • GMC Sierra 2500 HD
    • GMC Sierra 3500
    • GMC Savana G2500
    • GMC Savana G3500
    • H1 Alpha
    • Hummer H1
    • Jeep Liberty CRD
    • Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI
    • Mercedes-Benz C-Class diesel sedan (Coming Soon)
    • Mercedes-Benz ML350 (Coming in 2006)
    • Mercedes-Benz ML500 (Coming in 2006)
    • Volkswagen Beetle, Golf and Jetta

    • Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI
    3,222-CC turbocharged 24-valve inline-6 27/37 mph 201 @ 4,200 RPM 369 lb-ft @ 1800 – 2600 RPM
    Mercedes-Benz C-Class diesel sedan (Coming Soon) V-6 diesel engine N/A 224 376 lb-ft @ 1600-2800 RPM
    Mercedes-Benz ML350 (Coming in 2006) 3.7-liter V-6 N/A 245
    Mercedes-Benz ML500 (Coming in 2006) V-8 N/A 292
    Volkswagen Beetle
    1.9 Liter I-4 Turbo-charged Diesel - Automatic 36/42 mph 100 177 lb.-ft
    1.9 Liter I-4 Turbo-charged Diesel - Manual 38/46 mph 100 177 lb.-ft
    Volkswagen Golf
    1.9 Liter I-4 Turbo-charged Diesel - Automatic 33/44 mph 100 177 lb.-ft
    1.9 Liter I-4 Turbo-charged Diesel - Manual 38/46 100 177 lb.-ft
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    I think we're going to get a R320 CDI also.

    Sort of confused on some of those listings. The engines you give for the ML350 is the previous generation 3-valve V6 and the ML500 has been upped to 302hp. Soon though the ML500 will change to the ML550 with the new 5.5L DOHC 32V V8. All of these are "petrol" engins though.

  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    The 3.7L V6 and unknown displacement V8 are the diesel engines. If there is a V6 diesel for C-Class, two for ML-Class, I don't think E-Class will miss the boat with option of the V8.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    The only two V6 diesels Mercedes has are the new 3.0L V6 and outgoing 3.2L I6. The 3.7L V6 in the old ML350 was a variation of the old 3.2L 3-Valve gasoline V6. The new diesel V8 is a 4.0L.

    V8 CDI Engine

    New V6 CDI Engine

    It would be nice, but I doubt we'll see the V8 CDI here in anything other than maybe a 2008 model S-Class.

  • Interesting indeed to consider higher output diesel engines in the E and R class. HOWEVER, I think it would be MORE appropriate for MBZ to first begin importing the C class diesels thus making them accessible to more of the American population, and perhaps driving further awareness of improved quietness and driveability of the new diesel engines.

    I do love my '06 320 CDI!! :D
  • I, too, enjoy my '05 E320CDI very much. Probably it is the best car I have ever owned as well but I am spoiled as this is my 6th MB!

    All this talk about bringing different diesel models into the US is interesting, if not confusing. To the best of my knowledge all MB diesels to date in the US have been in-line configurations of 4-, 5-, or 6-cylinders. Do they have a "V" configuration for the European market? I would be concerned about NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) problems with a "V" as well - particularly a "6" as it is inherently an "unbalanced" configuration. The additional cost & complexity of internal balance shafts would likely be necessary. Europe isn't as "horsepower crazy" as we are here in the US so I can't imagine they have more powerful engines then what they're sending us already. And besides, while people ask for (and brag about) horsepower what they are really looking for in an engine is torque and the current E320CDI engine has it in spades!!!!

    It's an interesting marketing challenge with where to go next with a diesel engine. The C-Class market segment is very price competitve so they may have to remove some vehicle content (power accessories, stereo features, etc.) to maintain the price. The S-Class I think is a better next step. In the past they have tried a 6-cylinder "S" to get the price down & fuel economy up but performance has suffered too much to make the vehicle attractive in the marketplace. The diesel option may be the solution.

    As much as I would like to see a diesel M-Class (I also own an '02 ML500 so I know firsthand how fuel-thirsty they are!) I think there are too many Engineering hurdles to overcome. The present 4-Matic hardware probably dictates a "V" configuration engine but the "Diesel 4-Matic" market is probably too small to justify the cost to re-design the diesel engine to a "V" configuration or to re-design the 4-Matic hardware to accept an "in-line" engine. Maybe the new GL-Class is a possibility.

    I am interested to here the thoughts of other owners.

    Loyal Owner
  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    The new diesel 6 is a v-engine--we will be getting that.

