Gas Mileage change

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I had complained to my service center about a miss or noticeable hiccup when going up slight grades at around 50, and it was checked out and nothing showed up on the scan. It is not bad, but when my lady notices it, it is there LOL. On a recent oil change visit, I brought it up again, and they said there was a new computer upgrade and installed it. I will say the CR-V is more responsive, and drives differently, but my gas millage has dropped at least 3 miles per gallon .
To clarify, the hiccup it feels like the same as when my Suburbans, torque convert was going out. I have extended warranty so no big deal right now.
Sorry I guess two questions in ONE


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    You mentioned your car is more responsive after the upgrade. Since the car is likely accelerating faster, that would explain the difference in your gas mileage. I am currently leasing a '16 CR-V after rolling over from a '13 CR-V. I am new to CVT's and have noticed my in-city mileage is somewhat better, however, my highway mileage has dropped slightly. The nature of the CVT makes for better city mileage, but I don't think the final drive gear ratio is as low (or high?), which results in lower highway mileage. Not sure what to make of your "hiccup"
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    Could be a misfire, or possibly CVT belt slipping. Hard to say without driving the car and getting a sense of the nature of this "hiccup".
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