  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    Honestly, I am very satisfied with the current E320 CDI, except the uncontrollable defrost hot air on auto front defrost mode, I can’t find a thing that I don’t like this car; I will ask the service in M B to look into that glitch. In the meantime, I still somewhat miss the Tourareg V10 TDI which I brought back to VW for a trade for the problems plagued on the car. On the other hand, the ML diesel has been selling side by side with gas engines by MB for years to the oversea markets, and MB has the tendency to put high HP in ML-Class(I got an 02 ML55). A V8 diesel seems convenient and logical to be installed in the coming ML. A cute 3.5 Rav 4 is here with same out put as the ML350. If give me the choice…… maybe just the diesel would turn me away from Toyota! esels-for-the/
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Mercedes has solved the problems with trying to fit 4Matic with a diesel by adopting the V convfiguration. The new 3.0L V6 CDI engine is actually a little more powerful than the current I6. The new V6 will be fitted to the 2007 E320/R320/ML320 and eventually GL320 starting this fall.

    There is also a new (well revised) V8 CDI in Europe also. It is a 4.0L with 311hp. The only way I can see the U.S. getting this engine in the S-Class (S420 CDI) or possibly a GL420 CDI.

    E320 CDI V6 Durability Testing - Article

    New V6 CDI engine in detail - Article

    New V8 CDI engine in detail - Article

  • I heard that they were bringing the V6 in the '07 model, so I hustled up and bought an '06 with the tried and trusty I-6 that MB is so well known for. Personally, I don't need a lot of HP (as you so rightly pointed out, torque is where the neck-snapping feeling of power comes from with acceleration in these splendid cars!)

    I would be surprised if a lot of diesel 4matics sell, butas I think more about it, I would have considered the 4matic in diesel had it been available. May be a great seller in the NE and NW US.
  • Your car is working as it was designed. The defrost "hot air/high fan" has been that way on all 6 MBs I have had the privilege to own. It's very frustrating to have to keep flipping back & forth between "Defrost" and "Auto" when all you really need is to have a little bit of airflow going past the windshield to keep it from fogging up.

    Loyal Owner
  • M -

    You are obviously much better informed than I am regarding MB products. Thank you for setting the record straight. Looks like there could be several diesel models to choose from in the future when I have to replace either my '02 ML500 or '05 E320 CDI. It's nice to have choices!

    Loyal Owner
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    Thanks, I learned to hit the aircon button when the windshield fogged up. I use your way and it works well too. Thanks!
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    By now, it is clear that the new V6 MB diesel for E320 and a few other models are sure things for 2007. The question in my mind is the V6 with 2987-cc in displacement still named 320, by fact, it is just about 3.L, shouldn’t be named E300? On the contrary the inline 6 has the displacement of 3222-cc to be justified 3.2 for E320. Can anybody see the scenario differently? I don’t see any incentive for me to be interest in the 07 models unless the 3996-cc V8 is the option for the new models.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    This article mentions that the S-Class diesel will be a S320 V6 model not a S420 V8.


    They also mention the R320, GL320 and ML320. Of course the E320 is a given.

  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    Date Posted
    11/17/2005 Worst Car ever by MIke M
    Style: E320 CDI 4dr Sedan (3.2L 6cyl Turbodiesel 5A) Rating


    Review: This is the worst car I have ever had and the dealership has not helped me one bit. Problems I have had are as follows: Brakes, Transmission, Air Conditioning. 3 times I was driving the car it actually just turned off while I was on the highway. Bottom line this car stinks.
    Favorite Features: 4 matic
    Suggested Improvements: Get rid of this whole series of cars and start from scratch.
    4 of 10 People found this review helpful.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes as I was reading the post on Edmund’s E320 CDI rating. How in the world people could fool the other people by just lying something or anything just like the most politicians (even to the highest one). Is a 4matic installed in any E320 CDI so far? I wouldn’t miss the chance to buy such a car, especially in a wagon form! Does anybody out there know this person’s short statement in his rating? According to his favorite features: 4 matic, so how he got an E320 CDI equipped such feature? There are good, bad and ugly people out there!
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,109
    I saw that and attributed it to a diesel hater. I also questioned the 4matic statement. It would be difficult for Edmund's to police everyone that reviews a car. I would love to have an E320 CDI wagon also. I am watching for the R series with the 320 CDI engine. If I could get the looks past my wife we may buy one.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You might want to click on the link below the review to report it. That will get some attention and if the folks agree - as I do - that that review is not really a "review" at all, something will be done about it.

    Let us know what happens.
  • Had a similar problem, turned out to be the Inlet manifold port shut off motor--hope this helps
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